Horsley (Gloucestershire) 1841 Census

Transcription from film/fiche of original Census returns held by The National Archives.
Reference HO107/362

(Horsley House of Correction)

Collected and transcribed by Rosemary Lockie, May 2004

Transcriber's Note:
This transcription covers everyone listed at the Horsley House of Correction (recorded on a special form for Public Institutions). It is (obviously!) NOT intended as a complete transcription the whole 1841 Census of Horsley.

Note: There are no actual Schedule Numbers on the original returns of 1841. If they are shown, it is for convenience of reference only.
Horsley House of Correction - Account taken by Erasmus Charlton, Governor, 7th June 1841
2 Pages - 23Male/2Female; 5Male
SURNAME Forenames Age Sex Occupation Born in County
House of Correction
MOULTONIsaac25MX MillerN
POWELLJohn40MX TurnkeyY
HURLSTOWElizabeth60FX MatronY
STEPHENSJoseph15MX Prisoner Labr.Y
LANSDOWNJames45MP WatermanY
LEWISJohn20MP Agricultural Labr.Y
DAUNCEYRobert35MP SawyerY
DAVISWilliam60MP Agril. Labr.Y
JELLYMANGeorge15MP WeaverY
TANNERJohn15MP - Labr.Y
TANDYEdward50MP Ag Labr.Y
STAMPEdwin15MP A CarpenterY
WELLSSamuel20MP ButcherY
BAKERRichard15MP Labr.Y
MORGANJames30MP MinerY
GOULDINGMoses35MP WatermanY
BEARDWilliam30MP Ag Labr.Y
STEPHENSWilliam14MP Labr.Y
VINESWilliam20MP BlacksmithY
NEALPeter40MP WeaverY
BAGLINTitus50MP BricklayerY
Total: 25 - 23 Male/2 Female
GREENGeorge30MP LabourerY
REAVESThomas20MP Ag Labr.N
FRENCHWilliam13MP - Labr.N
HURCOMBJosiah14MP - Labr.Y
HIGGSThomas15MP Labr.Y
Total: 5 - 5 Male

[Collated and transcribed by Rosemary Lockie]

The reason for my transcribing the above is because I was looking for a Thomas REEVES, located in the Gloucester Prison Records (GRO Ref: Q/Gc 516 - Microfilm 1464) who on 2nd April 1841 was “Charged on the Oath of William SCRATCHLEY with feloniously stealing at Fairford on the 27th Day of March a sack bag containing wearing apparel the property of William Packer BUDD”. He was found guilty and sentenced to “Six Calendar Months” in the Horsley House of Correction - and thus, as shown above, enumerated there on the night of the census.

Alas however it says he was born outside the county, which rather put paid to my notion that this was my great grandfather Thomas REEVES, born in Cam, Gloucestershire in 1819. However so far I have not found him elsewhere in 1841, so I cannot discount it was he. Especially as he may have been a “habitual criminal” - he is also recorded in the Gloucester Gaol Calendars in 1858 - imprisoned for intent to do “GBH”, for which he was consigned to jail for a month, and there I do have a successful identification.

It is an interesting comment on the life and times, where for stealing clothes the penalty is 6 months, whereas for an attack on a person the sentence is just one month...

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