The Feudal History of the County of Derby

Volume 5, Chapter 14 - Tideswell Subsidy Rolls
by John Pym Yeatman, pp.432-435

This transcription by Rosemary Lockie, © Copyright 2013




Poll Tax, 4 Rich. II. 242/10. Johes ffioliambe, Robt. Hethekote and wife, Willms Huklowe and wife, Ric Redman and wife, Robtus fil Thome, Ric. Throley, Johes Heckekoke, Emma de Hethekote, Willms Vicarii, Johes Grene, Alic foliambe, felic Lytton, Agn Sparw, Robtus fil Radi, Johes Clyfton, Mag fit Bill, Agn fil Mag, Agn Brone, Johes Lowrby, Johes Harper, Willms Brone and wife, ffelic frost, Ric Herdman, Alic ux Will Redimon, Joh . . ., Johes Petes and wife, Matild fil Willi, Ricus Hyde, Johes de ffoxlowe and wife, Mag . . ., Will Knollus and wife, Cecil fil ejus, Ricus Alot, Agn Lytton, Emma fil eujs, Thomas Horme, Thomas Wythalwe and wife, Willms Andrew, Emma fil ejus, Johes Andrew and wife, Thms Redman and wife, Robtus fil Egidii and wife, Willms . . ., Henry Doyne and wife, Johes fil egidii and wife, Willms Chalen, Elizabeth fil Henr, Johes Sutor and wife, Johes fil ejus, Robtus Joye, Johes Innosent and wife, Mlarg Marchale Agn Bonoiowr, ffelie fil ejus, Johes de Hukton and wife, Alic fil euis, Johna Andrewe, Willms Andrew and wife, Johes Nalli and wife, Willms Webst, Robtus . . ., Roger Byrmicham and wife, Agn Met, Eden Byrlle, Johes Hethekote and wife, Johes . . , Johes Wryght and wife, Henr Leykboure and wife, Emma . . . Cecil ffrost, Agn Pryme, Ricus . . ., Hug Rag, Henr Roland, Johes Blak, Adam ffost, Gillot fil ejus, Matild Alexad, Willms fil ejus, Isabell fil ejus, Johes Nall, Rog Rysser and wife, Alic Scharpe, Ric Sutor, Isabell Martyn, Johna fil eujs, Ricus Snowball, Cecil Heth, Thms Burwys and wife, Matild Caprn, Matild Hedens, Johes Mellior, Isabell ffox, Johes Presclyf, Riginald Capron, Alic flt Henr, Johna . . ., Willms Stede and wife, Ric Wagstaff and wife, Matild . . ., Nichs Orme and wife, Johes de Calton and wife, Willms fflenthyrst and wife, Johes Hegham and wife, Henr ffoliambe and wife, Henr Bloke, Roger de Heyworth and wife, Johes Assby, Willms Mason and wife, Thms Barker and wife, Johes Martynside, Johna Snell, Henr fil ejus, Alic fil ejus, Henr Bron and wife, Johes Smyth and wife, Emma Aleyn, Johes Mawer and wife, Radulf de Hull and wife, Stephs Slack, Johes fil Nichi and wife, Matild Dryst, johes de fayrfeld and wife, Johna fil ejus, Rog del Poke and wife, Johes Belot and wife.


