Eyam - Sketch of Plague Cottages

Pen and Ink Drawing of Plague Cottages (Eyam)

This Sketch is based on one of Sir Francis Chantrey's Engravings, the latter of which has been used many times over, encapsulating the timeless nature of the Eyam village street.

It is immediately recognisable today, although the water to the left of the roadway has been drained, and is occupied by the Sheep Roast Stand, and an odd car drives past now and again... Yet it probably looked as it does on this sketch far longer than our own experience of the village dominated by the “horseless carriage” might suggest. Speaking of which... has noone thought of turning it into a car park? Aaargh!

(Information provided by Rosemary Lockie)

Sketch contributed by Don Rimmington on 25th August 2004.
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