Survey of St Anne's Churchyard, Baslow

Transcriptions by David Dalrymple-Smith, © Copyright 1980s and onwards

This collection of webpages provides a record of the Memorial Inscriptions in St Anne's Churchyard in Baslow, Derbyshire as of October 2006, collated and transcribed by David Dalrymple-Smith.

The available information comprises:-
  1. Listings by Surname. Select a letter below to go directly to entries starting with that letter:

    A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I-J - K-L - M - N-O - P-Q - R - S - T-U - W - Y

    (Note: Blank or Dubious Surnames are included with Letter 'Y')
  2. Listings by Plot in the Old Churchyard, subdivided into four sections:

    Plots A01-E23 Plots F011-H55 Plots J01-P30 Plots Q01-T70
  3. Diagram showing the layout of the above Plots in the Old Churchyard

  4. Listing by Plot in the New Burial Ground

  5. Diagram showing the layout of the above Plots in the New Burial Ground

  6. A Plan of the Old Churchyard

The Church of St Anne in Baslow has two Graveyards. The “old” Church Yard surrounds the Church and dates back to the early 1700s. The new Burial Ground, started in 1960, adjoins it to the south near the Church Rooms.

Members of the Baslow Women's Institute started to record the inscriptions on the Gravestones in the mid 1980s. Much work had been done when I (David) took over in the late 1980s, completing the Inscriptions in the old Graveyard. Hopefully the transcriptions are also accurate, but some stones are difficult to read, and clerical errors are bound to be present.

I also surveyed and mapped the old Graveyard in 1988 and 1989. It is accurate to about ½ metre. The icons representing the Graves reflect the size and orientation of the stones. The Map was revised in 2006 and converted to digital format. The system of numbering was changed to make it more logical and user friendly. The Map and list have both been updated to include new burials, between 1989 and 2006. The original records, one page for each grave, were deposited in the Derbyshire Record Office at Matlock, but please note this is under the original numbering system.

I have also included a list of names on the stones in the New Graveyard, with details of date of death and age when available.

In all, there are 1896 names in 851 graves in the Old Church Yard, and 413 names in 270 graves in the new Burial Ground.

All the Stones, and all the original transcriptions from the Old Churchyard, have been photographed, and together with the maps will be available on DVD from various sources. (or Email me - see below)

I am happy for anyone to copy and use this material for any non commercial purpose, though I would appreciate acknowledgement where appropriate and a copy of any publication using my data.

Plan of Area around the Church © David Dalrymple-Smith


I think that this is the earliest stone. The inscription reads (with difficulty)

Here lyeth the body
of Thomas Baggaley
of Corbar who was
buried the 17th of
February 1698
Also lyeth the
Body of .. Mary...

The Parish Register records the burial of a Thomas Baggaley on 7 Feb 1694, perhaps the same person.

The New Burial Ground is south of the old Church Yard, between the Old Vicarage and Church Lane. Access is through the Churchyard, turning left at the Old Vicarage and right at the Church Rooms.

It is divided into two sections by a path running the length of the area, ending at a bench next to the road. Ashes Burials are on the North side of the path, next to the Church Rooms while Burials are to the South side.

The headstones stones are in regular rows, all facing east (towards the road). The rows are numbered 1 to 23 starting at the Vicarage end.

For this publication, I have allocated the letters “a” to “i” to the Graves in each row, so the arrangement is as follows:


The Old Vicarage End

 South Section   North Section
Row 1S01a, S01b, S01c, etc P N01a, N01b, N01c, etc to N01i
Row 2S02a, S02b, S02c, etc A N02a, No2b, N02c, etc to N02i
Row 3 T 
etc. to H 
Row 23   

Using the Official Schedule of Burials held by the Parish Council and including further information from the Headstones, I have built up a list for each grave including Surname & Forename, Date of Death and Age at Death, or sometimes Year of Birth and Year of Death.


The web pages were constructed by Rosemary Lockie from David's Excel spreadsheets, to use the following fields:

REF Number of Grave: see below:
Organisation of the Numbering System
TOT Total number recorded on stone
ORD Order as on the inscription
NAME Name - Surname then Forename
DIED Date of Death (Day-Month-Year)
AGE Age at Death
REL Relationship to main occupant (‘i’),
eg ‘w’=wife, ‘d’=daughter.
BORN Year of Birth (if recorded on stone)
Notes on presentation online:
[1] For economy of viewing of entries by Plot, the reference number (REF) of the Grave, and the TOTal number of individuals within the Grave are listed once only for each grave.
[2] The RELationship field is available for Plots in the Old Chuchyard only. It is shown as “n/a” for entries in the New Burial Ground..

Additional details of the inscriptions (under the old numbering system) are lodged at the Derbyshire Record Office. There is a page for each stone, which includes the inscription and its size and general condition including deviation from the vertical. In some cases there is an accompanying photograph (in the Record Office).

ABCDESouth Westincludes the Church
FGHJNorth Westcontains the Lych Gate
KMNOPQSouth Eastcontains the Church Rooms
RSTNorth Eastcontains the War Memorial
Each Sectionis divided into rows of stones, aligned north/south
Each group of rowsis assigned a letter
Each rowis numbered.

A separate web page provides a Plan of the Arrangement.

The above information was contributed by David Dalrymple-Smith in October 2006.

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