Newbold (Derbyshire) - Deaths & Burials

This information was collected by Jayne Smith (formerly McHugh), during her “One Place Study” of Newbold. It was previously part of her North West Derbyshire website.

1913BROCKLEHURST, Sarah (formerly CLAYWORTH): buried January 18th aged 72 years of Back Lane.
1922BROCKLEHURST, Thomas: buried October 26th aged 84 years of 32 Baden Powell Road.
1898CLAYWORTH, Elizabeth: died September 8th aged 16 years. (daughter of Robert/Ann Elizabeth)
1915CLAYWORTH, Robert: died September 25th aged 66 years.
1923CLAYWORTH, Ann Elizabeth: died June 24th aged 72 years. (wife of Robert)
1987LISTER, Ernest: died March 6th aged 61 years.
1862ORWIN, Henry - died May 14th - son of George and Elizabeth
1862ORWIN, Ann - died May 20th - daughter of George and Elizabeth
1870ORWIN, John - died October 28th - son of George and Elizabeth
1870ORWIN, Joseph - died October 28th - son of George and Elizabeth
1869SHEPHERD, Joseph: died December 28th aged 8 weeks..
1876SLATER, Hannah: died March 23rd aged 62 years of Needhams Row.
1963STENTON, Agnes: died June 9th aged 71 years. (daughter of William/Gertie TAGG)
1812TAGG, George: died February 13th aged 0 years. (son of Abraham)
1878TAGG, Henry: died February 4th (son of Paul/Elizabeth)
1883TAGG, Paul: died December 29th aged 76 years.
1886TAGG, Elizabeth (formerly KIRKHAM): died January 26th (wife of Paul)
1894TAGG, William: died August 26th aged 54 years.
1922TAGG, William: died February 19th aged 65 years. (husband of Gertie)
1939TAGG, Gertie (formerly SILCOCK-HEATH): died January 10th aged 77 years.
1939WALKER, John Henry: died November 26th aged 64 years.
1951WALKER, Florence (formerly CLAYWORTH): died July 27th aged 66 years. (wife of John Henry)

Collated and transcribed by Jayne McHugh. Reproduced with kind permission.

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