Some Memorial Inscriptions - Llandenny / Llanddenni, Monmouthshire
St John the Apostle's Churchyard

The following MIs were kindly contributed by Hazel, 28th March 2002. Entries supply name, date of death, and age.
A1. Richard JONES d. 19-12-1876 aged 62
his wife Mary d. 20-12-1930 aged 60

A2. James GWYNN d. 27-2-1909 aged 55

A3. Elizabeth wife of John JONES of Llandenny Walk
d. 22-8-1879 aged 66

A4. Alsop JONES d. 4-9-1872 aged 69

A5. William JAMES d. 26-1-1937 aged 80
wife Sarah Ann (nee FROST) d. 30-7-1947 aged 85

A6. Arthur Henry JONES d. 13-6-1964 aged 84
his wife Virtue d. 2-11-1967 aged 87

A7. Reginald JONES d. 2-10-1962 aged 80
Esther his wife d. 21-9-1965 aged 82

A8. Lloyd Gwynne JONES d. 18-8-1981 aged 64
Maud d. 17-8-1993 aged 79

A9. Robert Victor JAMES "The Mardy", d. 9-11-1969 aged 69

A10. Harriet daut of Daniel & Ma[r]y JONES d. 4-6-1821 aged 21
Mary (wife of Daniel JONES) d. 6-2-1811 aged 82

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