Ashford, Derbyshire

White's Gazetteeer and General Directory of “Sheffield and 20 miles round”, 1862

Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie, © Copyright 2000

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Luxmoore Rev. John R., incumbent, The Elms
Muirhead Miss Mary Ann
Oldfield Daniel, stone mason
Oldfield Mrs. Mary Ann
Paget Mrs. Sarah
Redfern Hannah, mistress, Girls' School
Simpson Mitton, police officer; and Sarah, dressmaker
Smith Hannah, school
Smith William, tailor
Snow Captain Walter, Rookery
Wallis Thomas, National schoolmaster
Woodruff Ann, lodgings

Inns and Taverns.
Bull's Head, Peter Furniss
Bull's Head, Martha Holmes, Edgestone hd
Devonshire Arms, Fanny Frost

Bolsover Joseph
Hulley William
Platts Thomas

Furniss Samuel
Jenkinson John

Boot and Shoe-Makers.
Bradbury John
Kitson John
Milnes William
Selby Wm. Caleb
Taylor William

Bretnor Benjamin
Harrison James
Hulley William

Bailey James
Bramwell Geo. (and tallow chandler)
Farmers (cont'd).
Bretnor Benjamin
Brushfield Richd. N.
Fowler William, Greaves lane
Frost Henry
Furniss Martha
Furniss Peter
Furniss Robert
Green John (and corn miller)
Heathcote George
Hulley William
Lowe William
Oldfield Daniel
Oldfield Elias
Pursglove Robert
Skidmore Elisha
Skidmore Joseph
Tagg Wm., Dirtlow

Joiners and Wheelwrights.
Gyte Anthony
Milnes Geo. & Peter
Punchaby George
Wilson James C.
Marble Mnfrs.
(Chimney Pieces, Columns, Baths, Slabs, Monuments, Tombs, Headstns., Tesselated Pavements, &c.)
Redfern George, Derbyshire Marble Works
Twigg Joseph and Co., Ashford Marble Works

Marble Turners and Inlayers.
Birley Samuel
Savage Richard
Smith James
Smith James
Tomlinson Abel

Brushfield Rd. N.
Milnes David
Milnes Harriet
Redfern George

To Sheffield, Elisha Skidmore, Friday

[Unfortunately this extract is incomplete, as my photocopy didn't cover the rest - my apologies]

Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie in June 2000
from of an original edition in the Society of Genealogists' Library.

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