The Feudal History of the County of Derby

Volume 5, Chapter 16 - Tideswell, Parish Registers
by John Pym Yeatman, pp.421-430

This transcription by Rosemary Lockie © Copyright 1999-2001

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Tideswell Parish Registers begin 1635.
Entries mixed : b-baptism, m-married, s-buried, fil-son or daughter, ux-wife.

First page partly gone.
sJane Mellor 
bWilliam Johnson, son of Thomas 
sRalf, son of Ralf Beard 
sElizabeth, d. of Henry Slater 
sAnn Watter, d. of Robert(22 May, 1635, in a later hand)
 Grace Seabord, d. of William(17th day March, 1636, later hand)
sRobert, s. of Ellis Bennet,27th
 Edward Ward, same day, 
 ux or s. leaven Fletcher 
 Child Thos. Cheatham 
 Jo. Boman 
 George, s. of Antoony Croft,22 March, 1636

Second page.

 d. of Grace Mortyn,3 April, 1636
sAn Sympson, d. of Thomas, same day 
 Frances Fletcher ux James 
 Otiwell Brad . . . 
 Child Ralf Cleaton 
 Thomas, son of John Morton 
 Anthony Fox 
 Nicolas Ouldham 
 Ralf Lummas 
sRalf Holland fil Richard 
sJohn Spencer de Tids 
bJane Tripper fil Maria ? 
bEm Holme fil Henry 
bCatherine Fletcher fil Richard 

sRobert Outfield 
bGrace Bocdon fil Rob. 
 June, 1636. 
bGrace Bennet fil Robert de Tideswell 
bAnn Hill fil Arthur de Tid 
sAlis Cleaton of T 
bJohan Wardlow fil Robt. de Litton 
bRobert Hall p [sic] 
 Robert Redfearn 
 William Temperly 
 Widow Cleaton 
 Susan Slator 
mPeter Barker of Ashover and Mary Tor 
sMary Hill ux Arthur 
sCatherine Kirke 
 Thomas Wheeldon fil George 
 Susan Hall fil Robert de Litton,16th
bGeorge Torr fil Thomas de Worm 
 Nick Wright fil Hugo de Mead 
sThomas Swan de Worm.21
bJohn Webster fil Thomas de Tid.24
mGul Hill de Litton and Em Hall of the same31
bNic fil Thos. Redferne1
mRoger Leeke and Mary White1
bMargt Hardy fil Rich. de Tid.7
sCatherine Fletch fil Rich.15

mJacob Mellor and Dorothy Brunt16
bBarbar Wills fil Bernard of T.20
bJohn fil John Bretland de T.21
sNich Deuselle de Forest24
 Knowles fil Henry de Whelstone 
 Elizabeth Peak fil Jacob 
 Elis fil Thomas de Litton 
sGrace Johnson uxor Thomas2
bWilliam Heathcote fil Ralf21
bElizabeth Hill fil George 
bGrace fil Adam Eyre 
mEdward Holm and Eliza Mellor 
bHenry Hardy, fil John 
bRich. Outfield fil Richard 
bAnn Middleton fil Robert de Whetstone 
bAnn Kirk fil Roger de Tid. 
bEmma Peake fil James 
bEmma Archdale fil William 
 Elizabeth Helegate fil Thomas de Tid. 
bThomas Holme fil Edward 
sJohn North Magister Scolar 
bAnn Foster fil Stephen de Grimlow 
mGodfrey Newton and Ann Atkinson 
mJohn Cresswell and Joan Slater 
mRich. Slack of Litton and Mary Brooks 
bElizabeth Poynton fil Adam de Hucklow 
bAnn Holland fil Richard de Litton 
bEdward Outfield fil Ellis of Litton 
sHugo Sheldon fil William 
bMartha Wills fil Bernard of Tid. 
 (Signed Ralf Heathcote, Vicar).
 June, 1637. 
sFrances Meveril 
bEllen fil Oliwell Barton 
 Michael fil Wm. Bagshaw of Litton4
 Sept. 29. 
bEden fil Edward Ash 
bThomas Peake fil Jacob 
bJohn Torr fil Thomas 
bGrace fil John Eyre 
suxor John Chadwick 
sRobert Blackwell of Litton 
sfil Ellis Blackwell of Litton 
bAnn Whittall fil Nick of Tid. 

