Chapel of Our Lady of the Assumption, Rotherwas (5)

Recent Photograph of Chapel of Our Lady of the Assumption (5) (Rotherwas)

Looking westwards towards the entrance doorway under the Tower (an 18th century addition). The west gallery is described as a “modern” addition. The opening which can be seen high up on the north wall (right of the photo) is apparently a fireplace, and indeed looking upwards from below it, it's possible to see a grating across, on which leaves have collected, although there appears to be no chimney outside. This presumably means that there was either a first floor, or a much larger west gallery in the original chapel, otherwise why would they need the fireplace? Both the 19th century south chapel and vestry have their own fireplaces.

(Information provided by Rosemary Lockie)

Image contributed by Rosemary Lockie on 23rd April 2009.
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