The Staffords of Eyam

by C. E. B. BOWLES, M.A.

This article was published originally in the Derbyshire Archaeological Society Journal, vol. 30, 1908; pp261-295.

This transcription by Rosemary Lockie © 2000-1


II. - RICHARD DE STAFFORD, the elder of the two brothers, succeeded his father in the lands at Eyam. This is proved by two charters, both undated, but temp. Henry III [Ed: 1216-72]. The first is a “grant by Eustace de Mortayne to Richard de Stafford of three bovates of land in Eyam, one of which Richard de Stafford his father had held; another was held by Adam de Kileburn, the said Richard to find yearly a lamp burning during divine service [Page 264] before the altar of St. Helen in the parish church of Eyam”.[6] The second is a confirmation of this grant made to him by “Eustace, the son of Eustace de Morteyne”, by the same service of the lamp kept burning on the altar of St. Helen during divine service in the parish church.[7] The first was probably executed soon after the death of Richard de Stafford, sen., and the latter within a few years. Somewhat later than these is the “Release and Quitclaim by William de Mortein to Richard de Stafford for all rights of service, and following which he possessed in John, son of Nicholas de Eyam, together with his goods and chattels”. John de Eyam is probably the man who married his niece, Lecia de Stafford, and therefore father of Richard de Eyum. This deed[8] is dated at Dunnisby, co. York, 32 Henry III. (1247), and bears an heraldic seal, partially broken - evidently the armorial bearings of the Morteynes. The coat is “on a chief a lion pass.” surrounded by the legend: S . Will . . . ORTOIN. The next deed[9] is undated, but belongs to this period, and refers to a

“Grant made by Roger Morteyne Lord of Eyam to Richard de Stafford of a piece of Land lying nygh the Garden of ye said Richard as it is closed and diched to higg and mak domez in ye sayd place” (i.e., fenced in to build and enlarge houses).
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