Old Postcard of Nether Padley - Padley Mill

Old Postcard of Padley Mill (Nether Padley)

This postcard has been artificially tinted, in a way which was common before colour photography. It's debatable whether it would have been more attractive retained as a sepia image, but I have also provided an alternative view which attempts to duplicate it as it might have appeared originally.

One of the ladies in the foreground is understood to have been Lily BRUNSDON. There is a lady of that name on the 1901 census in Hathersage, aged 8, a visitor at the house of Andrew GREEN. The only other BRUNSDONs in the village were Charles, his wife Juliette, and family. Charles was described as a Labourer on the Railway, and was born in Sapperton, Gloucestershire. He may have been transferring from work on Sapperton Railway Tunnel to Totley - another example (like my grandfather) of a tunnel worker travelling to where the next ‘big dig’ was taking place!

(Information provided by Rosemary Lockie)

This is one of the postcards in ‘The Reeves Collection’.
In other words, it belonged to my mother.

Image contributed by Rosemary Lockie on 25th February 2001.
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