The Feudal History of the County of Derby

Volume 5, Chapter 14 - Various Charters Relating To Tideswell
by John Pym Yeatman, pp.401-416

This transcription by Rosemary Lockie, © Copyright 2012



3 R. I. John, Earl of Mortain, granted the Church of Hope with its chapel of Tideswell to Hugh, Bishop of Coventry, which he confirmed in his 7th year to Bishop Gregory. That brought as a consequence a litigation extending over three centuries between various claimants and produced many riots and some blood-shedding lamentable to record. 7 John, the King granted Tideswell and Hope to Coventry, possibly this grant was only confined to the Churches. Of course, the true ground of these disputes was that King John, as usual, had acted in an arbitrary and illegal manner without respect to the right of those already in possession. Perhaps the claimants were equally at fault, for Tideswell being a Manor of ancient demesne, neither the King, William I., nor his nominee, William Peveril, had any right to deal with it.

4 R. I. John, Earl of Mortain, granted to Richard de Vernon six librates stirling of land in Tideswell, dated Dorchester (Harl MS. 1090, fo. 91-6). Nothing is known respecting this grant, and its effects, if it ever had any, are unknown. It does not appear that it was ever acted upon. Afterwards, King John improperly gave the Manor of Tideswell (as if it was his own estate) to Thomas his Esquire, whose history is unknown. It would appear that he endeavoured to cover this illegality by treating it as an escheat of the Crown upon the forfeiture of Wm. Peveril, as his father had improperly done before him. It is possible that when the Vernons became allied with the Peverils that this grant was used to strengthen their title.

Sir Warner de Belegh left a legacy to Tideswell. Little is known of the connection of the Belegh's with Tideswell except that Robert fil Serlo de Belegh granted lands to Tideswell guilds, which Elias Pellepariis and Robert fil Ede held in Litton, ½ a. at Chevestab, 1 a. at Lickhalfstan, 1 a. called Rukedich, and 1 a. at Dumphill, which Wulfetus de Litton then held (see p.137, sect. X.), where a grant by Thomas the Esquire to Warner de Tideswell of two bovates, which Pus [sic], there suggested by the author to mean Propositus, but which, with this charter in consideration, reads more like Pellepariis, and this seems to justify a guess that Warner de Tideswell was identical with Warner de Belegh. If this guess is correct the former guess that Warner de Tideswell was of the Daniel family must be cancelled.

4 H. III. The Manor of Tideswell held by Thomas the Esquire to be given to Agnes, his widow, and three daughters (Close Roll).

6 H. III. Agnes de Oylley, Joan and Alice, her daughters, to have possession of the land which was Tom Esquire's the town of Wheston and land at Tideswell (Close Roll).

7 H. III. Possession to be given of land at Tideswell granted by Thos. the Esquire to Adam de Alta Ripa with half the Manor (Close Roll).

11 H. III. Johanna and Alice, daughters and heirs of Thomas the Esquire mentioned (Close Roll).

Mr. Jeayes in his charters No. 2,335 gives a charter (Lichf. B. 10) which he dates 1214-1222, which date, if correct, upsets many charters of importance.

It is a release from Ralf Wivet of Tideswell to the Deans and chapter of Lichfield, as Rector's of the Church of Tydeswell, of four acres at Tideswell, one acre on Cockesbut (? Cockesshot), another in Clerks burwes, and the rest in Oxebothem, between Meddwedal and Umfreye Stontor, one rood lying up the strapes Precentor of Lichfield, for which grant Thomas gave him 200m. T. Magr. William de Gudley, Ralf de Cubbel, Alan Vicar of Tideswell, Wm. de Stanford, Ralf Cappel, Symon de Ascell, Thomas le Archer, Hugo Martin. This appears to be dated quite 50 years too early.

Nearly all these witnesses were connected with the charter of the Cantaria of Chelmorden in 1273, when Thomas de Wymondham was Precentor and Ralf de Semperingham, Dean of Lichfield and Rector of Tideswell (1273-80), Wm. de Stanford, Priest, also attested.

The grantor of Mr. Jeayes' charter, Ralf Ulvet of Tideswell, is probably identical with Ralf Ulnot of Litton who gave land in Tideswell, lying between land of Wm. fil Marie of Litton and land of Wm., his brother, which was attested by Alan, Vicar of Tideswell, and Hugh Martin, who was Vicar as late as 1573 if not later (Harl MS. 2008, fo. 101), and the same charter is given in Harl 4799 (fo. 42) with additional witnesses: Thomas Precentor of Lichfield, Roger Rusleg, Canon John de Vico Keskrel, Thos. de Crawell, Alan, Vicar of Tideswell, Roger fil Ralf Presbiter, Hy. de Litton, Simon de Astal, Hugo Martin, and a charter of 2 a. in Cockshut, 1 a. called Clarks barwes, ½ a. in Oxbothem, ½ a. in Medwedal, which was attested by Magr. Wm. de Sudley (surely Mr. Jeayes' Magr. Wm. Gudley), Rad. de Cubbeley, Alan, Vicar of Tideswell, Wm. de Stalls, Ralf Cap.

Under date 1254 there is reference to land which Ralf Ulnet formerly held in Tideswell.

13 H. III., Jan. 30. Grant to Paul, son of John Bampton, and Joan, his wife, and their heirs with remainder to the heirs of Joan of the Manor of Tideswell which King John gave to Thomas Armiger, father of the said Joan, whose heir she is at the old farm of 60s., worth £4.

