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Unknown source : August 15th, 1842


Whereas, late on Saturday night the 13th or early on Sunday morning the 14th instant, some evil disposed person or persons did, in a field on Foolow Moor, slaughter one ewe sheep and carry away the carcass of the same, the property of Mr Wyatt of Foolow aforesaid.

Any person giving such information as will lead to the conviction of the offender or offenders shall receive from the said Mr Wyatt a reward of FIVE POUNDS, over and above what will be allowed by Eyam Association for the prosecution of Felons.

Constable of Eyam.

[Contributed by Paul Maltby, on 14th September 2006]

The Derby Daily Telegraph, Saturday, September 26th, 1908 (p.3)


Samuel Robinson, cattle-dealer, of Wardlow, was summoned at Bakewell on Friday for refusing to quit the Bull's Head Inn, Foolow, when requested to do so, on September 15th. Mrs Mary Lena Holt, the licensee, said when the defendant called she could see he had had sufficient, and made him a cup of tea, which he refused to drink, as he did also a cup of Bovril, which she assured him woud “do him good”. He demanded beer, but the land lady was obdurate, and when he became abusive she requested him to leave, but he refused to do so till Police-constable Hancock was fetched from Eyam. Mrs. Holt, however, pleaded with the Bench to deal as leniently as possible with the defendant, for the sake of his suffering wife and family. - Rober Fox, a Foolow farmer, said defendant, “swore hard in a general way, like they do in public-houses”. [Laughter.]- The Bench, in imposing a fine of 20s. and 30s. 6d. costs, said they must protect a landlady, and commended Mrs. Holt for her thoughtfulness and kindness in offering a troublesome customer tea and Bovril.

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The Derbyshire Times, Saturday, January 20th, 1923

GLEANINGS IN THE PEAK AND WEST DERBYSHIRE“Let us now go into the fields and glean”.

Eyam, Stoney Middleton, Calver, and Grindleford.

A whist drive was held at Foolow on Saturday in aid of the newly-formed Men's Club. The winners were:- Ladies: Miss L. Snowden, Mrs. Ollerenshaw and Miss Rose Bullard (Eyam). Gents.: Mr. F. Richardson, Mr. Seth Slater and. Mr. J. Dronfield (Eyam). Mr. E. Mason was M.C., and Dr. Hatfield presented the prizes. Refreshments were in charge of Miss Mann.
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