Edensor Parish Register (extracts)

Here are some (very brief) notes from the above register which I found interesting.
  1. “On Munday 5 day of June betwixt three & four in the afternoon died the most incomparable Lady Mary Cavendish at Devonshire House London to the irreparable loss of the whole nation having not left behind her such an accomplished Lady for sweetness of temper virtue humility & unfeigned & sincere Religion in the whole world.” (1719)
    [The Cavendish families were, of course, Lords of the Manor at Edensor]

  2. “Bernard, of James & Mary Bessicks of Pilsley, baptised 16 October 1726.
    N.B. the above registered child of James Bessicks is a female but happened to be Baptised by the name of Bernard thro' the indiscretion of the Godmother”

    [A cautionary account for those of us looking for that missing ancestor!]

Transcription by Rosemary Lockie.

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