27 H. III. Nigel de Wychford held one fee of the heirs of Robert Merecalf in Flintham.

40 H. III. Roger Wychford and 43 Hy. III. Robert.

E. 27 H. III. Thomas fil William (Daniel) with Pauline de Bamford and Jocen, his wife, a messuage and 2½ a. of land in Tideswell (Fine).

32 H. III. Wm. de Meysham and John de Summervill sued Wm., Earl of Derby, for 4 a. land in Barthon.

34 H. III. Thomas Corbet sued Nicolas Meverel of Gayton and Lucy, his wife, John le Poer and Amice, his wife (General Wrottesly's transcript).

35 H. III. Fine Paul de Bamford and joint, his son, Bampton, Theydeswell and Weston, Oxford and Derby.

35 H. III. Grant to Master Paulinus de Bampton of a Market, in his Manor of Tideswell (Charter Roll Feby. 24).

36 H. III. The Vill. of Tideswell was fined for taking Turbary without license and 10s. for injury to the Forest.

36 H. III. Magr. Ralf Parson of Tideswell and Robert Cleric of Tideswell attested a ch. of Robert le Archer fil Richard le Archer of Hocklow.

Pasc 36 H. III. Wm. Parson of Ecclesall and Thomas Daniel were sued by the Prior of Lenton for shooting at him in the house of Thomas Daniel with arrows, &c. Thomas said that he was in bed, at night, in his house, when the Prior with 80 men and horses with arms and 500 footmen armed, &c., used force, and he raised the hue and cry and the whole vill. came and put the Prior's party to flight.

37-8 H. III. Alan de Bretby Essoin, Wm. de Bretby and Wm. Parson of Eccleshall v. Hugo Card and Roger Kana for breaking his house at Tideswell which the same William had in farm of the Chapter of Lichfield when one Agnes de Caili was wounded and killed.

P. 37 H. III. Desseizen of Isabella Daubeny in Catton s.d. Thomas fil Adam de Herdwickwall conveyed, to the Dean, &c., of Lichfield the site of the Vicarage of Tideswell and other lands there and in Litton. T. John Daniel, Kt., Wm. Foljambe, William Martin, John Martin, Ralf Coterel (Lichfield B. 16).

S.D. Alan, Vicar of Tideswell attested the charter of Thomas fil Roger Foljambe of Wormhill of half Fairfield.

41 H. III. Richard fil John de Bently granted land in Tideswell to Robert de Tideswell which Rich. de Okebrook (Robert, his son) held of John, his father and 40d. rent. T. Robert de Mapleton, Henry, his brother, Roger Payne, Rd. de Iboll, Rd. le Yrpe, Walter de Middleton, Rad de Monyash, Roger de Cotol (Kniveton Leiger, No. 165).

40-2 H. III. Robert de Tideswell attested charter of Roger fil Walter de Stretton; Roger fil Walter de Bradley granted the homage of Amice fil Henry de Okebrook to Matthew de Kniveton, and in 39 Hy. III. Roger granted to him the homage of Robert de Tideswell, 2s. rent and land in Bently. T. Hugo de Acover, Nigel de Longford, Kts.

8 E. I. Thos. fil Galfry de Ollerset in Ashbourne granted land to Hugh fil Roger Wolnot of Tideswell.

8 E. I. Assize if Galfry, father of Thomas de Tideswell was seized of land which Richard fil Roger then held, who said that Agnes, his wife, made the feoffment with him.

8 E. I. Agreement concerning the Tithes of Tideswell between Lenton Priory and the Dean of Lichfield by the award of Adam de Stafford under which Lichfield paid 40 m. per ann. to Lenton; Lichfield held two parts of the greater tithes of Gt. Hucklow, held in 1250 by Robert le Archer.

8 E. I. Fine, Cecelia, m. Robert, son of Ralf de Ecclesall (Dodsworth Coll., No. 133 Bodleian.).

9 E. I. Commission to Reginald de Grey and Thos. de Bussey to enquire into Forest trespasses against the King and his father by Thomas Foljambe, Rich. and John Daniel, Rich. de Acatur, Wm. fil Walter de Tunstead to return jury.

9 E. I. Assize Roger, Vicar of Tideswell, ats Thos. fil Adam de Herdwichwall concerning a messuage in Tideswell which Jo. Wulnettus de Litton (Avus of said Thomas whose heir he was) formerly held.

9 E. I. Thos. fil Robert de Tideswell sued Richard Redemon for land there, bail Robt. de Tideswell and Robt. de Mapleton.

9 E. I. Fine William Martin and Isabella, his wife, for one sore hawk bought from William de Stockton a messuage and 33 a. of land and 40s. rent in Tideswell.

12 E. I. Robert Albini bail for Ralf Coteril.

13 E. I. Robert, Vicar of Tideswell, bought half the tithes of Litton, Thomas Poer the other half.


22 E. I. Nicolas fil and heir of Peter Peveril granted land in Hassop to John de Calver (3 E. II. Cecelia, widow of Nicolas Peveril is mentioned.)

4 E. II. John Calver granted to Laurence de Lynford and Dionisia, his wife, all his desmene of Hassop and 6 a. which he had of Rich. de Bercheles (Foljambe). T. Philip de Strelly, Richard fil Wm. Foljambe, Peter de Rowland, Ralf Coteril, John Martin and Wm. Rotur Clic.

S.D. Laurence de Lynford, John fil Henry de Monyash and John Stafford attested a charter of Wm. fil Roger de Calver to Thomas fil Hugo de Bloth of a house of Calver (see John Stafford mentioned in that pedigree, p.197, Sec. IX.).