bElizabeth Wills fil Bernard 
 Jukel Bray, fil Thomas of Hucklow 
 March, 1638. 
bWm. fil John Greaves, bap. and bd.23 Sept., 1649.
bMarie fil Edward Allen 
 (Signed Ralf Heathcote, Vicar, T. Meverel and Thurston Longdon).
 March 25. 
 Ellen Poynton fil Adam 
 Joan Longden fil Thurston 
 May 27. 
sMichael fil Wm. Bagshaw 
suxor John Ragg 
mJohn Milnes and Margaret Harries 
mWilliam Bennett and Ellen Bredbury, 
mEdmund Hoe and Ellen Martin 
sFrancis Meveril 
mRichard Osbrook and Marie Outfield 
bEllen Barton fil Oliwell 
bMartin Hallam fil John 
bDorothy Buxtons fil Francis 
bMarie Dakin fil Humph. 
bMaream Blackwell fil Francis 
bRudolf Mellor fil John 
sRobert Mellor fil James 
sAnn Leech ux Robert 
bThomas Beard fil Nicolas 
bMara Dakin fil Humphry2
bHumphrey Blackwell fil Francis23
bMaria Stanley, fil John 
bRichard Beard fil Godfried 
suxor Richard Broom de Forest5
bJane Fox fil Ellis8
bKatherine Barker fil Lott 
bJane Hill fil John5
bWm. Cleaton fil Godfrey14
bGeorge Carson fil Jeremie21
 John Chetham fil Robt. 
 Ann Jackson fil Richard 
 Elizeux Loe fil Robert9
 Ann Dennison fil Thomas 
 Humph. Wardlowe fil Robt. of Litton25

bAlice Eayre fil Adam13
sGeorge Ward de Forest 
bMaria fil Thomas Bagshaw27
bRobert Woodruff fil Ellize3
sWidow Brailsford of Hucklowe1
sWidow Bagshaw of Whetston 
 Edmund Holland fil Richard28
 Tom Bagshaw fil William 
 uxor Edward Vernon 
 March, 1639. 
bOliver Roger fil George 
 (Signed Ralf Heathcote, Vicar).
binft. Elizabeth Outfield 
bAnn Holmes fil Henry 
sJane d. Wm. Bagoklus10
bFrancesia Bretland fil John 
sThomas Tomlinson fil Thomas 
mRobert Andrew and Martha S. 
mRobert Bagshaw and Ann Hall24
bGeorge fil Edward Ash24
bThomas Barker fil Edward15
 Thomas Collier fil Thomas16
 Ellen Suthern fil Francis16
binft. George Goddard18
mThurston Aleyn and Frances Green20
 Michael Wright fil Antho.30
 Cornelius Wilson fil Cornelius 
 July, 1640. 
 Thomas Kirk fil Godfred 
 Rudolph Wilde fil John17
mThomas Spencer and Maria Halford 
bSarah, d. of Edward Ash 
 Nov., 1640. 
sNicolas Hall 
 Robert Bagshaw fil William1
sJohn Hardy 
sinft. Anthony Fox 
bAnn Robotham fil Thomas 
bRobert Newton fil George 
sRobert Barker 
bThomas Lee fil Thomas 
bAles Thomas fil Robert 
bJames Robbinson fil Thomas 
bCartwright Outfield fil William 
bJohn Barker fil Otiwell 
sEdward Leech 
sJohan Townsend 

 uxor Henry Slater 
mRichard Hopwood and Helen Burton 
mRich. Worslow and Bennett Hill 
sEllen Mortt 
mHenry Brushfield and Margaret Mitchell18
bWm. Bradley fil Thomas 
 March, 1641. 
bJohn Hethcote fil Ralf23
bNick Caskill fil Nicolas 
 Zechariah Grant fil John29
suxor Hugo Palfreman 
bRobert Beard fil Nic 
bKatherine Fletcher fil Rich.11
bAnn Micock fil Thomas 
sArthur Micock 
bCatherine Buxton fil Francis14
bMaria Bramwell fil Robert 
sinfant Edward Outfield 
 May, 1641. 
bEmd Kirke fil Roger9
bEmd Eayre fil Francis9
 John Townsend fil Thomas15
mRalf Boort and Ann Frith18
mCharles Dawson and Ann Swindle30
sSarah Smedley ux George 
bWm. Cleaton fil Rudolf8
bWm. Eley fil Thurston13
sEdward Leek16
bGeorge Mellor fil Jacob11
suxor Thomas Roland de Forest11
bMaria Eayre fil Adam18
mRobt. Whitely and Ellen Newton19
 Margaret Boore fil Robert, b and s,29-30
 Aylci Greaves fil Johan1
bWilliam Hopwood fil Richard8
bThomas Edenson fil Rich.10
bPeter Peake fil Jacob22
mElizeus Bowman and Jane Holland26
sElizabeth Hide fil Ralf29
mStephen White and Joan Smith7
 Thomas Dakeyn fil Hump.22
sRobert Nall 
bElizabeth, d. of John Bagshaw of Litton4

