Pictures of the Past : “Little Iddens”, Dymock

Old Postcard of “Little Iddens” (Dymock)

The original postcard has a wide white border around it, and a caption:

Robert Frost, the American Poet, lived here for a short time.

The village where the building is to be found is more usually called just ‘Leadington’, although local authorities don't seem to be able to agree on how to spell it on road signs! One sign from the A417 Ledbury to Ross road (in Herefordshire) shows it as ‘Leddington’, but signs from the Gloucestershire end spell it as on the postcard. Either way, it is pronounced 'Led'ington. It has also been suggested these are separate places!

(Information provided by Rosemary Lockie)

Image contributed by Tony Woodward on 4th April 2002.
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