Some Memorial Inscriptions - Mathon, Herefordshire
St John the Baptist's Churchyard

Note: This page lists all the Memorials inside St John the Baptist's Church, and also one external Wall Tablet.

War Memorial

The following MIs were kindly contributed by Rosemary Lockie, 10th December 2007.
A1. On Outside Wall
Near this place lieth the Body of
Joseph the Son of Joseph and Ann
FLETCHER of this Parish who died March
the 11th. 1780 Aged 25 Years.
Eleanor the Daughter of Joseph and
Ann FLETCHER who died May ye 12th. 1779
Aged 20 Years.
And also the Remains of Ann wife of the above
Joseph FLETCHER she Departed this Life Feby. 22nd
1785 Aged 62 Years.

A2. War Memorial
To the Glory of God and in
Memory of the Men of this
Parish who gave their lives
for King and Country in the
Great War 1914-1919
W. Reginald KARSLAKE
Lieut. Temp Capt. Pembroke Yeomanry
William JONES
Corporal Worcestershire Regiment
Henry E. JONES
Lance Corp. South Wales Borderers
Frederick WALL
Sergeant Canadian Mounted Rifles
Alexander WALL
Lance Corpl. Worcester Regiment
Lance Corpl. Welsh Regiment
Ernest GEORGE / Gunner R.G.A.
Charles W. POWELL
Private Grenadier Guards
Arthur H. WARD
Private King's Liverpool Regiment
S. Harold W. JONES / Private K.S.L.I.
Robert WOOD
Private Welsh Regiment Pioneers
Noble VALE
Pte. Wellington Mounted Rifles N.Z.
Faithful unto Death
[We have a Photograph of the War Memorial]

A3. Plaque in blocked N.Doorway
In Memory of
Edward Martindale VALE,
who died at Sea 21st January 1880,
Aged 24.
Deeply Regretted. Job XIV.1.2.

A4. Plaque in blocked N.Doorway
In Loving Memory of
Canon Loraine ESTRIDGE,
Sometime Vicar of this Parish,
who died at Littlehampton in Sussex,
May 11th 1903, aged 62.
Mainly through his Energy and Ability
This Church was restored to is present
state of Beauty A.D. 1897.

A5. Slate Wall Plate
In Loving Memory of
The Revd Prebendary
Lawrence H.S. BAGSHAW
M.B.E. (Hon C.E.) A.K.C.
Vicar of this Parish 1962-1972
This Tablet was placed here by his
Parishioners & Friends
Also his wife
Jean Fulton BAGSHAW

A6. Diamond inset in Woodblock Floor
lyeth ye Body
of Eliz: CLIFFE,
wife of Allen CLIFFE
Esqr. Died June 5th 1754,
Aged 78; Who desired
never to be remov'd
by humane

A7. Slate Wall Plate
In Loving Memory of
the Rev P.N.F. YOUNG M.A.
Vicar of this Parish
whose Ashes lie nearby
Also his Widow
M. Winifred Maude

A8. Slate Wall Tablet
Near this place ie the ashes of
Philip Beck THORBURN
15th April 1884 to 10th September 1966
Vicar of this parish from 1943 to 1952
Also of his grandson
Michael Austin Paul THORBURN
Born at Mathon Vicarage
25th January 1945
Died 16th July 1967
"Je Vis En Espoir."

A9. Gold/Marble Wall Plate
In Loving / Memory of
Eva / the dear wife
of Theodore / KENSINGTON J.P.
Late of Mathon / Lodge who died
15 November 1925 / Aged 72 years

A10. Gold/Blue Wall Plate
In Loving Memory of
George Walpole POTTER
Vicar of this Parish
1898-1929 R.I.P.

