Old Photograph of Grindleford - A Cricket Team

Old Photograph of A Cricket Team (Grindleford)

I wonder how many people will remember where “The Cricket Field” used to be in Grindleford? It was beside the Church, and near to what is now Pinegrove Nursing Home. It is not known for sure where this photograph was taken, but it seems to me that a reasonable supposition would be the Cricket Field.

Some names have been very kindly provided by Mrs Lorna BAGGALEY (née BOWRING), via my contact, Godfrey BOWRING. Back row: 4th from the left, Ezekiel Green BOWRING (b.1862)
Middle row: 3rd from the left, John BOWRING (b.1855) brother of Ezekiel BOWRING
Middle row: 5th from the left, Joseph BOWRING son of Thomas Green BOWRING (b.c1866)
Middle row: 6th from the left, Thomas BOWRING (b.1833) father of Ezekiel and John
Front row: 1st from the left, George BOWRING (Lorna's father) son of John BOWRING (b.1855)

None of the others on the photograph are known, but look at the small boy seated in the centre front, with the ‘Fair Isle’ Beret! The photograph predates 13th Jan 1907, which is when Thomas BOWRING (b. 1833) is known to have died.

(Information provided by Rosemary Lockie)

This is one of several old photographs acquired after a sort-out at the Peak National Park Authority's Study Centre.

Image contributed by Richard Campen on 29th October 2003.
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