Old Postcard of Nether Padley - Maynard Arms & Grounds

Old Postcard of Maynard Arms & Grounds (Nether Padley)

As well as showing a view of the Maynard Arms Hotel, and its grounds, this old postcard also shows the former mill pond associated with Padley Lower Mill, which was midway downstream between Padley Upper Mill and the confluence of Burbage Brook and the River Derwent.

The Mill has been disused for many years. In fact the earliest detailed Maps - surveyed in 1875, and revised up to 1922 - show it was already in Ruins; and in the present day, may even have been subsumed by a rubbish “tip”.

Happily, however, Upper Padley Mill is still extant.

Image contributed by Alan Jacques on 29th January 2015.
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