Magot ux Johis, Ric Aleyn and wife, Johes fil ejus, Johes de Hethkote, Willms Leche and wife, Johes de Barton, Henr Bentley and wife, Thms fil euis, Thomas Molot, Thms ad finem aille and wife, Thomas fil ejus, Thomas fil Robt. and wife, Willms fil ejus and wife, Willms Dysser and wife, Ricus fil Thome and wife, Willms de Schagh and wife, Johes de Grenlow and wife, Johes de Padley and wife, Willms Ledbet and wife, Johes Jowet and wife, Thms Jowet and wife, Thomas Bant, Robtus . . ., Cicil . . ., Johes Wylly and wife, Johes . . , Adam de Heyton, Ric Webst and wife, Johes . . ., johes fil Thome and wife, Marg Blakwall, Johes ffrenkysse and wife, Innosent Troyt and wife, Adam Blacwall and wife, Robtus fil Thome, Thins Doghty and wife, Marg Piper, Thomas Wylly and wife, Johes Isold and wife, Johes de Mornsale and wife, Ric fil Robti and wife, Johes de Glene, Thomas fox and wife, Henr ad finem ville and wife, Emma fil ejus, Jacobus fil ejus, Isabell Derby, Emma . . . ejus, Robtus . . ., Clement de Longesdon and wife, Willms de Kyndr, Willms de Hall and wife, Willms fil Clement and wife, Robtus . . ., Johes de fernyhalgh, Jacobus de Longusdon and wife, Alic . . ., Thms fil Radulf and wife, Henr fil Nichi and wife, Willms fil Ejus, Robtus fil Thome and wife, Petrus Godlade and wife, johes fil Henr, Ric de Mosse and wife, Henr fil Luc and wife, Robtus Clerkson and wife, Nichs Boler, johes fil Galfrid and wife, Mag fil ejus, Rob . . ., Adam Atte Milne and wife, Rad . . , Henr . . ., Thomas Archer and wife, Rog . . ., Alic . . ., Ricus fil Simois and wife, Ricus de folow and wife, Johes fil ejus, Alic . . ., Simon de Grene and wife, Thins fil Heley and wife, Cecil le Archer, Robtus Bredbury and wife, Johes de Heley, Robtus Sonyur and wife, Nichs fil ejus, Agn . . ., Johes Kok and wife, Johes Haregrne, Johes Hebbe and wife, Agn flagh and wife, Rog . ., Johes . Johes . . ., Nicho de Medo and wife, Alanus Hardyng and wife, Jacobus Cortos, Mariot Byburley, Matild Helwys, Ric Bate and wife, Hug fil ejus, Stephs Brom and wife, Willms fichet and wife, Thms fichet and wife, Johes Godeale, Ricus Pigot and wife.

It is not mentioned in any sculage or assessment till the 10th 0f Henry VI. Wm. Plumpton, Kt., had soc in it ; Sampson Meverel, Kt., had £8; John Balgay of Aston, 13s. 4d. ; John del Mere, 10s. ; Roger Foljambe of Elton, cs. ; Robert Bowers of Glossop, 6s. 8d. ; Jo. Cotell of Tideswell, 13s. 4d. ; John fil Richard de Stafford of Tideswell, 6s. 8d. ; Martin de Follow, 13s. 4d. ; Thomas Heyman, 13s. 4d. ; Thomas Maldeley, 13s. 4d. ; Robert Swallow, 6s. 8d. ; Richard Passlowe, gent., 20s. ; John Poynton Yoeman, 13s. 4d. ; Wm. Blackwell, 13s. 4d. ; Wm. Hall, gent.., 40s. ; Hugh Bronis, 10s. ; Rich. Lytton of Lytton, 10s. : Rad Leche of Wildersly, 13s. 4d. A very poor promise yet owing to the fact that the family of Foljambe were located here perhaps no parish in Derbyshire is so rich in charters which help to give a history of many families in the land.

Sub lay 1 E. III.Tydeswell : Thomas Foljambe, Jo. Foljambe, John Martin, Wm. Faber, Wm. Andrew, Wm. Redmon, Rich. fil Nicolas, Wm. fil Wm.. Andrews, Wills Carpenter, Rich. Loward, Robt. Quenilde, John Clement, Thos. fil Ralfe, Thos. fil Rich., Rad fil Rich.

26 H. VIII.Edward Allen, Rudold James, Humfred Blackwell, Rich. Talbot.

37 Eliz.Long list for Tideswell.

14 Eliz.George Vernon, Geo. Blackwell Thurston Allen, Leonard Shakerly, Anthony Longston, Hump. Chapman. Ellis Bradwell, Mary Vernon.

Clerical Subsidies, 8 H. IV. 15/73 John, Vicar of Tideswell ; John, John, Thomas and Richard, Chaplains.

20/587 Sir Rich. Claybrook Cap Cantaria of Tideswell, cs. Sir John Milne Cap other Cantaria, cs.

15/14 Rich. II.Tydeswell.
Robert Fitchet (Vicar?).
Thomas Sharpe and John Andrew Cap Canta.

