Foolow - Licensed Victuallers 1753-1764

D.R.O. Reference: Q/RA 1/1  1753-1764
Collected and transcribed by Janet Kirk © 2004

Note: 1753-1757 were all single line entries with the parishes not in any order within the High Peak Hundred. It appears as though 1757 wasn't fully completed and 1758/9 not done at all. There are a few blank pages in the book before the resumption with 1760. 1760-1764 are entered in separate parishes.

High Peak Hundred (All paid the sum of ten pounds)

LicenseeSuretorSuretor's AbodeOccupation of Suretor
Mary YoungGeorge YoungFoolow 
James RobinsonTideswell 
Edwd FurnisReginald TurnerFoolow 
Reginald TurnerEdwd FurnisFoolow 
1754 (Sept 3)
Reginald TurnerEdw FurniceFoolow 
Edw FurniceReginald TurnerFoolow 
Mary YoungGeo YoungFoolow 
James BrightGrindleford Bridge 
1755 (Sept 2)
Edward FurnisAnthony Nale(sic)FoolowStockiner
John BarberFoolowShoemaker
Mary YoungAnthony NallFoolowStockiner
John BarberFoolowShoemaker
Mary Turner [1]John BarberFoolowShoemaker
Mary YoungJohn FurniceFoolowFarmer
Philip SheldonEyamFarmer
Edw FurnisJoseph HallamStoney MiddletonYeoman
Mary Turner [1]Geo BalmEyam 
Edwd FurniceJohn Furnice  
(No records kept)
(No records kept)
Edwd FurniceJohn Bennett  
Elizabeth YoungMary Froggatt  
Benj Young  
Mary FroggattBenj Young  
Mary Froggatt [2]Benj Southern  
Edward FurnassJohn Gregory  
Edward FurnaceHenry Titteron(sic)  
Edwd FurniceWm Jackson  
Matthew FurnissWm Hathway  

[1] Only 1 suretor, presumably Mary paid £10 herself?
[2] Mary paid £10 herself.

Collected and transcribed by Janet Kirk in February 2004.

A List of the above (1753-1764) by Name
An asterisk (*) in the column below the year against a name indicates that individual's name was recorded as a licensee that year.

  1753 1754 1755 1756 1757 1760 1761 1762 1763 1764
Mary Froggatt     **   
Edward Furnis********* 
Matthew Furniss         *
Reginald Turner**        
Mary Turner  **      
Elizabeth Young     *    
Mary Young****      

Note: As it states above, the entries for 1757 were incomplete, and there were no entries at all for 1758/9.

Tabulated by Rosemary Lockie in February 2004.

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