‘Stafford of Bothums Hall’

This information was published originally in Dugdale's Visitation of Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire 1662-1664 and was contributed by Jayne Smith (formerly McHugh)

This transcription by Rosemary Lockie © 2003

Dated 13 Aug: 1662
Arms: Or, a chevron gules between three martlets sable; a mullet for a difference.
[For collaterals see Vis. 1569, p.80.]

  1. JUDDE STAFFORD of Bothum in ye parish of Glossop in com Derb: mar. Elizabeth, d. of Sir Thomas Ashton of Ashton-under-Lyne, co. Lancaster[1] and had issue
    1. William Stafford eldest son mar. and had issue [not named]
    2. John of whom below (II)
    3. Lawrence, a priest[1]

  2. JOHN STAFFORD second son mar. ... d. of John Fidler[1] and had issue

  3. LAURENCE STAFFORD of Bothams Hall in the parish of Glossop and county of Derb: Esqr mar. Elizabeth daughter to ... Plattes of Parkhall in the parish of Glossop and had issue
    1. William Stafford married Mary daughter to ... Needham of Thorset in ye parish of Glossop of whom no issue remaines
    2. Robert of whom below (IV)
    1. Isabell married to ... Kennian of Gorton in com Lanc
    2. Anne wife of ...
    3. Emme wife to ... Balgay of Aston

  4. ROBERT STAFFORD of Bothams Hall dyed about the yeare 1610 mar. Eliz: daughter to Will: Robbothom of Stirrop in Cheshire and had issue
    1. Tristram of whom below (V)
    2. George; 3. Gilbert; 4. Raphe: all dyed unmarried

  5. TRISTRAM STAFFORD of Bothams Hall died about the yeare 1625 mar. Dorothy daughter to Tho: Heton of Heton in com Lanc. and had issue

  6. THOMAS STAFFORD of Bothams Hall gent: died ao 1643 (admon 1649 (P.C.C.)) mar. Dorothy daughter to Thomas Bagshaw of Ridge in ye parish of Chapel in le Frith in com Derb: Esqr and had issue
    1. Tristram of whom below (VII)
    2. Robert; 3. Thomas
    1. Elizabeth wife of Will: Anson of Shutborough mannour in com Staff: esqr; d. Oct 1668[2]
    2. Mary; 3. Rachel

  7. TRISTRAM STAFFORD aet: 24 ann: 13 Aug: 1662 mar. Christian daughter to Thomas Jobson of Cudworth in com Ebor: esqr and had issue
    Thomas aet: dim: anni 13 Aug: 1662
    Mary aet: 3 ann: 13 Aug: 1662


Notes to the Original:

[1] Vis. 1569, p.88.
[2] Staffs Ped., p.5.

Editor's Notes:
[1]  Tristram, VII above, was identified in the pedigree as VI (so there were two VIs).
[2]  In families with both boys and girls, they are sequenced separately. It took me a while to work that one out!
[3]  "com Ebor" - the county of York - Eboracum was the Romans' name for the town of York, so this would be Cudworth in the West Riding of Yorkshire, not in Somerset.
[4]  Jayne (the contributor) hopes one of the two Robert's in this pedigree is hers. She is anxious to find out who her Robert's father was, and whilst she's been told it was Lawrence, she has no proof.
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