Gravestone of William Ingram, Stone

Recent Photograph of Gravestone of William Ingram (Stone)

The Inscription reads:

To / the Memory of
William Son of
James & Ann INGRAM
of Woodford in this Parish
who died Jan 19th 1816,
Aged 26 years
Reader a moment stay - Behold in
An awful instance of mortality
I lost my life by Murder the most foul
No time to pray for Mercy of my Soul
Relfect on this and whilst the [time] is given
Prepare to die and make your peace with Heaven
By Faith and Penitence your [devotion] prove
And trust for Mercy [and Saviour behold?]

William INGRAM was murdered - allegedly by John PENNY (a Poacher) - on 19th January 1816 in Catgrove Wood, Hystfield, near Berkeley, during the Berkeley Castle Poaching Affray.

(Information provided by Rosemary Lockie)

Image contributed by Alf Beard on 18th December 2008.
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