Inside St Mary the Virgin's Church, Fairford

Recent Photograph of Inside St Mary the Virgin's Church (Fairford)

The central part of the church, underneath the tower dates from its rebuilding in the early 15th century. The oldest traces of masonry in the church are some 13th century foundations in the north east corner. Shadows of medieval wall paintings can still be seen high up on the walls inside the tower structure - but you have to know they're there to be able to spot them! In 1920, when Oscar Farmer wrote a guide book, they were still clear enough for him to describe. One on the north east pillar shows a figure dressed as a bishop with a staff in his hand, identified by Farmer as Thomas Becket. The south east pillar shows a saint being tortured, with 2 yellow angels hovering over his head, who Farmer thought was St Edmund. The south west pillar appears to have a pelican, a symbol of piety, and on the north west pillar is a figure in a yellow robe, accompanied by 2 dark figures, possibly angels.

(Information provided by Rosemary Lockie)

Image contributed by Rosemary Lockie on 1st June 2010.
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