Old Photograph of Nether Padley - Bole Hill Quarry (2)

Old Photograph of Bole Hill Quarry (2) (Nether Padley)

Scene dated circa 1904. A posed shot, looking up the incline with a loaded truck coming coming down on the left, and an empty truck on the right-hand track nearing the top. Note the run-offs to catch-pits in case of runaways and the refuge hut on the left. The bell on the side facing us was part of the signalling system in operation between top and bottom. The shunter loco stands at the points to the sidings - it would not have attempted to climb the slope, as it would have been too steep!

This photograph is an accompaniment to an account of Bole Hill Quarry provided by Alan Jacques.

(Information provided by Rosemary Lockie)

Image contributed by Alan Jacques on 23rd January 2004.
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