Old Photograph of Grindleford - Kenyon's Petrol Pumps

Old Photograph of Kenyon's Petrol Pumps (Grindleford)

These petrol pumps were owned by the Kenyon family, who operated an Omnibus Service between Grindleford station and Baslow, via Calver Bridge in the early 1900s. Kenyon's motorised buses are believed to have been the first to operate in the Hope Valley; and likewise, their pump service is understood to have been amongst the earliest in Derbyshire to open to the new class of “motorcar drivers”.

They were situated next to Lane Ends Cottage, on the east side of the junction of Sir William Hill Road with Main Road.

(Information provided by Alan Jacques/Rosemary Lockie)

Image contributed by Alan Jacques on 29th January 2015.
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