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The Derbyshire Courier, Saturday, April 22nd, 1837

By Mr Gallimore

Valuable Freehold Property
At Eyam
To be sold by auction
By Mr Gallimore

At the house of Mr Thomas Frith, the miners Arms Inn, in Eyam, in the county of Derby on Monday, the 24th April instant, at Four o'clock in the Afternoon (unless previously disposed of by private Contract, of which notice will be given), in the following or such other Lots as shall be agreed upon at the time of sale.

Lot 1 - An excellent DWELLING HOUSE, situate at Eyam aforesaid, in the most pleasant part of that healthy village; comprising 8 rooms, together with the Warehouse, Garden, Barn, Stable, Cow-house, back Yard, and apportences thereto belonging: late in the occupation of William Hancock, as tenant thereof.

Lot 2 - Another DWELLING HOUSE, situate at Eyam aforesaid, with the Carriers Warehouse and Chambers over the same: now in the occupation of Mr Wild, as tenant thereof.

Lot 3 - A field of land, situate on Shaw Flat, near to Eyam aforesaid; containing an acre or thereabouts, be the same more or less: late in the occupation of the said William Hancock, as tenant thereof.

N.B. The premises have the advantage of a never-failing supply of excellent Water; and possession of Lots 1, 2 and 3 can be given at any time.

For further particulars, apply to Mr Gratton, Solicitor, Chesterfield.
[Contributed by Brian Austin]

Unknown source : August 15th, 1842


Whereas, late on Saturday night the 13th or early on Sunday morning the 14th instant, some evil disposed person or persons did, in a field on Foolow Moor, slaughter one ewe sheep and carry away the carcass of the same, the property of Mr Wyatt of Foolow aforesaid.

Any person giving such information as will lead to the conviction of the offender or offenders shall receive from the said Mr Wyatt a reward of FIVE POUNDS, over and above what will be allowed by Eyam Association for the prosecution of Felons.

Constable of Eyam.
[Contributed by Paul Maltby]

The Derbyshire Courier, Saturday, April 22nd, 1843

Eyam Fair - First for a Century - Thursday 13 April - Site : Town-End.

Interesting - 1/3 column.
[Contributed by Brian Austin]

The Derbyshire Times, February 22nd, 1903, p5

Eyam : Sudden Death

A sudden death occured at Eyam on Thursday morning, the deceased being Mr George Ridgeway sen, late landlord of The Bulls Head Hotel, Eyam, also father of the four sons who comprise the firm of Ridgeway Bros, wholesale boot and shoe manufacturers. The deceased also kept the Bold Rodney Inn at Eyam for many years, having left the Bold Rodney to take up The Bulls Head. He was aged 68.

He was a shareholder in the Brampton Brewery Co. and was a leading cricketer of Eyam Cricket Club for many years.
[Contributed by Brian Austin]

The Derbyshire Times, Saturday, August 26th, 1905, p8, c4

Eyam - An Ideal Village (by a visitor) [extract]

From some points of view Eyam is a very exceptional country place. It has economic advantages which are vouchsafed to few isolated villages. First of all it has an industry which, while it serves to support a large proportion of the population, has none of those disadvantages usually associated with a manufacturing centre.

The boot trade - or to be strictly accurate, a particular branch of that trade - is carried on in Eyam. There are two factories of considerable proportions, one employing about 150 hands and another about 100. Besides these two there are several minor factories employing from 10 to 30 The greateer part of this is, of course, female labour.

The advantage of this form of industry is that the young folk, men and women, are employed. The hours are long - from to 6 till 6 with 1½ hours break for meals. And the wages compared with town standards are low. However the trade is a clean and healthy one. Judging from the number of handsome, stalwart, happy, healthy-looking lasses one sees coming from these factories, exchanging merry jokes on their way home, their lot is by no means an unhappy one; they seem indeed to bear no relation to the pale-faced emaciated denizens of the town.

These boot factories then find employment for the gentler sex, and for a certain proportion of the males. The majority of the adult population, however, is engaged in another occupation (spar-mining).
[Contributed by Brian Austin]

Unknown Source: January, 1909

Death of Mr Samuel Blackwell

A sad New Year's Day occurrence at Eyam was the sudden death of Mr. Samuel Blackwell, one of the oldest employees of Messrs. Ridgeway Bros., Boot Manufacturers. He had gone during the day to feed some fowls in a field, and one of his sons, returning home a little later, was surprised to find his father lying unconscious beside the gate. The old man was promptly taken home, and Dr. Lee who was called in, pronounced his condition very grave. He passed away within two hours and much sympathy has been expressed with the relatives. The deceased leaves a family of nine, all grown up. An inquest was held by Mr. Sydney Taylor (coroner) at the Dale Head refreshment room on Saturday. The jury of which Mr. E. West Snr. was foreman, was composed as follows: Messrs. Robert Outram, Joseph Barker, Daniel Willis, Edward Slater, Percy Willis, Louis Marples, Samuel Sellars, George White, Abraham Cooper, Samuel Daniel, Chas. Sellors and Samuel Frost.