 Nic Woodroft fil Elizeus 
bAlice, d. of Thomas Bagshaw21
 Jan., 1642. 
bHy. fil Robt. Bagshaw24
 April 1642. 
sinft. Anthony Bowman 
bMaria Blackwell fil Francis 
sMaria fil Jo. Bagshaw8
bWilliam Marchinton fil Nicolas8
bThomas Allen fil John19
bEdward fil Edward Ash2
sElizabeth Meveril fil Edward1
bIsabel Carson fil Ferrardine1
bEdward Ash fil Edward2
bMaria Andrew fil Robert10
bSusan Bagshaw fil William30
mEdward German and Jane Jackson8
mRich. Outfield and Elizabeth Newton18
mWilliam Palfreman and Joane Milnes29
suxor John Savage31
bRalf Heathcote fil Ralf10
mGeorge Palfreman and Elizabeth Wilde20
bMaria fil Jacob Fulgham23
bThomas Salt fil George1
sAdam Slack12
bStephen Rogers fil George16
mGodfry Barker and Alse Johnson30
 Jan. 7. 
 Dorothy Titterton fil Edward 
mEdward Wagstaff and Margaret Michel13
 March, 1643. 
bJohn Mellor fil Nicolas5
sRobert Barker de Tid. 
sRalf Heathcote fil Ralf1
sfilia Thos. Milward29
sinft. Richard Milnes 
bElizabeth Savill fil John12
sHumphrey Thornhill29
bRichard Denison fil Nicolas2
sNicolas Denison20
sNicolas Whiteley16

 Jacob Birchinhough fil Otiwell21
bRichard Buxton fil Francis20
bGrace Eyre fil Adam22
bRalf Cleaton fil Rodolf5
sDr. Edward Hattfield de Wormhill5
sEdwar Allen de Hucklow2
bElizeus Bowne fil Elizeus 
bGrace Nadan fil Thomas11
bMaria Bagshaw fil Robert8
sinft. Ferradine Carson12
bRobt. Luke fil John12
bHelen Poynter fil Gul 
sGeorge Litton de Tonsted19
 April, 1644. 
bMargaret Mellor fil Jac 
 Rudolf Bowden fil Jac 
 Ann Poynton fil Eliz.1
sThomas James 
bMaria Andrew fil Johanna3
sDr. Rudolf Meveril3
bJohn and Ann Bagshaw, children of Thomas26
sMrs. Ann Heathcote ux Rudolf26
bJoseph Bagshaw fil Peter of Great Hucklow 
bNich Marchinton fil Nic 
bDorothy Mellor fil Nicolas 
bThomas and Maria Bagshaw, children of Wm.28
sJuliel Needham2
sAnn Kinder fil Henry7
mThomas Holme and Maria Henck1
mNicolas Shatten and Maria Fletcher1
bWilliam Bagshaw fil John of Litton15
bJoseph Foulegham fil James15
bThomas fil James Bagshawe of Peak Tor15
 Wm. Poynton fil Edward2.
sAnthony Longdon of Greatrake4
suxor Thos. Hope12
bGreen, son of Samuel Foxlow of Tid.16