A11. Wall Monument
Near this Place are Interred the Remains
of Edward HOLDER / of The Park Gent.
He Departed this Life Febr. 14th 1794
Aged 77 Years
Also Ann Wife of the above Edward HOLDER
& Daughter of the late Thomas DANGERFIELD
of The Park Gent.
She Departed this Life July 20th 1791
Aged 57 Years

A12. Wall Monument
In Memory of Joseph
BONEALE Senior who died
August ye 14: 1750 Aged 82 yrs
Also here Lieth the body of
Eleanor his Wife who
Died Jany 77th 1753 Aged 84 yrs
[There is a verse, and a record of
the death of another person, but
I cannot read it from my photograph]

A13. Wall Monument
Near this Place lieth interrd
the Body of Mr. Thomas DANGERFIELD
of The Park Gent who departed
this Life the 9th of May 1735,
Aged 59
Also the Body of Mr. Thomas
DANGERFIELD junr Gent (Son of the
above Thomas DANGERFIELD) who depar-
ted this Life the 14th of April 1742,
Aged 36
Also Near this place lieth the Body
of Mary the Relict of the above
Thomas DANGERFIELD jun. Gen.
she Died the 1n Day of April 1766
Aged 69

A14. Wall Monument
Near this Place are deposited
the Remains of Robert CLIFFE Esqr.
Son of Henry and Mary CLIFFE,
who died May 1n 1779 Aged 35 Years
This Monument was erected by his surviving
and Affectionate Sister Mary CLIFFE.

A15. Wall Monument
Here lieth the Body of Mr. Henry CLIFFE
Who died May 30th 1695, Aged 62.
Also of Mrs. Mary CLIFFE, wife of Mr. Henry
CLIFFE Who died Decr. 4th 1699, Aged 57.
Also in Memory of the Revd. Mr. Willm. CLIFFE
Youngest Son of Allen CLIFFE Esqr. & Eliz:
his Wife; Who died April 19th 1742, Aged 25,
& lies buried in the Cloyster of Westminster Abby
Also Allen CLIFFE Junr. Eldest Son of Allen
CLIFFE Esqr. & Eliz: his Wife, Who died Octr.
10th 1752 New Stile, lieth Interr'd in this Chancel
Also Mrs. Eliz: CLIFFE, wife of Allen CLIFFE
Esqr. Daughter of William HAYWARD of
Quedgely in the County of Gloucester Esqr.
Who died June 5th 1754, Aged 78,
lieth Interred in this Chancel.

A16. Wall Monument
In Memory of
Mary CLIFFE, wife of
Henry CLIFFE, of this
Parish Esqr. and Daughter of
Joseph NEWDICK of Cheshunt
in Hertfordshire Esqr. who died Novemr.
the 23rd 1744 Aged 30 and lies interr'd near
this place, with two infants.
She was: but words, are wanting to say, what:
Say, she was Vertuous, Good, and she was that
Also Frances Second Wife
of Henry CLIFFE Esqr.
died April 21st 1755
Aged 47.
Henry CLIFFE Esqr.
died April 19th 1767
Aged 55.

A17. Wall Monument
In Memory
of Wm. CLIFFE Gent who
died ye 13th day of February
Ao 1684 / Aged 77
Also of Mr. Rob CLIFFE ye hopefull,
vertuous and dutifull Son
of Heny. CLIFFE Gent & Mary
his Wife He died at Oxford
ye 22nd day of Decemb Ao
1691 Aged 18 & there lies
Maturata fuit Caeto pietate Juventus

A18. Wall Monument
In Memory
of Mr. Thomas CLIFFE
Son of Allen & Elizabeth
CLIFFE Who Died ye 16th of
February Anno 1720
Aged 11 Yeares And
10 Months.

A19. Wall Monument
To the Glory of God.
In Memory of
William Reginald
of Moorend Court in this Parish.
Born April 28th 1867.
Served with Red Cross
in France and Serbia.
"1914 Star"
& Serbian Medal of St. Sava.
Joined Pembroke Yeomanry as
Lieut. & Temporary Captain.
Fought in Dublin Rebellion 1916.
Died at Paignton, S. Devon,
while under orders for France
Dec. 29th 1917.
With God.

