Some Memorial Inscriptions - Grindleford, Derbyshire
St Helen's Churchyard

This MI was collected by Pam Bardwell and was noted by me 14th September 1985. Packrat, that's me... or should that be Packrats 'R Us?
A1. Betsy OUTRAM died October 29th 1975, aged 94 years
Joseph John Saywell OUTRAM died March 11th 1978, aged 89 years

The following MIs were collected by a lady in Plymouth, and sent to me on 24th September 1985. This was back in the heady days of snailmail.
B1. Agnes Mary, wife of James OUTRAM died 8th February 1934 aged 68.
James OUTRAM died 6th February 1959 aged 94.

B2. Florence Annie OUTRAM 1890 - 1981.

B3. Herbert OUTRAM died 6th February 1981 aged 91.
His wife, Julia Ann, died 15th March 1970 aged 77.

B4. Jane Elizabeth, wife of Tom OUTRAM died 2nd October 1913 aged 62.

B5. George OUTRAM of Flora Cottage, Grindleford
born 11th January 1862, died 4th June 1925.
His wife Mary died 28th September 1948 aged 86.

B6. Morris OUTRAM died 27th January 1956 aged 61,
His wife Mary Elizabeth died 6th January 1957 aged 64.

These MIs kindly contributed by Godfrey Bowring, 9th January 2002.
C1. George BOWRING, 1888-1962
wife Leah, 1897-1981

C2. Thomas BOWRING died 2 Jan 1924, aged 58
Emily Ann his wife died 26 Dec 1926, aged 63
Their daughter Emily died Nov 6th 1971, aged 76

C3. Douglas Palmer BOWRING, died 24 Oct 1986, aged 70

These MIs kindly contributed by Janet Kirk, 12th & 14th May 2002.
D1. John Jeremiah beloved husband of Millicent BUCKLEY
who died October 4th 1953 aged 64 years
And Millicent wife of Jeremiah BUCKLEY
died December 31st 1962 aged 77 years
[There is a stone Flower Vase in the middle of the grave,
inscribed "Mother from children and grandchildren"]

[Ed: Millicent was née MASON, formerly wife of James GODDARD]

D2. Single black marble headstone
In loving memory of William GREGORY
died 30th June 1962 aged 67
and of his beloved wife Clarance Nellie
died 6th March 1988 aged 89

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