14 E. III. Wm. de Lynford had a grant of a market at Monyash.

15 E. III. Wm. de Lynford granted to Roger fil Hugh de Bercheles land in Hassop.

33 E. III. Nicolas Coterill, senr, of the County of Derby granted to Laurence de Lynford land in Monyash and Chelmorden.

33 E. III. Laurence de Lynford granted to Henry le Heir (Eyre) a place and 5 a. in Chelmorden. T. John de Stafford, Roger North.

38 E. III. Laurence de Lynford, Kt., granted to Wm. de Lynford and John de Stafford, his kinsmen, his lands in Monyash, Chelmorden and Calver (see Section Vlll. P. 417).

38 E. III. Charter between Laurence de Lynford and Godfrey Foljambe.

46 E. III. Charter between Laurence de Lynford and Thomas de Reresby.


27 E. I. Richard Daniel and Hy. fil Thomas de Litton. T. Hugo fil Ralf.

29 E. I. Rich fil and heir John Daniel release to Thomas Foljambe a place of land lying between their mansions. T. Richard cle Herthill, Sir Roger de Budbury, Rich. fil Wm. Foljambe, Nic le Coniers, Sir Roger de Gode, Vicar of Tideswell (Osberton Ch.).

33 E. I. Charter Roll m. 37. Richard Daniel had a grant of Tydeswell Manor, Wormhill Mill, 4 bov. in Galtrop and 4 bov. in B.

34 E. I. Rich. Daniel to Henry fil Thomas of Tideswell. T. Hugo fil Roger, Alexr. de Luteby, Hugo Cleric.

2 and 3 E. II., Ass. Roll No. 1347 m. 26. Rich. the Archer of Great Hucklow and Henry de Wardlow disseized Thos. de Bakeley, John Martin, seam, Hugo fil Roger de Tideswell, John del Green and Stephen Rowland of land in Litton.

3 E. II. Thomas fil Robert Marriot to Rd. Daniel land in Mederdales field in exchange for land in Holdfield. T. Jo. fil Wm. Martin, Hy. Andrew, Henry de Hocklowe, Wm. Redemon.

5 Ed. II. Hugo fil Roger de Tideswell to Richard Daniel and Johanna, his wife, land in Tideswell. T. Thomas Foljambe, Kt., Hy. Andrew, Will. Redemon, Richard fil Richard, Hy. de Hocklow Clic.

6 E. II. Richard Daniel, Lord of Tideswell and Johanna, his wife, granted ½ a. there to Richard de Stanedone. T. Wm. Redemon, Ralf fil Richard, Rd. de Wardelow, Thomas fil Henry Andrews, Henry de Hokelow.

7 Ed. II. John Quenilde, gentleman, of Tideswell to the same.

7 E. II., Inq. p.m. Rich. Daniel, sell of Richard and brother of John.

8 E. II. Rich. Daniel to Rich. Corthoff of Tideswell.

Same date. The same and John Faber exchange of land in Tideswell, near Thomas fil Henry's and Thomas fil Henry Wolnot.

9 E. II. The same and Thomas fil Nicolas de Topton, junr., land held by Hugo fil Wm. Martin and grant John fil Jo. Martin.

Same date. The same and Elias de Taddington of Tideswell.

10 E. II. Alice, widow of Will. Redmon, of T., release to same of her dower.

Same date. Rich fil. John Daniel release to Wm. Andrews Clic., 2 a. near Thos. Scot's land in T., and to Ralf fil Geoffry Faber 3 a. in Wormhill for seven years.

1 E. III. The Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield to contract marriage: in the name of the King with Philippa, daughter of Wm. Count of Hanou, Holland and Zealand, Lord of Frisia (Patent Roll).

2 E. III. Thomas Foljambe granted the Manor of Hucklow to John, his brother.

2 E. III. Fine, John fil Roger by the brook and Wm. le Horseknave and Agnes, his wife, a curucates 5 a. and 1 r. in Tideswell.

3 July, 3 E. III. Escheat of Thomas Bassett, Jun., Walter de Abbeny of Offerton, Ralf fil Nicolas of Tideswell, Rich. de Leyham of Eyam and others.

9 E. III. Patent Roll, 1st part, No. 28. Divers Castles, Manors, Lands, and Tenements, some in Derbyshire, granted to Phillippa, Queen of England, and see 2nd part No. 1 and 5 E. III. 2nd part No. 26.

9 E. III. Robert de Masey and Matilde, his wife, fined with Ralf de Marchinton and Elizabeth, his wife, Reginald de Marchinton and Catherine, his wife, and John de Turvill and Johanna, his wife, co-heirs of Sir Richard Daniel (see page 133, Vol. 5) for 2 tofts, 60 a. land, 32/9 rent in Tideswell for the life of Matilde de Masey (? widow of Sir Rich. Daniel).

15 May, 7 E. III. Bond Adam King of Prestclive, Henry Alexander of Tideswell, William de Blackwell, and Wm. de Baumford to Godfrey Foljambe for 100 mares (The Revd. Mr. Fletcher's Records).

7 E. III. Thomas Brown of Whesten gt. to Roger Brown of 3 a. of land in Tideswell, the waterstones and lands of Rich le Archer, and one headland (capud) abutting upon Brackwall Clif. T. Henry de Hocklow, Thomas Martin, Stephen Martin, Ralf fil Matilde, Wm. Andrew.

