St John's Church, Ashley (Gerard Monument)

Recent Photograph of St John's Church (Gerard Monument) (Ashley)

The chief memorial is among the biggest I have seen , or so it seems in such a small church. The Gerard family monument is chiefly to Sir Gilbert d.1592 and wife d.1608, who lie recumbent under a lierne vaulted canopy on a chest. The chest is open to the front to reveal another effigy in a shroud inside. Two sons kneel either end of their parents, one much older and larger than the other (who probably paid for the tomb!), four daughters in relief against the back wall. In front two toddlers kneel facing outwards, flanking a large festooned helm in alabaster. A heavy bulky superstructure is "carried" on four fluted Ionic columns. (The rector too admired the monument, but said he could better use the space it took up!)

(Information provided by Phil Draper)

Image contributed by Phil Draper on 27th October 2004.
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