Churchyard Cross, Iron Acton (St James's Church)

Recent Photograph of Churchyard Cross (St James's Church) (Iron Acton)

”One of the most noteworthy crosses in the county, set up by Robert Poyntz in memory of his grandmother in 1390, it has two tiers and a pinnacled canopy, is raised on three steps with four buttresses at the angles of the lower stage, and all its four sides are carved with remarkable intricacy. It has been used for preaching, and there is a ledge inside for a book.“

Robert Poyntz also rebuilt the church when he built the cross, and he himself lies inside the church, in the Poyntz Chapel “in armour, engraved in stone with his wife beside him”.

(Information provided by Rosemary Lockie)

Mee, Arthur, The King's England - Gloucestershire.
Published by The Caxton Publishing Company Ltd, London WC2. Date of publishing unknown.

Image contributed by Phil Draper on 24th May 2003.
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