7 E. III. Robert le Hayward of Wheston to Thomas Scott land in Tideswell.

7 E. III. John de Tideswell was collector of taxes for the Abbot of Leicester, and he was Attorney for the Prebendary of Lincoln.

10 H. III. John de Tideswell Cleric was Attorney for Wm. de Cliffe of Stamford; Henry de Tideswell of Stamford gave lands in Mortmain to the Church of St. George of that place; he was appointed woolbuyer for the King.

St. Martin's, 10 E. III. Wm. fil William Bateson of Pva Hucklow fined with Thomas fil Thomas de Weston and Isabella, his wife, for a toft and 8½ a. of land in Tideswell.

12 E. III. Inq. p.m. Richard le Archer he held 2 bovates in Hucklowe of Queen Philippa, one ox gang in Fooloo of Dame Isabella Monteacuto and a messuage in Tideswell of John Turvill, Lord of one-third of the Manor, Thomas his son, and next heir, æt 26 (23 E. III. Thos. fil Rich. Archer of Highlow and Thomas fil Jo. Archer attested a charter of John fil John Turvill of one-third of said Manor).

12 E. III., Inq. p.m., No. 13, of Rich. le Archer, he held in Hocklow 2 bovates of land and a lead mine by keeping the Forest and one bovate in Tideswell.

12 E. III., Inq. p.m., No., 13. That Richard the Archer held in his demesne 2 bov. of land with a place for lead mining at Hokelow of the Lady Phillippa, Queen of England, as of the Honour of Peverel Castle of High Peak, in the Queen's hands by homage and by the service of keeping the Queen's forest de Compana with a bow and arrows. That he also held in Fowlow one oxg. of the Lady Isabella de Montecuto by the service of 3s. and 6d. per ann., and that. he held in Tideswell 5 Mess. and 41 a. of land of John Turvill, Lord of the third part of Tideswell, by the service of 13s. per ann., rent 6s. 8d. Thos fil Richard next heir, æt 26.

M. 13 E. III. Wm. Spark of Tideswell fined with Robert le Taylor of Tideswell and Margaret, his wife, for 3 a. of land in Tideswell.

21 E. III. Inq. ad. q.d. Jury, Robert de Litton, Thos. de Cordale, Roger de Scarsdale, Henry de Trusley, Robert de Tideswell, if to the King's damage that Reginald de Marchinton and Catherine, his wife, should enfeoff Nicolas de Marchinton, Parson of Barl, of one-third of the Manor of Tideswell and Mill of Wormenhill for Nicolas de Turville, and land in Tideswell held in dower by Matilde, widow of Robert Masey, of the inheritance of the said Catherine, remainder to William, their son, and Mary de Caerswell.

30 E. III. Henry Malet dead, a son, James, and two sisters, Eleanor, wife of Nicolas de Tideswell, and Isabella, his heirs.

31 E. III. Hugo, Vicar of Tideswell, dead (in Lichfield Mortuary, list p. John Cokayne.

Mic. 31 E. III. Fine, Robert de Hethcote and Emma, his wife, gave 20m. for a lease for their lives to Nicolas de Stafford and Elizabeth, his wife, of a messuage in Tideswell at 6s. rent.

35 E. III. Agnes, daughter of William Keeling of Tideswell, granted to Thomas de Castleton Cap a messuage in Tideswell which she had of Ralf Peter. T. John Foljambe, James Cotteril, Henry fil Ralf, Jo. Swanne, Robert de Hethcote.

36 E. III. Grant from Thos. Brown of Wheston to Sir Nicolas Martin of Tideswell, of 1 a. and 1 r. in Wheston, lying near the Kirkgate abutting on to Neyercross. T. Jo. Foljambe, Henry fil Ralf Wm. le Marescal,

9 Oct. 37 E. III. Nicolas Martin Cap granted same to Richard Botona (Foljambe Charter).

38 E. III. License to John Foljambe of Tideswell, Jo. fil Henry de Monyash, Henry de Tideswell and John Alexander to give 12 messauges and 200 a. of land in Tideswell, Litton and Wormhill to the Guild of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in Tideswell in the Church of St. John the Baptist, and to the Altar of the Blessed Virgin Mary 10 messauges and 190 a. of land in Tideswell and Wormhill held of Nicolas de Stafford and Robert (Turvill), and 2 messauges and 60 a. of land in Litton, held of Thomas de Beley.

38 E. II. Lease of Tithes of Tideswell, Lenton, Monsal, Wardlow, Tonstead, Great Rakes, Weston and Fairfield from the Dean to the Prebendary, Roger de Northborough (Lich. Charter, D.8).

P. 38-9 E. III. Henry de Tideswell gave 10 mares to Thomas del Bourghes and Agnes, his wife, for one-third of a loft in Tideswell.

40 E. III. Robert Abeny of Castleton, and Cecelia, his wife, gave 2 a. in Holygippe to William fil Ralf of Ashulton. T. Robt. de Arthain, Rog. de Thornhill, Henry de Hally, Bateman Ch.

48 E. III., Mar. 12. John fil Ralf de Haddon and Agnes, his wife, granted a moiety of a messuage in Tideswell to Robert fil Ralf. T. William Marchel, Wm. Andrew, Clic.

50 E. III. Alan de Leaune of the County of Bucks and Cecil, his wife, appoint John de Stafford to deliver seizen to Richard de Vernon.

