Eyam, Derbyshire

Glover's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of the County of Derby, 1829

Transcription by Rosemary Lockie, © Copyright 2002

Materials collected by Stephen Glover in the early 19th century towards a History and Directory of Derbyshire were published in 1829 in 3 volumes. The Directory - “accurately taken during the years 1827, '8, and '9, by Stephen Glover” - was published first, when according to its introduction, the remaining material was “still in the press”. Its subsequent publication resulted in two volumes. Volume I contains a History of the county as a whole; and Volume II describes individual Towns and Villages.

This extract is from the Directory.


EYAM, a village, township and parish in the Hundred of High Peak.
Lord of the Manor, His Grace the Duke of Devonshire.
Bagshaw Rev. E. B. rector
Bailey William, shoemaker
Bailey John, shoemaker
Bardsley James, farmer
Barnes William, blacksmith
Beeley John, shoemaker
Beeley William, shoemaker
Bird Thomas, esq. F.
Blackwall Robert, farmer
Blackwall Isaac, farmer
Blackwall James, shoemaker
Booth John, vict. Bull's Head
Bradshaw George, vict. Ball, Eyam Dale
Burguoin Thomas, farmer
Cocker Francis, joiner and wheelwright
Cocker John, butcher
Dane Samuel, joiner
Fentem Thomas, gent. F.
Finch Ralph, grocer and druggist
Fox Richard, joiner
Frith Thomas, vict. Miners' Arms
Froggatt John, surgeon
Froggatt William, grocer and draper, F.
Furnace James, lead merchant, F.
Furnace Peter, corn miller
Furnace Samuel, vict. Rodney, F.
Furnace Margaret, farmer
Gregory Thomas, solicitor
Hatfield Joseph, tailor
Hawkesworth George, farmer
Hibberd John, tailor
Hinch William, carrier
Hind John, shoemaker
Hind Richard, shoemaker
Mosley Joshua, blacksmith
Newton Joseph and John, butchers
Ollerenshaw Henry, farmer, F.
Rippon John, shoemaker
Rowbottom William, tailor
Siddall Deborah, vict. Travellers' Inn
Slinn John, shopkeeper and manufacturer, F.
Townsend Henry, shoemaker
Unwin Samuel, silk throwster, F.
Willis Daniel, sen. grocer and draper
Willis Daniel, jun. joiner
Wright Peter, gent. F.


[1] At the end of the book it explains:-
“The names distinguished with F are for the most part Freeholders returned Into the County office, as being liable to serve on Juries. This forms only a portion of the Freeholders of the County, as it does not include the Clergy, Professions, and Others, who are exempt. Those distinguished by C are Copyholders.”

Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie in November 2002.

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