Newbold (Derbyshire) - Arundel Road School Census, 1892

This information was collected by Jayne Smith (formerly McHugh), during her “One Place Study” of Newbold. It was previously part of her North West Derbyshire website.

Newbold - Partial list of Arundel Road School Census, 1892

No. children
from 3-5
No. children
from 5-14
No. at Public SchoolName of schoolNo. children 5-14
not attending any
efficient school
Allen PICKERING1 boy-1 boyBoard--
Hy. SAUKEY-3 girls3 girlsBoard--
Wm. BOOKER1 girl--N/A--
Chas. WEADS1 girl1 boy
2 girls
2 girlsBoard?1 boy-
Hy. WILKINSON1 girl2 boys
1 girl
1 boy
1 girl
1 Board
1 Saint John
1 boy-
Albert RIFFOTT?1 boy--N/A--
John ROBERTS-2 boys
2 girls
2 boys
2 girls
2 Board
2 St. John's
Amos ? ----ney?1 girl3 girls2 girlsBoard1 girl-
John TAYLOR2 girls3 boys3 boysSt. John's--
Harry? GWEN-1 boy1 boySt. John's--
George SIMPSON1 girl1 girl1 girlBoard--
Job FINNEY?1 boy2 girls1 boy
2 girls
Hy. TAGG-2 boys1 boySt. John's1 boyRefused
Hy. BILLSON-3 boys
1 girl
3 boysSt. John's1 girlHelp mother
Robt. CLAYWORTH1 girl3 girls3 girlsBoard--
Jas.(ED)WARD1 boy1 boy1 boySt. John's--
Wm. ESSEN?1 boy2 boys2 boysSt. John's--

Information provided by Jayne McHugh. Reproduced with kind permission.

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