bElizabeth Barker fil Peter20
suxor Robert Mellor4
suxor Robert Bagshaw8
mDr. Francis Barlow and Elizabeth Barker26
bAnn Andrew fil Robert2
sRobert Longdon2
mGeorge Martin and Elizabeth Moss4
bThos. Collinge fil Henry12
sWilliam Mansfield24
sRichard Longdon10
bJane Fowle fil Ratcliff9
bAnn Chetham fil Gul9
sGeorge Barker14
sux Wm. Chetham2
sRobt. Dore de Ward24
sMr. Bower Lud Magr.24
bWm. Chetham fil Rich. 
bEdward Chetham fil Edward 
bAnn Eayre fil George6
bWm. Clark fil Rudolf10
sMargt. Needham27
bMarie Peak fil Edward28
 1645, April. 
 Thomas Needham fil Gabriel11
mNicolas Bagshaw and Mary Howson16
bJo. fil John Bagshaw11
bEllen Ash fil Peter18
suxor Ralf Mellor 
mJames Blackwell and Jane Croft3
mEdward Peake and Joan Furnace6
 Henry Rowland fil Thomas24
sRichard Pendleton fil Thomas 
bThos. Blackwell fil Francis 
suxor Robert Beard 
sThurston Longdon 
 Ann Staley fil Ralf30
bCharles Bagshaw fil Wm.24
bElizabeth and Marie fil Edward Barker25
 Robt. Buxton fil William24
 Grace Keller fil John1
 Robert Goddard and Elizabeth Howson8

 fil Robert Beard28
suxor Jo. Andrew4
sinft. Jo. Bretland4
bAdam Lowe fil Ellese9
 John Middleton fil Robert6
bAlice Foxlow fil Samuel and Alice ux18
 Laurence Andrew and Ellen Beard20
 Dd. Peake fil D. Jacob21
 Elizabeth Jerman fil Edward23
sEllen Bagshaw ux John of Litton25
mWilliam Beard and Alice Whitely2
 Laurence Hadfield and Margaret Sheldon6
 1646, Mar. 
sinft. Thomas Pendleton26
suxor William Sheldon26
sinft. Francis Eyre11
sRalf Salt14
mGeorge Longdon and Domina Susan Creswell14
bRobt. Buxton fil Francis23
 William Kirk fil John1
 Arthur Skidmore 
 (Gap to May, 1648.) 
 1648, May. 
suxor Ralf Mellor14
 Margaret Wright, d. of Anthony of Tid. 
sA child of Ralf Wright 
mJas. Brooks and Mary Fletcher12
sThomas Eyre12
 George Barker, son of Peter20
sGrace Meveril26
sA child of Francis Eyre3
 Richard Slack, son of Richard22
bMichael Oldfield fil George12
 Laurence Andrew Cap 
suxor Henry Slater2
sux Laurence Andrew4
 Elizabeth Allen, d. of Nicolas5
bRobert Bagshaw fil Nicolas5
sAlice Poynton14

sRobt. Eyre22
sRobt. Jackson 
 Dorothy Harrington, d. of Nicolas 
sA child of Thurston Allen10
sTwo children of Richard Mellor2
sAlice Slater fil Nicolas5
sJohn Garlie24
 April, 1649. 
bWm. Mellor, son of Nicolas 
sMary Pott 
bJohn, s. of Ralf Wilde8
sA child of Thurston Longdon23
sThomas Denison1
bHenry Mellor, son of Robert3
sA child of Ethel Mellor18
bWm. Greaves, son of John 
sJohn Blackden 
bElizabeth Leech, d. of Richard19
bMary Torr, d. of Thomas4
bAnn Woodroff, d. of Ellice9
bA child of Abraham Bagshaw9
sA child of Hunston of Litton29
bJohn Mellor, son of Ellice12
 Mary, d. of Thurston Allen10
bElizabeth Hyde, d. of Thomas4
 1650, April. 
sLancelot Bart6
sGrace ux Anthony Wright16
bEdward Harrington, son of Edward24
bJane Bagshaw of Otiwell26
bJohn Slack, son of Thomas16
sNicolas Allen24
suxor Otiwell Bagshaw 
bThos. Langdon, s. of William28
bRobert Eyre, son of Adam and bu22
bElizabeth Mellor, d. of Robert14
 1651, April. 
bEdward Bagshaw, s. of Nicolas27
bGeorge Armfield fil George7
bEdward Bagshaw, son of Robert8

