Guide Stoop, Beeley (1)

Recent Photograph of Guide Stoop (1) (Beeley)

This is a photograph of one of two Guide Stoops on Beeley Moor. It is sited a short distance from the road between Holymoorside and Beeley. As can be seen, the inscription is still in very good condition - unlike the Guidestone at Stoke (Goatscliffe) which is now barely legible under normal lighting conditions.

Apparently this one was buried in 1940[1] so an invading army would be unable to make use of the directions it gave, although what the Enemy might have made of the curious spelling is anyone's guess! It was however successfully recovered by members of the Holymoorside History Society in 1995, following some diligent research using a photograph from 1914, an early OS map, and some prodding of surrounding ground, where it was found to be buried about 6-9 inches down.

As can be seen the inscription on this (SW) side says 'CHE / STT / ERF / ELD'. There are also photographs of the SE side ('SHE / FELD') and NE side ('BACK / WELL' - Bakewell). The fourth (NE) side was not photographed as a stone wall and barbed wire fence prevented access, but the inscription on it, according to Reference [1] is 'WORK / SWOR /TH').

[1] Smith, Howard - The Guide Stoops of Derbyshire - ISBN 0 9521541 1 0. Printed in Sheffield by West Bar Printing Service 1996.

(Information provided by Rosemary Lockie)

Image contributed by Peter & Janet Kirk on 5th June 2004.
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