Taylor Memorial, Edington Priory

Recent Photograph of Taylor Memorial (Edington Priory)

I also marvelled at the two monuments in the chancel. This one, by the altar is by Chantry, a lifesize depiction of the deceased Sir Simon Richard Brissett Taylor d.1815 aged 32 (but looking here much younger - and very handsome according to one of our company!) being cradled in an older woman's arms as his sister(?) looks on squeezing his hand.

The other monument (not photographed) is a fabulous alabaster canopied monument to Sir Edward Lewys d.1630 and wife. A cherub hovers under the canopy and profers a crown to the effigies below, children kneel partly recessed below the slab which supports the parents, the corners with angels where one might expect columns.

(Information provided by Phil Draper)

Image contributed by Phil Draper on 11th June 2007.
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