39 Eliz.Stephen Longsdon, Wm. Paynton, Edward Allen, Thos. Boekling, Oliver Beaumont, Nich. Hall, Ralf Barker, Robt. Alberie, Mathew Furnes, Ellis Blackwall, Rich. Blackwall, Wm. Humbleton, Thos. Cantrell, Rd. Marshall.

Mortuary list sd.
Ralf de Sheladon Tydd.
Rog -

E. II., 1336.
Wormhill : Thos. fil Alan, Ad. Forester, Rich. Foljambe.
Wheston : Jo. and Rog. Brown.
Tydele : Jo. de Hethcote.
Hucklow Major: Rd., Jo. and Thos. Archer, Wm. Mainwaring.
Hucklow : Alan Larcher, Wm. Bate, Jo. Rankedi, Robt. and Wm.
Abbeny : Hy. (Yaleheir ? Larcher) Ad le Rede, Thos. Howe, Rich. Clough, Thos. and Robt. and Robert de Bagshaw, John de Heghlow, Ric de Gretrakes, Wm. Larcher, Vincent Pirce.
Burgh : Wm. de Hadfield.
Aysh (? ford).
John Cele, Roger and Rd. Sharp, Nic and Gerv. Woodrove, Nicolas de Bagshaw, Wm. Triket, Robt. le Hope, Hugo de Birches, Roger Deye; Juliana le Eyre, Elias Hacke, Jo. Colong, Alan Cap, Rad Lodes.

E. 14 (1340)
Robt. Clic, Longsdon.
Wm. fil Jo. Larcher, Cordebury.
Godfr. Foljambe, Weston.
Barth. - in Forestry and Herwerwall.
Nic de Strelly, Albeny.
Wm. Hethcote, Hucklow Major.
John le Wine, Hope.

E. 15, 1340; Mortuary.
Wm. de Meyr, Longston.
Beatrice Ficher, of Ashford.
Matilde Peveril, of Buchele.

The constablewic or Township of Wormhill consists of the Towns, Villages, Hambletts of Wormhill, Hill, Hardwickwall, Dalehead, Tunsted, Meadow, and Greatrix, all within the parish of Tideswell, was anciently a member of Hope Parish, and this constablewicke or Township likewise does consist of the Towns, Villages, and Hamblets of Fairfield, Cowlow, Wodlow and Peyton within the parish of Hope by the cocoon reputation and of many other towns in the parishes of Hope and Bakewell by cocoon reputation.

The Dean and Chapter of Lichfield seized in fee of the tithes of Corn and Hay of Wormhill, Tunsted, Meadow, Greatrix in the parish of Tides- well and Fairfield in Hope by deed dated the 3 Ed. VI., granted them to Anthony Gell.

Mr. Gell collected the tithes of other parishes by virtue of a grant from the Deans of same date.

Feast of St. Mich., 1537. By Bill indebted concerning certain con- troversies between the Dean and Chap, of Lich., Rectors of the Parish Church of Tideswell and Hope of the one part, and the Abbey of Monvalle, Rectors of Castleton's for settling the miles and bounds.

By the oaths of Edward Eyre Clic, Vicar of Tideswell, Edward Allen, Hugo Needham, Robt. Bagshaw, Rich. Allen, Robt. Barker Roger Peake, Thurston Bagshaw, Roger Marshall, Thos. Tor de la Hill, Robt. Palfrey- man, Thos. Torr de Wormhill, Wm. Crichlow, Nich. Oulefield, Thos. James, find that from Doveholedale the Bottom gate divideth the parishes of Tideswell and Castleton unto Damedale Brook and so ascending up the said brook unto the new dame and so the said Damme to be the meare while it lasteth, and from the head of the said Dame ascending up the valley that leadeth to the old Dame and from the said old Dam ascending up the Beat into Wormhill Rake, and so. ascending up the said Rake unto Little Oxlow and for those neare [meare?] betwixt the parishes of Hope and Castleton from the said Little Oxlow leading over the Hill called Castleton Swete Knowle, and so to the Dyrtlow Rakehead, and so descending down by the two stones unto the Grame of Pyndale head and so descending down Pyndale that from Dovehole Dale the Bottom Gate divideth the parishes of Tideswell and Castleton unto Damedale Brook and so ascending up the Brook to the new Dame and for the said Dame to be the meare whilst it lasteth, and from the head of these Dames ascending up the valley leading to the ould Dame and from the said old Dame ascending up the Beat between Worm- hill Parke and so ascending up the said Parke unto Little Oxlow. And for the meare between the parishes of Hope and Castleton from the said Little Oxlow leading . . . Castleton Swete Knowle and so to the Dyrt Low Rakehead and so descending down by the two stones unto the Grame of Pindale head and so descending down by Pindale, but this divideth not Chapel from Hope.