2 R. II., Sept. Grant from John Twyford; Vicar of Spondon, Roger de Tybshelf and Thomas Thacket Caps to Wm. de Hokelowe of 14 of a mess. in Tideswell. T. Robert de Hethcote, John de Hethcote, Wm. Alesaundre (Foljambe).

Fine, M. 3 R. II., No. 12. John Smith of Tideswell Cap and Nicolas Martin Cap 100m. to John le Wright of Eyam and Johanna, his wife, for a messuage and one bovate in Eyam.

5 R. II. John de Aston Cap and John Smyth Cap gave 20m. to Nathan Sadler of Sheffield and Felicia, his wife, for a mess. and 9 a. land and 7s. rent in Tideswell.

7 R. II. Margeria, daughter of Henry de Dogham, grant to William de Hucklowe of Tideswell land there (Foljambe).

13 R. II. Thomas Gomfrey and Richard Gomfrey granted to trustees their interest in lands in Tideswell, late the estate of Elizabeth fil Henry Dawson.

14 R. II. John Wilcoxon of Tideswell granted to Roger the Rissher of the same, a mess. and three houses lying between the mess. of Robert Cobyn and Thomas de Whithalge. T. Thurston del Bower; Roger de Wormhill, Thomas Redmon, Thomas de Bently, John Nall, Senr.

15 R. II. Tuesday after the assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, John fil William Andrew of Tideswell and Roger de Rissher of the same, demise of 7 a. and 3 r. in Tideswell for seven years', rent 10s. and 2d.

16 R. II. Thomas Gomfrey and Ralf Barker grant to the church of St. John Baptist in Dronfield of land in Wormhill and Tideswell.

17 R. II., m. 19 w. 1 164 Close Roll. 5 July, grant of a market in Tideswell to Nicolas de Stafford Chevalier and Elizabeth, his wife. T.

Edmund de Stafford, Keeper of the Privy Seal (the Bishop of Exeter).

18 R. II. Fine, between Thos. de Wednesly Chev. and Thurston del Bower of Tideswell and others, with Nicolas Pickworth of Helowe and Margaret, his wife, concerning her dower.

20 R. II. The house of William and Nicolas Bradshaw broken into.

1394. John Smith of Tideswell and John Brown. Same date. "Thurston del Bower attested a Stafford charter at Eyam.

3 H. IV: Thos. Alynson of Herdwickwall in Wornihill to Roger, his brother, called Thomas, land in le Ware slack, adjoining land of St. Mary of Tideswell.

5 H. IV. Wm. Alexander granted to Benedict. de Ashton a mess. and 7 acres in Tideswell. T. Thomas Bentley, Jo. Smith, Thos. Whithalge.

13 H. IV. Thurston del Bower was assessed for £20 of land and, a life annuity in the Peak.

St. John Baptist, 4 H. V. Peter de la Pole, Wm. Holmsfield, Vicar of Tideswell, and John Andrew Cap gave 100m. to Robert Rokel and Margaret, his wife, for 5 tofts and 6 a. of land in Tideswell.

It is difficult to understand the following charters. It would appear that Thurston del Bower was a trustee for the Eyres.

9 H. V. Thurston del Bower, Esq., granted to Robt. Eyre, Thos. Baret, Hy. Mapulton Clic lands in Chesterfield, Boythorpe, Brampton, Linacre, Newbold, Hulme, Dronfield, Dunston, Langley, Brimington, Whittington, Staveley, Romilly, Tideswell, Trusley in Pva, Longsdon, Mornesale, Brichrichfield, Stratton, Burgh, Thornhill, and Aston, and a Forestry in Edale. T. Thomas Foljambe, Robt. Whytington, William Barley, Jo. Stafford, Ralf Dorand (Hardwick Charter).

1 H. VI. Thurston del Bower attested a Chesterfield Charter.

2 H. VI. Richard Jackson released to same his rights in the same lands which he had of the grants of Thurston del Bower (Vol. II., p.332).

2 H. VI. Elizabeth, widow of Thurston le Bower.

3 H. VI. John del Bower of Whitfield released to Nicolas de Holand his interest in the land of Thurston del Bower in Tideswell. T. Rich. de Pilkington, Robert de Mellor, Wm. de Stafford, John del More.

Alas, this charter gives the coup de grace to the knightly honours recently granted to Thurston del Bower by his descendants of the present day, and of course to the fictitious claim that the great tomb in Tideswell Church was erected to his memory (see page 122, Section IX.).

6 H. VI. Richard fil Richard de Vernon released to Richard Stafford, cousin and heir of Edmund Stafford, Bishop of Exeter, land in Clifton.

9 H. VI. Richard de Litton and Rose, sister of Richard Daniel of Tideswell. (The date of this charter is manifestly wrong, and it may probably relate to a very interesting marriage held between Rich. fil William Pincerna (Daniel) and the Lady

Rose, daughter of Richard Deincourt, of whom but little is known. They had a son, Richard Daniel, and this Rose, the wife of Richard Litton, may well have been his sister. Her date would have been the time of Edward I. There was a Richard de Lytton in the time of Henry VI., but there appears to be no evidence of identity, and the Lytton family were resident there from a very early period. Unfortunately, little is known of the Lytton family since they did not hold in chief, and it into be hoped that a better account may hereafter be given.)