bThomas Mellor, son of Nicolas21
sAbraham Bagshaw, son of Abraham22
sRalf Mellor15
bJohn fil James Fouljam16
sA child of Ralf Mellor 
bAlice Wright, d. of Edward8
sThomas Bagshaw, s. of Robert4
bMargaret Mellor, d. of Ellis8
 1652, April. 
 Thomas Slack, Wormhill7
bThomas Mellor, son of Robert 
sHenry Longdon6
sRobt. Mellor23
 1653, April. 
 William Mellor, s. of George 
bWilliam Mellor 
 1654, Oct. 
 Thos. Mellor, son of Ellis15
sHenry Bagshaw16
 1655, July. 
 Elizabeth, d. of Litton 
 George Leach, son of Richard 
sAnthony Buxton7
sWilliam Mellor 
sEdward Litton 
 1656, Feb. 
suxor Robert Bagshaw26
sMr. Edward Allen of Tid.11
sMary, ux Richard Mellor of Wormhill11
mFrancis Hallowes and Margaret Greatorix25
bJohn Wright fil Anthony of Wormhill1
bGrace Bagshaw, d. of Peter of Great Hucklow1
sWm. Allsop, husband of Jane of Wormhill 
 1659, Aug. 
sAdam Slack of Dalehead 
 John Ash fil Edward of Tid.20

bAnn Alleyne, d. of Thomas 
sThos., son of Thos. Woodruff of Tid.11
sAdam Eyre of Tid. 
 1660, April. 
sMargaret Bagshaw, widow, of Wormhill 
 Grace, d. of Austin Longdon 
bHenry Bagshaw, son of Richard of Tideswell2
bSon of Edmund Ash3
 Robert, son of Robert Mellor of Tid. 
 1661, April. 
 Jane Bagshaw uxor William of Great Hucklow29
 Robert Bagshaw, s. of Robert of Litton19
bWilliam Foxlow, s. of John of Wheston16
bNic son of Anthony Longden of Tid. 
bObedia, son of Cromwell Meverel 
mWm. Bagshaw of Great Hucklow and Elenor Bagshaw of Taddington6
 Joan Bagshaw, d. of John of Grindley29
bWilliam fil Jo. Heathcote of Tid.6
mRobert Needham of Perry and Jane Longden of Wormhill14
bRobert Bagshaw, son of George of Wormhill22
 1662, April. 
sHenry, s. of Richard Bagshaw of Tid.9
bJane Bagshaw, d. of John of Litton18
sSarah Bagshaw d. of Robert of Wormhill28
Signed, Isaac Simpson, Vicar.
 Thos. Alleyn,Church-wardens.
 Thos. Bowden,
 Robt. Bowden.
sHumphry fil William Outfield of Litton30

 Nicolas Bradshaw, son of Nicolas of Grindley22
 William fil George Shelden6
bMaria fil Ellis Mellor of Tid.6
sRobert Wright, senr. of Litton 
bAdam fil Rich. Outfield of Litton1
 1663, Aug. 
bRichard Longdon fil Rich. 
 1666, Feb. 
sinft. Robt Bagshaw of Litton11
bPhilip fil Richard Outfield of Litton3
sThos. Bagshaw of Great Hucklow11
From Duplicates taken by the Bagshaw beginning Mar. 1671-2.
 1671, Mar. 
bGeorge fil Peter Bagshaw3
bRobert fil Anthony Longdon13
bEdward fil Thomas Longdon13
 1672, June. 
bMargaret fil Wm. Bagshaw21
sA child of Richard Bagshaw17
sThe wife of Robert Bagshaw30
sThe wife of Robert Bagshaw4
bJohn, s. of Ralf Ouldfield20
sA child of William Ash19
bWm., son of George Bagshaw24
bEsther, d. of Thomas Oulfield22
 1673, Mar. 
 Samuel, son of William Oulfield26
sPeter Bagshaw21
bRowland, son of Rowland (Heathcote?)28
 A child of Peter Bagshaw28
bGeorge, son of Thomas Longdon7
bAdam, son of Adam Bagshaw27
sThe wife of Edward Cresswell3
sWilliam Outfield18
sA child of John Bagshaw13
sA child of William Oulfield15

bEllen, d. of Thomas Oulfield8
bGreases, d. of Robert Bagshaw13
 1674, April. 
sA child of James Bagshaw13
 Jane, d. of William Oulfield30
bAnthony, son of Anthony Longden12
mRobert Heathcote of Chelmorden in Bakewell and Mary Torr of Tideswell22
sThe wife of Edward Oulfield29
sSarah, the wife of Thomas Oulfield13
bWm., son of Robt. Oulfield12
sThe wife of John Longdon31
bAdam, son of John Bagshaw27
bWm., son of Nicolas Bagshaw27
bFalentyne (Valentyne), son of Rich. Ash15
sThe widow Outfield10
bRichard fil Adam Bagshaw16
 1675, July. 
mChristopher Outfield and Mary Smith both of Tid.19
sEdward Ash9

