Old Photograph of Grindleford - Silver Jubilee Celebrations (1935)

Old Photograph of Silver Jubilee Celebrations (1935) (Grindleford)

This photograph was taken most probably during King George and Queen Mary's 1935 Jubilee celebrations. At any rate the occasion is “Royal” - in close-up it's possible to see a row of Union Jacks hanging out of the Red Lion Row windows on the left! Also hanging from the line strung across the street (again only visible in close-up) is a Japanese ‘Rising Sun’ flag.

The clincher for whether it might have been the 1935 Jubilee or the 1937 Coronation is on the poster for “Eadon & Lockwood” on the side of the building which is posted below the ‘Refreshments’ Sign. I have a 1937 Sale Catalogue produced by this firm of Auctioneers and Valuers dated November 1937, by which time they were joined by another partner, becoming “Eadon, Lockwood & Riddle”.

The Silver Jubilee was celebrated on 6th May 1935. Unfortunately none of the remainder of the text on the poster is readable.

This is one of several old postcards contributed to the ‘Grindleford Then and Now’ Exhibition in October 2004.

(Information provided by Rosemary Lockie)

Image contributed by Alan Jacques on 25th October 2006.
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