14 H. VI. Robert Grehard of Rodburn and Alice, his wife.

19 H. VI. Wm. Coterill of Hope sued Johanna Abney.

23 H. VI. Nicolas fil Robert Coteril released to Wm. fil Rich. Vernon and Ralf de Legh.

26 H. VI. Wm. Plumpton grant land in Tideswell to Trustees.

30 H. VI. Thomas Taylor, Vicar of Tideswell, mentioned in a charter of Mrs. Bagshaw of the Oaks.

18 E. IV., Nov. 11. Randolf Barton of Tideswell grant to John Kynveton, Esq., and Wm. Stourdale, Chaplain, his lands in Tideswell. T. Nic Barton, Senr., John Barton, Rich. Longdon (Foljambe Charter).

20 E. IV., No. 88. Wm. Plumpton gave land in Tideswell and Wormhill to Dronfield.

20 Jan.. 5 H. VII. William Plumpton granted land in Tideswell to Trustees.

16 H. VIII. Lease from Dean of Lichfield to Christopher James of the Rectory farm of Tideswell (Lich. D. 20).

20 Oct., 6 H. VII. Richard fil John Stafford of Eyam enfeoffed Trustees of lands in Tideswell and Longdon.

26 Aug., 9 H. VIII. William Litton died, Robert, his son and heir, æt 6, he held Litton Manor, 9 messuages, 200 a. of land, 300 a. pasture, 50 a. meadow, 100 a. wood value 39s. 4d., the Manor and 2 messuages in Tunsted held of the Duchy of Lancaster a messuage in Tideswell held of George Meveril of the Manor of Tideswell, rent 6d. ob qr. 1 messuage in Little Hucklow held of Earl Salop of the Manor of Baslow, val. £13.

18 June 19 H. VIII., Inq. p.m. Roger Leake, he died 23 Apl. ult., holding land in Whetstone and Tideswell; Francis, his son and heir, æt one year.

7 Oct., 26 H. VIII. Brian Rowcliff of Cowthorpe Ebor granted lands in Tideswell to Trustees.

Mic. 28 H. VIII. Agreement concerning Metes and bounds between the Dean of Lichfield, Rector of the parish of Tideswell and Hope, and the Vale Royal Monastery, Rectors of Hope.

Witnesses examined Sir Edward Eyre, Vicar of Tideswell, Edward Alan, Hugh Needham, Robert Bagshaw, Richard Alan, Robert Barker, Roger Peake, Thurston Bagshaw, Roger Marshall, Thomas Torre by the Hill, Thomas Torre of Wormhill, William Crutchlow, Nicolas Oldfield, Thomas Jamys.

3 Sep., 31 H. VIII., Inq. p.m. George Barley of Stoke died 27 March ult., holding land in Tideswell of Francis Meveril; Thomas, his son and heir, æt 26.

4 E. VI. Fine, Sir William Cavendish and Elizabeth, his wife, with John Wyke's lands in Chatsworth, etc., including lands in Tideswell and Abney.

1 Elizabeth. Fine, Henry Earl of Cumberland and Sir Ingram Clifford, the Manor of Tideswell.

1 Elizabeth. Godfrey fil Godfrey Foljambe of Rothingwell granted land to - Fletcher and William Middleton.

2 Elizabeth, Inq. p.m. Thomas Eyre held lands of Godfrey Foljambe. 28 Nov., 2 Elizabeth, Inq. p.m. Edward Eyre, he died ult. July 3 and 4, P. and M.; Anthony, his son and heir, æt 41, 3 messuages, etc., held of Francis Meveril.

9 Elizabeth. Lytton and Osborn had grant of Church spoils in Tideswell and Champayne Forest (Close Roll).

Oct. 14, 10 Elizabeth. Roger Foljambe of Higham release to Elizeus Staley of Woodseats, and John, his son and heir, his part of lands in Abney in Hope (Hassop Charter).

This is a very important entry bearing upon the relationship of the Staleys to the Foljambs (see p.274, Section 10). Roger Foljambe of Linacre Hall obtained a grant in 10 H. VIII. from Thurston Hall of Medhurst, of his rights in all messuages and lands within the vill. and field of Abney, and 6 H. VII. previously Henry Foljambe, his father, had obtained a grant from John Wilde of 9 marks of land held of Thurston Hall (Bowles Charters). In 18 H. VIII. he died, holding 3 messuages, 1 cottage, 42 a. land, and 15 a. of pasture in Abney of Nicolas Bagshawe, which appeared to be part of the Grange held under Rufford Abbey.

The Staleys of Hope were Foresters of Fee of Hopedale (see Vol. 4, p.423), and although they do not appear to have been cited before the Heralds they were of good family. The Heralds assert that Elizeas died without male issue; but this probably only means that they have no evidence on the question. It is always very dangerous to trust to Heralds; unless they can produce evidence, they have a religious belief, which they magnify into a proof, that if the evidence is not to be found in their records, that none exists, and hence they blunder shamefully. The Hassop Court Rolls prove that Elizeus Staley (Roger Foliambe's grantee of 10 Eliz.) died in 22 Elizabeth when John, his son, was found to be of full-age. 27 Oct., 27 Elizabeth, John Staley died, and Stephen, his son, was found to be his heir and paid his relief; and 12 Jas. I. and 3 Car. I. (Court of John Gill) Stephen Staley, gentleman, and Cecelia, his wife, surrendered land to Thomas Eyre (Hassop Ch.). 20 Jan., 13 James I., Stephen Staley of Bradseats granted to Abraham Slack of Kingshagh, gentleman, his part of one Forestry of fee in Hopedale with the lands belonging in the town fields of Aston, Welshbridge, Hope and Brough, which were some time the lands of John Hollis Glover (Ch. of Bagshaw of the Oaks, No. 113). These charters disprove the faked-up pedigree of Mr. Woodruffe giving an alleged descent of Peter Foljambe's wife from the Fitz Williams.

