St John's Church, Mathon (Walweyn Tomb)

Recent Photograph of St John's Church (Walweyn Tomb) (Mathon)

This was a difficult snapshot to take, as the Monument is by the side of the Altar, and it was only possible to capture it sideways-on. However I have used some of PaintShop Pro's adjustments to make it appear in a better ‘perspective’, and now we appear to be viewing it through a lens.

This is a Tomb Chest with a Wall Monument above it, in memory of Jane WALWEYN, wife of John, and daughter of Paris SLAUGHTER, who died in 1617, and features two figures facing each other - Jane, and her husband John. The costumes are typical of the period.

The Inscription is along the ledge at the base of the Monument and reads:

Hic Iacet Iana Vxor Iohis Walweyn Genr.
Filia Paridis Sloveghter Armigeri
Quae Obijt 2O Oct: Ao Dni 1617.
Translation: Here lies Jane wife of John WALWEYN Gent.
daughter of Paris SLAUGHTER Armiger
who died 20 Oct 1617.

(Information provided by Rosemary Lockie)

Image contributed by Rosemary Lockie on 10th December 2007.
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