The author is indebted to the kindness of Mr. H. Greaves Bagshawe, Esq., of Ford Hall, for the whole of the entries from March, 1671, to this date, the original Registers of Tideswell from 1663 to 1675 having been lost. These entries are of especial value to the pedigree of the Bagshawe family who migrated from Litton in Tideswell to Ford Hall, and William Bagshaw, the eminent nonconformist minister, was born at Litton the 17th Jany., 1627, and was baptised at Tideswell by the Vicar, Mr. Greaves, on the 19th following, before the date of the present Registers. It is a curious circumstance, it may be only a coincidence, that the Greaves family from whom Mr. Bagshawe, now of Ford Hall, descends paternally, was also resident at Litton, and the Vicar of Tideswell of this period was probably, a member of the same family.

 1675, Jan. 
sinft. of Edward Torr de Weston3
sJohn Mellor's widow of Tid.7
sMaria fil William Middleton de Whetstone 
sinft. of George Mellor of Great Hucklowe15
sux Caroli Hill of Litton16
sEllen Allen, widow of Tid22
mGeorge Hill of Litton and Ann Staley 
sGeorge Hodgkinson of Whetstone1
mWilliam Bradshaw and Maria Eliz. of Tunstead2
sJohn Eyre of Peak Forest1
 1676, April. 
sThomas Hunter of Litton6
mMathew Ash of Tid. and Ann Eyre of Edale7
bDorothy fil Robert Blackwell of Tid. 
bAnn, d. of Peter Bradshaw of Grindley23
sRobert fil Robert Bagshaw of Litton5
bJohn fil Thomas Statham of Tid.8
sGeorge Salt of Tid. 
mWilliam Kirk of Tunsted and Maria Kirk of T. 
sRosamond Mellor, widow of Tid. Bradwell in Hope22
mGeorge Twindle and Anna Hunstone of Tid.22
bAnna, d. of Anthony Longsdon of Tid.3
bRobert, son of Richard Oulfield of Litton 
sEdward Slack of Litton19
bAnn, d. of Thomas Mellor of Tid.21
sGeorge Chatterton of Litton31
bRobt. fil Robt. Bagshaw of Litton9
sJane Woderofe, widow of Tid.30
mGeorge Leach and Alis Micock30
sRobert Meveril, Gentn. of Dale Head3

sThomas Allen of Tid.11
mWilliam Needham and Ann Bownan of Hucklow3
sWilliam Ash of Tid.4
 1677, Jan. 
bJohn fil Anthony Longdon of Tid.27
 Ann fil Robert Hunston of Tid.13
sMary, sister of John Alleyn of Hucklow29
sGeorge fil Humphrey Thornhill of Harysland 
bDorothy fil John Bagshaw of Milnehouses2
bThomas fil John Mellor of Grindlow4
sMargaret fil John Bradshaw of Milnehouses17
mPeter Barker and Eliz. Buxton of Wormhill22
 Wm. fil Mathew Ash of Tid.20
sChristopher Alleyn of Tid.19
mWilliam Mellor and Elizabeth Doson of Tid.5
bMary fil Thos. Mellor of Tid. 
 1678, Mar. 
sJohn Wilson, Gentleman of Tid.26
 Robt. fil Thomas Mellor of Tid. 
mRobt. Hook of Brightside, Sheffield, and Maria Ash of Tid.22
mGeorge Palfreman of Meddon and Helen Brocklehurst of Hartington 
bSamuel, son of John Bagshaw of Gt. Hucklow18
sThomas fil Peter Bagshaw of Grindlow18
 1678, Feb. 
mRalf Bagshaw of Chapel and Anna Cottrell of Fairfield25
 1679, July. 
bJoseph fil Anthony Longdon,1
 Rich. fil Robert Wilson of Newstead12 (interlined and not in duplicate)
bThomas fil Robert Bagshaw of Litton13

