Tideswell, St John the Baptist - a list of Incumbents

Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie, © Copyright 1999
from a Board inside the Church

1193 Henry 1655 Vacant
-Robert (temp K John)1656Anthony Buxton  BA
124-John Strange1656John Beebe
1245Alan de Harby1662Isaac Sympson  MA
1273Magister Ralph1663Laurence Brierly
1275Henry de Lucebi1680Richard Jepson  BA
1281Roger1681John [Joseph] Creswicke  MA
13--Laurence Schryvenham1691Richard Unitt
1336William Andrew1691Daniel Totty  MA
1339Thomas1695John Allen  BA
1340Robert1719Adamson Kenyon  MA
1359John de1730Edward Markland
1359Hugh Fordyan
exchanged with William de Hanleye
1776William Stephenson
1364John Bakster
exchanged with Henry de Assheton
1778Richard Shuttleworth
1381William1796Thomas Brown  MA
1406John Aleyne (or Yoxhale)1837John Kynaston  MA
1413William Holmesfield1855William Moxon Mann  MA
1441William Pursgloves1858Wm Humphrey Vale  MA  RD
1473Thomas Taillour1864Samuel Andrew Canon of Southwell  R/D
1482William Kirke1900James Michael John Fletcher  MA
1501Edmund Eyre1906Thomas Rogerson
1544Arthur Meverell (last prior of Tutbury)1919Henry [Herbert] Alfred Tamplin
1547George Cocke1922Edgar Gwillym Walmsley  MA
1549Robert Herllens1929Richard Fletcher Edwards
1551William Fieldsend1942Vere Townshende Ducker  MA
1576William Pendleton1962David Edmund Rice  MC
1592William Greaves1970John Bryce Warburton
1634Christopher Fulnetby1982John David Slyfield  FD
1634Nicholas Cross1993Martin F H Hulbert  Canon
1636Ralph Heathcote  BA  

This list differs significantly in its early years from that given in Chapter 17 of The Feudal History of the County of Derby, Volume 5, p.435 by John Pym Yeatman, although entries are more or less identical after 1413, William Holmesfield.

Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie in May 1999 from a Board inside the Church.

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