1st July, 1549. Gt. of tithes to Ralf Gell, of Hopton, of Tunstead, Meadow, Greatrix, Fairfield, Bobbenhall, Chatsworth, Betlegh, Boashfield, Birchhill, Chelmorden, Congsin [Longsin?] Major, Hassop, Rowland, Wardlow, Hope, Wormhill, Wheston, Harwood and Harthill.

The Deans of Lichfield were ex-officio Rectors of Tideswell as impro- prietors oft he great tithes and patrons oft he living (Vicarage).

A list of the Vicars of Tideswell with some Chaplains of the Cantarias (some of these names, chiefly the latter are taken from the Rev. J. M. Fletcher's book to which the author contributed several names) :-

c JohnRobert Parson and Henry, his brother
 John de Tideswell, Cleric
1245-54Alan (?de Harby or de Luceby).
14 & 15 E. I. Alan
a 28 H. III.Magister Ralf, Rector of Tydeswell (de Sempiringham Dean of Lichfield)
c 36 H. III.Wm. fil Alan, Vicar of Tydde
c H. III.Richard de Roderham, Cleric
5 & 7 E. I. Wm. Andrews, Cleric
9 E. I.Roger
13 Edward I. Robert, Vicar
14 E. I.Sir Alan, Vicar, and Henry, his brother
26 E. I.Wm. de Tunsted, Cleric
29 E. I.Roger le Gode, Vicar
33 E. I.Wm., Cleric
34 E. I.Hugo, Cleric
4 E. II.Wm. Rotur, Cleric
10 & 15 II. Wm. Andrew, Cleric
12 E. III.Thomas
13 E. III.Robert
31 E. III.Hugo, Vicar
E. III.Sir Richard Claybrook Cap Cantuaria de Tideswell
--Sir John Milne Cap other Cantaria
32 E. III.John
Ed. III.Laurence de Schryvenham
37 E. III.Henry de Aston
42 E. III.Wm. de Hanley
48 E. III.Wm. Andrew, Cleric
Rich. II.Hy. Alexander Cap
 Robert Sharpe Cap 
3 R. II.John Smith Cap
"John Redeman Cap
5 R. II.John de Aston Cap
8 H. IV.John Aleyn, Vicar, John.
 John, Thomas and Richard, Chaplains
3 H. V.Wm. Holmsfield, Vicar
4 H. V.John Andrew Cap
1441-71Wm. Pursegloves
30 H. VI. & 1373 Thomas Taylor, Vicar
13 E. IV.Richard Blacklach, Cleric
1482-98Wm. Kirk
1501-44Edmund Eyre
1544Arthur Meveril
1547George Cock
1549Robert Hullans
1551Wm. Fieldsend
1576William Pendleton
(1592) (1628) William Greaves
...1634Christopher Fulnetby
1634Nicholas Cross
1636 (1650) Ralph Heathcote
1656Anthony Buxton (Trinity Coll. Camb.)
*1656John Beebee (Cromwellian Usurper)
1662Isaac Sympson
1663Laurence Brierly (died 1680)
 - Jepson
(1680)-1689 John Cresswicke
1691Richard Unitt
1691Daniel Totty.
1695John Allen, B.A.
1719Adamson Kenyon
1730Edward Markland
1776William Stephenson
1778Richard Shuttleworth
1796Thomas Brown
1837John Kynaston, M.A.
1855William Moxon Mann
1858William Humphry Vale, M.A.
1864Samuel Andrew (Canon of Southwell)
1900James Michael John Fletcher, M.A.
1906Thomas Rogerson

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