Communicants of Cromhall Independent Chapel in 1835

Transcribed and collated by David Wicks, © Copyright 2013

The Graves referred to have been transcribed separately - see Some Memorial Inscriptions, Cromhall.

Name Residence
Remarks in record and Chapel graveyard information 1851 Census
number, age, occ., p.o.b
In 1838, Tithe schedule,
lived at
Jacob ROGERS Cromhall Died 1853
  1. 85, Chelsea Pensioner, Cromhall. Deaf
Bibstone Hill cottage
Cromhall Died 1858, buried in the graveyard. his wife, 68, died 1851. Grave F6
  1. 73, cloth worker, w-u-e
Chapel cottages
Christopher KEELING Common Died 1865 (1868) Buried in the graveyard, Grave F4
  1. 49, Coal mines proprietor, Moore Green, Nottingham
1 The Green (Leasehold), Heathend
James MILLS Poor End Died 1849   Old Engine Cottage
Jacob KEELING Common 'Left the place'   Cottage on the common near Old Engine colliery Now 'Sunnyside'
Stephen BENNETT Common Died 1849
  1. widow Hannah, 53, parish relief. Cromhall
Old Engine Works
John PICK Cromhall 'Gone to Church of England'
  1. 44 Ag. Lab. Cromhall
James STAFFORD Common Died 1854
  1. 37, coal miner, Cromhall
8 children
Charles BELLE Woodend Died 1846    
Samuel HARDING Common 'Gone to Bristol'    
Edward WICKS Wood End Died 1849    
Jacob HORNER Cromhall Died 1853
  1. Nephew of Jacob Rogers, 29, shoemaker. Bristol
Bibstone Hill cottage
James MILLS Cromhall 'Gone to Wales'    
William FISHER Cromhall 'Gone back to Church of England'    
James COBB Tortworth 'Left'    
Mary HORNER Cromhall Died 1848    
Mildred BAKER Cromhall Left the place'    
Sarah STAFFORD Cromhall 'Gone to Stroud'
  1. widow, 43, Parish relief. Uley
Mary BRITTON Cromhall 'Gone to Tortworth'    

Information from Gloucester Records

George GILLETT   Chapel Cottages
William PINNAGER   Chapel Cottages
William WITTS   Chapel Cottages
Charles DAUNCEY died 1851, 37 years. Grave F1 Chapel cottages ?
Jacob HORNER died 1855, 32 years. Nephew of Jacob Rogers, Grave F2 Bibstone Cottage
Isaac MOWER no. 48 on census died 1885, 65 years. Grave F3 Farmer 52 acres, born Berkeley 1851 census
neighbour of Christopher KEELING, his son-in-law?
Ruth TANNER, wife
died 1871, 62 years. Grave F5
died 1897, 88 years

[Contributed by David Wicks in December 2013]

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