Tytherton Kellaways with Tytherton Lucas

Extract from Lewis's Topographical Dictionary of England, 1831.
Transcribed by Mel Lockie, © Copyright 2010
Lewis Topographical Dictionaries

TYTHERTON-KELLAWAYS, a tything in the parish of BREMHILL, hundred of CHIPPENHAM, county of WILTS, 3 miles (E.N.E.) from Chippenham. The population is returned with the parish. This place merits notice from the peculiar circumstances attending its origin and progressive improvement. An individual named Connicker, a native of Reading, having embraced the original doctrines of Whitfield and Wesley, at the period of their first promulgation, became so zealous a devotee, that he expended his patrimonial estates in building meeting-houses in different parts of the country, one of which he erected at Tytherton, and attached to it a burying-ground, &c. Here he fixed his own residence, and propagated his opinions with great success during several years; but, on the schism between Wesley and Whitfield, he joined the Moravians, and induced most of his followers at Tytherton to do the same.

Accordingly, two cottages, adjoining each other, were purchased, and converted into a house for the reception of the young unmarried women of the sect. A house for young men, on the same plan, was also attempted to be established, but without success. In this situation, with slow advances towards the end proposed, Tytherton settlement continued till about thirty years ago, when the society, having grown both more numerous and more wealthy, built a new chapel and sister-house, and added to the former a neat residence for their pastor. Since that period, they have erected a large school-house, into which female children of every persuasion are received indiscriminately as boarders, for the purpose of instruction in morality and the elements of knowledge.

TYTHERTON-LUCAS, a chapelry in the parish and hundred of CHIPPENHAM, county of WILTS, 3 miles (N.E. by E.) from Chippenham. The population is returned with the parish. The chapel is dedicated to St. Nicholas.

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