St Peter's Church, Edensor (Cavendish Chapel)

Recent Photograph of St Peter's Church (Cavendish Chapel) (Edensor)

There are two Memorial Prints in the Cavendish Chapel of Edensor Church

Sacred to the Memory of Henry eldest son of William
Cavendish, Knight of Chatsworth, in the County of Derby,
and of the much celebrated Elizabeth Hardwick of Hardwick,
in the same County, who afterwards married her fourth
husband, George Earl of Shrewsbury. He was a strenuous
and brave man, and particularly distinguished himself among
the English Volunteer Commanders in the Campaign of the
Netherlands, in the year 1578, in which he displayed persever-
ance, skill, diligence, activity, and fortitude. When however
his military engagements gave place to the enjoyment of ease,
he indulged in the liberal and sumptuous use of his fortune in
such a manner as to retain the character of splendour and
festivity and avoid the reproach of luxurious indolence. His
Arms and Armour being deposited in this Country, and fixed
in the wall, his Body lies here awaiting instead of the Clarion
of Fame the Trumpet of the Resurrection. He died the 12th
day of October in the year of our Lord 1616.

Sacred to the Memory of William Cavendish the second
son of the same parents, who also here put off his
earthly dress. He was a man born to fill every honourable
Station, and in the simplicity of his virtue deserving rather
than courting Glory. Whom when James 1st of Blessed
Memory, King of Great Britain, had honoured with the Titles,
first of Baron Hardwick, and afterwards of Earl of Devonshire, he
appeared not so much to do Honour to the man as to the title.
With what Wisdom, Integrity, and Applause he sustained the
Duties of his Province enquire of that Province; Common Fame
is seldom false. He was not merely the best man of his own,
but of every age, nor can his Character be suppressed or
spoken of without difficulty. He was capable of the utmost
diligence and of unsullied faith, with the appearance of the
greatest indolence. He claimed no Honours yet obtained
all. To Him having ordered that he might be buried without
splendour and in a plain grave, this Monument was erected
with an affection greater than its expense. He died the
3rd March in the year of our Lord 1625.

(Transcriptions by Janet Kirk on 21st September 2004)

Image contributed by Peter & Janet Kirk on 13th September 2004.
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