sinft. of Robert Hunston5
mJames Garfit of Tunstead and Margaret Meycock of Fairfield 
sLawrence Torre11
bJane fil Peter Bagshaw of Grindlow7
 1686, June. [Ed: should probably be 1680] 
mThomas Simpson of Whetston and Dorothy Needham of Perry28
sThomas Hunston6
mMathew Thornhill and Anna Hall11
 Helen Bagshaw, d. of John of Great. Hucklow15
 Maria Mellor fil Thomas of Tid.10
mEdward Leake of Dronfield and Ann Hill21
 Wm. fil Edward Leech of Tideswell 
 Maria fil Edward Slack of Litton10
bHenry fil Robert Longdon of Tid.16
mElias Eyre (Eare) of Tideswell and Margaret Bagshaw of Eyam26
mRichard Longdone of Tid. and Eleanor Gardiner of Bakewell8
 Martha Poynton fil Joseph23
 Marie fil Ellis Woodrove19
 Barbara, d. and heir of Cromwell Meverel m John Statham, his son Sir John m Wigley 
 1681, April 23. 
bAnn Ash fil Mathew of Tid.23
mRichard Longdon of Tid. and Elizabeth Gardiner of Bakewell8
bJedediah fil John Bagshaw of Great Hucklow3
sElizabeth fil Peter Bagshaw of Grindlow28
 Thomas fil Thomas Tor Cap 
sRobert Bagshaw of Litton17
sJohn Greaves of Tid.30

bJohn fil Peter Bagshaw of Grindlow 
bBarbaria fil Thomas Statham of West Towne5
sEmma Oldfield, wo. of Litton13
bMaria fil Robt. Longdon of Tid.15
sAnthony Longdon of Tid.11
sSusan ux Robt. Alleyne of Whetstone13
 1682, April. 
sMrs. Dorothy Alleyn of Tid. widow1
bAnn, d. of Rich. Longdon7
bJane, d. of Robt. Bagshaw of Litton28
 1682, May. 
A brief for distressed Protestants of Tideswell, Litton and Whetston, produced £1 9s.
mRobert Alleyne of Whetstone and Susannah Bright of Baslow in Bakewell24
bHannah, d. of Mr. Nich. Bagshaw of Tid.10
 Joseph Greswick, Vicar.
bAdam, son of Peter Bagshaw of Grindlow24
sRalf, son of Mr. Bolleign of Chapel 
 1683, April. 
mThos. Alleyne of Whetstone and Ann Toyte of Castleton15
bMaria, d. of Edward Ash of Tid.1
sJane fil Robert Bagshaw of Litton12
sMaria fil Edward Ash of Tid. 
sMary Bagshaw, widow of Hucklow May.1
bElizabeth fil Matthew Ash of Tid.30
mMr. John Grammar of Bakewell and Jane Bagshaw of Gt. Hucklow15 (not in duplicate)
bAnna fil Robert Longdon of Tid.27
 1711, Sept. 
sAnn, d. of William and Grace Foxlowe of Tid.6
 1712, Aug. 
bMartha, d. of Wm. and Grace Foxlow7

The Brampton Registers give a few Foljambe entries which clearly dispose of the notion that Peter was the sole heir of the family, for they shew that the family existed there, later than Peter's date, and they were clearly of nearer rank to the Walton family, unfortunately they only commence in 1657. [Ed: presumably this relates to a Peter mentioned elsewhere, or of sufficient import that he needs no explanation!]

1658, Dec. 24.
Margerie Foljambe, widow, was buried

1661, June 30.
Elizabeth, d. of Mr. Moore, Minister, was buried

1664, Aug. 2.
Mr. Henry Foljambe and Margaret Barker married

1665, Aug. 1.
John fil Henry Foljambe and Margaret, his wife, bap.

1666, Feb. 12.
Elizabeth, their daughter was baptd.

1670. Feb. 17.
Eliz. ux Godfrey Foljambe was buried

1722, Jan.
John Foljambe and Marie Cowley were married

1683, July 5.
Godfr. Foljambe was buried

1685, Dec. 30.
George Foljambe, Gentleman, of Aston in Hope was buried

1685, Nov. 10.
Ellina ux Jo. Foljambe was buried

1705, Mar. 4.
John Foljambe was buried. 2 Car. 2 Godfrey of Boythorpe

John Foljambe gave £40 by his will for poor of Ilkeston.

Charles Fulgam attested the will of Sir Thomas Abney, formerly Lord Mayor of London.

1714, Dec. 5.
William Hallows of Wotton, Stafford, granted a messuage in Butterton to Thomas Sutton of Ashbourne, the younger. T. Mary Foljambe and Godfrey Foljambe

John Foljambe, Deputy Clerk of the Peace for the W.R. Yorkshire, sold Brimington to John Dutton (Lysons).

Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie in November 1999 from G4TIFF images,
available as part of David Blackwell's work scanning old, and out-of-copyright books.

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