11 Oct., 11 Elizabeth. Richard Blackwell held land in Ashover of George Foljambe as of his Manor of Northage.

13 Elizabeth, Inq. p.m. Humphrey Barley of Stoke held land in Tideswell of Sampson Merevil.

11 Elizabeth, and 23 Aug., 18 Eliz., Inq. p.m. George Barley, he held land of Godfrey Foljambe of his Manor of Brimington.

14 Elizabeth. Fine, Ralf Brown and Thomas Harte with Robert Eyre and Gertrude, his wife, land in Tideswell and Litton.

20 Oct., 14 Elizabeth. Godfrey Foljambe of Westwell granted to Christopher Selioke of Hazelborough a moiety of land in Aston, part of the inheritance of Thomas Dynham, held of the manor of Norton, and a moiety of Sich House in Wymesworth (formerly Anthony Eyre), bought by Foljambe 26 May, 14 Elizabeth (Hassop Charter).

14 Elizabeth. Marsh and Tunstead had grant of Church spoils in Tideswell.

Same date. Leyke and Agard had grant of Church spoil in Tideswell and Abney (Close Roll).

14 Elizabeth, Inq. p.m. Nicolas Garlick died 4 Feb., 7 Elizabeth, holding land in Tideswell; Otiwell, his son and heir, æt 23.

15 Elizabeth. Troth fil George Foljambe of Holme was baptised.

Nov. 3, 17 Elizabeth. Godfrey of Foljambe of Norton Lees sold one-sixth of land in Hope and Castleton, late dower of his mother, Elizabeth Hardwick deceased, to Robert Ward and Nic Barber of Hassop (Hassop Charter).

4 Oct., 17 Elizabeth. Anthony Eyre died, holding lands of Godfrey Foljambe in Boythorpe and Brampton (Hassop Charter). He also held land in Tideswell.

13 Aug., 18 Elizabeth. Rowland Babington had lands in Tideswell.

18 Elizabeth. Fine, Thomas Dakin and Thomas Heathcote with Wm. Horond and Wm. Dakin, land in Bakewell, Tideswell and Hope to Robert Newton and Thomas, his son.

Jan., 19 Elizabeth, Inq. p.m. Edward Brereton of Herdlow died, holding land of Sampson Merevil.

7 Aug., 19 Elizabeth. Thomas Eyre died, holding of Godfrey Foljambe three tenements in Tideswell intenum of Richard Barker, Hugh Henshall and Greenshaw, widow.

19 Elizabeth. Roger Goodwin and Mills, fined with Thurston Allen for land in Tideswell and Wheston.

Apl. 7, 26 Elizabeth. Godfrey Foljambe of Hackenthorpe, Thomas Foljambe of Wigley, his brother, and Christopher Selioke of London, gentleman, sold Syke House to John and Anthony Parker for £70 (Hassop Charter)

It is difficult to affiliate these brothers Foljambe to the family pedigree, but doubtless they are of the same race, and probably they have left issue who may represent the family in the male line. Wigley, the residence of Thomas Foljambe, was old Foljambe property, which John Wright and his wife, the co-heir general of the Foljambes of Hassop, possessed and sold to Godfrey Foljambe in 8 H. VIII. (see pages 262-3, Sec. X.). John Selioke married Elizabeth, sister of Godfrey Foljambe of Moore Hall, and probably Thomas and Godfrey were his sons or grandsons. See charter of Godfrey Foljambe of Westwell of 14 Elizabeth to which John Selioke was a party.

27 Elizabeth. Godfrey Foljambe sold the Earl of Shrewsbury wood from Rowmarks and Aldwerk.

26 Mar., 28 Elizabeth, Inq. p.m. Godfrey Foljambe, kt. of Walton: he died 20 Dec. ult.; Godfrey, his son and heir, æt 26. He held Tideswell of Tutbury and Meveril as of the Manor of Tideswell, Wormhill, Litton, Abney, Hucklow, Pva and Magna Milnhouse, Longson Pva and Castleton Manor held of High Peak, land in Chesterfield held of Lord Salop, and many other places in Derbs., Peniston, Aldwerk, Steveton, and many other places in Ebor.

27 Feb., 36 Elizabeth. Will of Godfrey Foljambe of Walton proved 23 Aug. following, devised Walton and Aldwerk to his wife: with remainder to Thomas, son of his uncle by the half-blood, Francis Foljambe of Wolthwick, he devised the reversion of the bastard's estates to his cousin, Hercules Foljambe of Walton. He mentions Troth daughter of his uncle, George Foljambe, the wife of Sir Edward Bellingham.

18 Dec., 37 Elizabeth, Inq. p.m. Sampson Merevil: he died 9 March, 36 Elizabeth; Francis, his son and heir, æt 20, holding the Manor of Tideswell.

38 Elizabeth. Godfrey Foljambe als Brownlow by fine conveyed to Edward Bellingham, Esq., and Troth, his wife, for £600, 12 messuages and 1,000 a. of land in Croxton, Great Yate, Crackmarsh and Combridge, and the advowson of the Church of Great Yate.

8 Dec., 38 Elizabeth. Indenture dated 3 Jan., 37 Elizabeth, between him and Catherine, his wife, daughter and co-heir of George Foljambe of Barlbro, deceased.

