Gravestone of Colonel Carne, Cranham

Recent Photograph of Gravestone of Colonel Carne (Cranham)

Colonel James Power CARNE
Born 11 April 1906 in Falmouth, Died at Cheltenham 19 April 1986

[In brief]
Lieutenant Colonel Carne (later became Colonel) Commanding Officer of the 1st Battalion of the Gloucestershire Regiment won the Victoria Cross, whilst on Active Service in Korea. He was awarded the V.C for his courage. He and his men fought the Chinese on many occasions and he personally led assault parties on the enemy between the 22-23 April 1951 near the Imjim River.

He chose to be taken as a Prisoner of War, with his remaining men, rather than escape in 1952. They were in captivity from 1952-1953. Whilst in solitary confinement during this time, he made a Wooden Cross (with a nail) which is now on display at Gloucester Cathedral. He lost 58 of his men, who were killed in action. The remaining 522 who were taken prisoner by the Chinese were tortured to gain information. Colonel Carne was also known to be tortured at this time.

PS. I and many others who joined the Glosters had this drummed into us. I thought that this was the only thing the Glosters were famous for !!

(Information provided by Alf Beard)

Image contributed by Alf Beard on 8th October 2005.
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