A20. Wall Monument
Near this Place lieth ye Body of
John BARRETT late of The Stonehouse
He died April the 26th 1767 Aged 65.
Also Elizabeth his Wife
She died April the 14th 1766 Aged 61.
Also Near this Place lieth ye Body of
James BARRETT late of Hollingshill
He died Jany the 6th 1776 Aged 72
Elizth. his Wife died June ye 4th.
1783 Aged 72.
Also Sarah Daughter of James
& Elizabeth BARRETT died
Jany ye 11th 1742 Aged 8 Years

A21. Wall Monument
Sacred / to the Memory of
William VALE Esqr.
of Mathon Court in this Parish.
Lieutenant in the Royal Navy,
and Magistrate
of the County of Hereford,
died October 18th 1842,
Aged 57.
Also of
Catherine VALE,
wife of the above,
Who died February 22nd 1879,
Aged 82.
Also of the
Rev. William Scarlett VALE,
eldest son of the above
who died February 28th 1869,
Aged 48.

A22. Wall Monument
Beneath were Buried;
February 12th 1751, Aged 73,
Anne his Wife, January 10th 1759,
Aged 78.
Robert their Son, May 15th 1760,
Aged 56.
George their Son, March 24th 1727,
Aged 4.
Anne the Daughter of Robert
DANGERFIELD Junr. (by Mary his
Wife) died Decr. 9th 1752 [no age]

A23. Wall Monument
Sacred to the Memory
of James Dawsonii WEST
Colonel of The First Regiment of Grenadier Guards
who departed this life
August the 11 MDCCCXXXI (1831)
Aged LII (52)
This Inscription is dedicated
as a sincere tribute of affection
from his afflicted relatives
to his many virtues and amiable disposition
which endeared him to all those
who best knew his worth.

A24. Wall Monument
Near this Place
are deposited the Remains of
of [The] Spout
he ??? through ???
the duties of a husband and father
with affection and ????
and died
(Sincerely lamented by a numerous acquaintance)
on the 6th day of March 179(7)
Aged 56 Years
Relict of the above died 5th Decr. 1811
Aged 54.

A25. Wall Monument
In Memory of
Henry eldest son of Robert and Elizabeth DANGERFIELD
who died March 26th 1815
Aged 39.
John DANGERFIELD third son
Died 17th Novr. 1818
Aged 32.
Susanna HEMING eldest daughter
Died 16th Augt. 1920
Aged 43.
George DANGERFIELD youngest son
Died 21st June 1832
Aged 43.
Robert DANGERFIELD second son
Died 27th June 1840
Aged 56.
Buried at Bromyard.
Hannah DANGERFIELD youngest daughter
Died 15th April 1840
Aged 58.
Mary eldest daughter died Jany. 12th 1857. Aged 78.

A26. Tablet in Floor
Underneath this stone
Lieth the Body of
Allen CLIFFE Junr
Eldest Son of Allen
CLIFFE Senr. Esqr. and
Elizabeth his Wife
who died ye 10th Day of
October 1752 New Stile
Aged 52 Years

A27. Tablet in Floor
Beneath the South Side of this Stone
is Interr'd the Body of Mrs. Elizabeth
Relict of Mr. John DANGERFIELD
(from The Spout in this Parish) Gent:
she departed this Life Decr. the 17th 1750
In the 61th year of her Age.
Under the North Side is buried the
Body of Mrs. Hannah the Daughtr.
of the Above Mentioned she died
December ye 7th 1749 Aged 33 yrs.

A28. Wall Monument
Near this Place
(Without the Door)
is interred the Body
of the Revd. Tychicus WHITING
Late Minister of this Parish
He died August 17th
In the 63d. Year
If his Age.
In the same Vault
with her Husband ??
interred the Remains of
Elizabeth [his wife?]
she died October ?? 1779
Aged 72

Hic Iacet Iana Vxor Iohis Walweyn Genr.
Filia Paridis Sloveghter Armigeri
Quae Obijt 2O Oct: Ao Dni 1617.
Here lies Jane wife of John WALWEYN Gent.
daughter of Paris SLAUGHTER Armiger
who died 20 Oct 1617.
[We have a Photograph of the WALWEYN Tomb]

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