Holy Trinity Church, Tibberton

Recent Photograph of Holy Trinity Church (Tibberton)

Tibberton, Holy Trinity Church looks odd from the road, due to the odd stair turret which sticks out from the tower. My picture of this did not convey this so I include a standard view. Here there is a 14th century west porch unusually leading into the tower, and although there should be some features of antiquity the church is surprisingly featureless outside and in, but as a whole it is quite charming. A late restoration (1907) helped. The chancel arch is low and round, probably 11th century, but with no datable features and the nave walling is in part pre-Conquest (1066). The tower was to be vaulted, and the chancel is notably low with a panelled roof having 15th century bosses. There is no vestry - just a curtained-off bit of the NW corner of the nave.

(Information provided by Phil Draper)

Image contributed by Phil Draper on 2nd March 2004.
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