The Staffords of Eyam

by C. E. B. BOWLES, M.A.

This article was published originally in the Derbyshire Archaeological Society Journal, vol. 30, 1908; pp261-295.

This transcription by Rosemary Lockie © 2000-1


V. - ROGER DE STAFFORD, then, the third son of Richard de Stafford the elder, succeeded to the estate about 11 Edward II. (1317), when he was plaintiff in the suit alluded to on page 267. Little, however is known of him and, as his name occurs in few deeds. Among the Haddon Charters is a grant dated 3 Edward II (1309), “by Robert son of John del Vale to Roger de Stafford of his messuage near the Church at Bakewell”, from which might be argued that prior to his brother John's death he was living in Bakewell, about five miles from his ancestral home.

In 16 Edward III.[20] 1343, he attested a grant of land at Hucklow by Thomas, son of Richard L'Archer, of Hucklow, to Thomas, son of Richard L'Archer, of Hucklow. He probably died in 1351, or thereabouts, for a deed[21] which is dated at Eyam 25 Edward III. (1351), is witnessed by his son and successor as “John son of Roger de Stafford, of Eyam”. This - not a very unusual form of attestation - he probably used to draw attention to the fact that he had succeeded his father.

[Ed: In Stafford of Eyam - Foljambe Charter, published in DAJ, vol. 31, 1909; p70, the author corrects the above paragraph, stating “In the deed of L'Archer of Hucklow, quoted on page 268, the second Richard should be John”]

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