Old Postcard of Grindleford - Goatscliffe Cottages

Old Postcard of Goatscliffe Cottages (Grindleford)

This postcard is undated but the photograph is thought to be taken soon after Goatscliffe Cottages were built (1911). The chimneys, and part of the big house 'Riverdale' can be seen immediately behind the Cottages - now converted to luxury flats. In the background, just to the right of centre is Haywood Farm - a classic 'long' farmhouse; and left of centre, Grindleford College, also known as the Home School (and now Pinegrove, Residential Home for the Elderly). Otherwise it is largely devoid of the ‘sprawl’ of modern housing which now clings tenaciously to this steeply sloping hillside.

In the foreground, the sign advertising “Grindleford Model Laundry” can be seen across the driveway between the two rows of houses.

Note the tall telegraph pole - seemingly obligatory, on photographs of this vintage!

(Information provided by Rosemary Lockie)

This is one of the postcards in ‘The Reeves Collection’.
In other words, it belonged to my mother.

Image contributed by Rosemary Lockie on 14th October 2003.
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