38 Elizabeth. Leonard Reresby sued Hercules Foljambe for land conveyed to him by Godfrey Foljambe als Brownlowe.

39 Elizabeth. Hercules Foljambe of Morehall granted land in Norton to John Parker.

40 Elizabeth. Adam Slack of Tideswell bought the Manor of Thornhill from John Eyre of Hope, and sold it in 8 Jas. I. to Thomas Eyre of Hassop.

26 June, 40 Elizabeth. Indenture between Edward Bellingham, of New Timber, Sussex, and Troth, his wife, Godfrey Foljambe als Brownlow of Mereden, Stafford, Edward Wylde of Warsop, Humphry Smale of Bolsover, Godfrey Platt of Whittington, of the one part, and Leonard Reresby of Brownlow Ebor, and Arnold Reresby of the other part (Thoresby Charter).

9 Feb., 43 Elizabeth. Hercules Foljambe, brother and heir of Godfrey Foljambe of More Hall appointed an attorney to deliver seizen to Elizabeth Countess of Shrewsbury and William Cavendish, her son and heir, of 5 shops and 11 cottage in Chesterfield, seal of Foljambe, a Bend between 6 escallops (Hardwick Ch.).

22 Sep., 44 Elizabeth, Inq. p.m. Francis Foljambe: he died at Chesterfield; Thomas, his son and heir, æt 63, holding land in Brampton, Newbold, Dunston, Dronfield and Blythe.

1603. Sir Edward Bellingham, Kt., and others sued Hercules Foljambe concerning lands which Godfrey Foljambe als Brownlow had devised to him and which were of the inheritance of Dame Ursula, his wife, after the death of Godfrey Foljambe of Walton.

1605. Executors of Henry Foljambe, deceased, held the land of Dethie [sic] and Norton, parcel of the land of Henry Babington.

1611. Exc. John Agard and Godfrey Foljambe of the Middle Temple.

9 Nov., 3 Car. I. Sir Francis Foljambe, Kt., of Walton, sold Elton, reserving mines, covenants against himself and the Lady Elizabeth, his wife.

Pasc 6 Car. I. Fine, between Sir F. Foljambe and Leonard Gill concerning Brampton and Whittington.

24 Feb., 8 Car. I. Sir Francis Foljambe of Aldwerk, Kt., sold the Manor of Walton to Arthur Ingram for £15,300.

20 April, 15 Car. I. Sir Fras. Foljambe granted the Manors of Callal als Calow, the Manor House and certain lands to Sir William Pierpont. Deed attested by George Sitwell, Robert Marples and others (Thoresby Records.

19 Sep., 1642. Peter Foljambe married Jane, daughter of Elise Woodrough and 15 Oct., 1645, Godfrey fil Peter Foljambe was baptized.

1620. Peter Bradshaw bought the Manor of Litton, his son sold it in 1686; he fled from it when the plague visited Eyam.

1659. George Oldham held a Cottage in Tideswell, 2d. rent.

23 Car. II. Fine, John Hill, Jo. Wainwright, Sarah Wainwright. Spr and Henry Swynscoe with Robert Longsdon and Elizabeth, his wife, Nicolas Bagshaw and Johanna, his wife, George Bagshaw and Elizabeth, his wife, laud in Wormhill, Tydeswell, Hope Chapel, King's Sterndale and Chelmorden.

Wills at Lichfield have not been examined but they shew the probability that numerous descendants were extant as St. George states in 1640.

1535, April 6. Thomas Foulgham Staveley 5 Agnes Wo.

1528-1538, May 7. Wm. Foljambe, N. Wingfield, 47 b., Isabella Wo., Richard, son.

1541. Elene Foljambe of Brampton, Roger, son, executor.

1543. Isabella Foljambe of North Wingfield, Elenor and Agnes, her daughters.

1544. Robert Foljambe adm.

1546-7. Emma Foljambe of North Wingfield (Emily).

1555. Thomas Foljambe Staveley vac.

1558. William Foljambe vac.

1558, May 25. Richard Foljambe, a Catholic Priest, cousin Thos. Foljambe of Ulston, Notts, John and William his brothers, cousin Agnes Redmayne Ann her daughter to Sir Ambrose, the Priest of Elston (? Aston), where I was born.

1559, Oct. 2. Thomas Foljambe of Brampton to be buried there near his Hall of Wigley, to his wife his lease of Park Hall and Beeley Grange; sons, Thos. and Godfrey land in Wigley; brother, Richard Hodgkinson.

1574. Henry Foljambe adm., N. Wingfield.

1583-4, Feb. 26. Godfrey Foljambe of Beighton pr. 28 Feb.,

1585-6. James, eldest son, lands in Brampton and Derby and Hackenthorpe; Elizabeth, wife; Constance, sister; children, Godfrey, Elizabeth, Mary and Susan; brother, Thomas, adm. to Elizabeth, widow.

1584. John Foljambe of N. Wingfield adm. to Joan, his widow.

1614. Nathaniel Foljambe and Maria Martin m. at S. Wingfield, and 1624, Thos. Eyre and Ann Foljambe m.

1617. Roger Foljambe, inventory only.

1623, Aug. 20. Thomas Foliambe of Brampton.

1631. Inventory of Henry Foljambe of Chesterfield.

1637, May 23. Henry Foljambe of New Frimes, Ashbourne; Elizabeth, wife; Alice, daughter; uncle, Thomas Bennet of Bakewell. T. John Foulgham, senr. and junr., will sealed with a Lion rampant.

1638. Nathaniel Foljambe.

1639. James Foljambe.

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