Some Memorial Inscriptions - Astbury, Buglawton & Mossley, Cheshire
St Mary's, St John the Evangelist's and Holy Trinity Churchyards

Note: Buglawton is (was) a chapelry and township in the parish of Astbury; Mossley is (was) a hamlet in the parish of Astbury.

The following MIs from were kindly contributed by Steve Turnock, 5th February 2005.
A1. In loving memory of Fred,
beloved husband of Alice May TURNOCK,
died 20th July 1956 aged 59 years
God's will be done
also the above (Alice May)
died Sept 26th 1971 aged 77 years
died in the faith

A2. In loving memory of
Jonathan TURNOCK,
who died 17th Dec 1921 aged 82 years
also Mary wife of the above,
who died 23rd Jan 1926 aged 78 years
at rest
also William son of the above,
died 29th Dec 1945 aged 66 years
also Ann their daughter
died 23rd Feb 1949 aged 81 years

A3. In memory of Joseph TURNOCK Astbury,
who departed 30th July 1861 aged 65 years
also Thomas son of the above,
who died 3rd March 1869 aged 27 years
[this headstone lays flat on the ground]

The following MIs from were kindly contributed by Steve Turnock, 5th February 2005.
B1. In loving memory of Emma, beloved
wife of Joseph Henry TURNOCK of Buglawton,
who died 25th June 1901 aged 49 years
until the day break
also Joseph Henry TURNOCK, beloved
husband of the above Emma TURNOCK,
who died 6th March 1928 aged 82 years
Also Edna TURNOCK, beloved
daughter of the above, who died
14th February 1953 aged 69 years
Rest in peace
Also Minnie ROGERS, who died
6th January 1970 aged 88 years

The following MIs were kindly contributed by Steve Turnock, 5th February 2005.
C1. In loving memory of Alice Jane TURNOCK,
died 22nd Feb 1952 aged 75 years
also her sons William,
died 27th July 1903 aged 4
and Frank a much loved dad,
died 13th July 1983 aged 75 years

C2. In loving memory of Mary Edna,
beloved wife of CHARLES TURNOCK,
of Rushton Spencer, died
26 May 1927 aged 60 years
Thy Will be Done
also the above CHARLES TURNOCK,
died 6th December 1942 aged 77 years

C3. In loving memory of Ezra TURNOCK,
of Boundary Lane, Mossley, who died
24th Oct 1934 aged 64 years
also Maria his beloved wife, who
died 24th August 1937 aged 65 years
[there is also a memorial stone
on the grave to Hanna Maria HARDING,
died 23 Feb 1969 aged 68 years
(their daughter)]

C4. In loving memory of Geoffrey BOON,
of Mossley, who died 7 Sept 1904
aged 46 years
also Leah his beloved wife, who
died 5th Jan 1925 aged 68 years
also John James their son, who was
presumed killed at the Dardanelles
7th Aug 1915 aged 23 years
Jesu lover of my soul,
let me to thy bosom fly
also Elizabeth, dearly loved
wife of Arthur BOON, died
1st June 1950 aged 62 years
being weary she fell asleep
also Harold and William,
died in infancy
also Arthur BOON, died
26th July 1961 aged 74 years

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