Mrs. Blackwell, the widow, said her husband had spoken about feeling dizzy and a little out of sorts, but made little complaint. He was 54 years of age. The deceased's son Harry Blackwell, said on his way home he had to pass the gate of the field to which his father had been to feed the fowls. He found his father on the ground, unconscious, and had him at once removed home. In reply to Dr. Lee, the witness said that he saw no blood about his father's mouth nor on the ground. One hand was stretched out as if to grab the gate whilst slipping. Dr. Lee said he found the deceased in a state of unconsciousness, which a fall might have caused. Death was due to concussion of the brain - the jury returned a verdict to this effect adding that there was no evidence to prove how it was caused.

The funeral took place on Monday at the Parish Churchyard. The Rector, Rev. F.L. Shaw R.D. officiated and the mourners included Mrs. S. Blackwell (widow), Mr. F. Blackwell (son) Mr. H. and Miss Alice Blackwell (son and daughter), Mr. Frank Blackwell and Miss Annie Blackwell (son and daughter), Mr. Ernest Blackwell and Miss Hilda (son and daughter), Mr. Joseph Blackwell and Miss Clara Blackwell (son and daughter), Mr. Robert Bamford (brother-in-law), Mr. R. Blackwell and Mrs. Thomas Twigg (brother and sister), Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Blackwell, Mr. Thomas Twigg, Miss Annie Twigg, Mr. & Mrs T. Barnett (Sheffield), Mr. & Mrs Fred Twigg, Mr. Thos. Twigg Jnr., Miss M.J. Twigg, Mrs Joseph Twigg, Miss Maggie Twigg, Mr. Sam Twigg, Miss M.A. Blackwell, Mrs E. Middleton, and Miss Middleton (Bretton), Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Lowe, Miss L. Jackson (Northampton), Mr. & Mrs B. Snell, Mr. Harry and Miss B. Fletcher, Mr. H. Carter, Mr & Mrs E. West Jnr., Mr. Wm. Fox Slater, Mr. Benj. Fox, Mr. Albert Gregory, Mr. E. Lentim. Mr. Jabez Bramwell, (Brook Head), Mr. Joshua Hammerton (High Cliffe), Mr. E. Maltby, Mrs E. Maltby, Mrs William Huchon (Bakewell), Mr. J.W. West (Calver), Mrs. H West, Miss E. Willis, Miss Gertie Ridgeway, Mr. T. Barber, Miss Maltby, Mrs Wm Marples, Mrs. Geo. Unwin (Mag Clough) Mrs Willie Slater, Mrs. Redfern, Mrs. Tom Ridgeway, Mrs. Josh Backing (Riley Farm), Mrs T. Daniel, Wm. Furness, Mrs Fred White, Mrs H. Eaton, Mr. T. Wood, Mr Jas. J. Schofield, Mrs Isaac Ridgeway, Mrs T. Daniel, Mrs A. Furness, Messrs. Herbert & Isaac Ridgeway (the Deceased's employers), Mr Sam Frost, Miss D. Bennett, Mrs A. Furness, Mrs Geo. Furness, Mrs Josh Twigg, Mr. Fred Barber and Mrs R. Cocker.

The bearers were Messrs. E. West Jnr., R. Frith, J. Lowe, H. Dawson, T. Daniel, Geo. Burns, H. White, John Marples, R. Hall, Geo. Fox, Josh Outram, Vincent Frith, and Wm. Ellis.

Wreaths were sent by Mr & Mrs Thos. Twigg & Family, Mr. R. Blackwell and daughter (Manchester), Mr. J. Gunstone, Mrs M. Wright, Messrs Ridgeway Brothers (employers), Messrs Ridgeway Brothers Employees, Messrs Ridgeway Brothers Binders, Mr & Mrs B. Knell ?? Grindleford, Mr. & Mrs Collins, (Rose and Crown), “A Few Friends”, Mr & Mrs G. Fox (Barlow) Mr. J. Outram (Bulls Head), Mrs W. Lendron (Castle Hotel, Bakewell). The Eyam members of the Manchester Unity of Oddfellows of which the deceased was an old member were in attendance and P.G. Bro. W. Slater read the Oddfellows service at the graveside. Messrs Ridgeway's factory was closed down for the afternoon as a mark of respect for the deceased.
[Contributed by Barbara Newton]

The Derbyshire Times, Saturday, January 20th, 1923

Eyam, Stoney Middleton, Calver, and Grindleford.

The funeral took place at Eyam Parish Church on Wednesday of Mrs. Betsy Hannah Outram, widow of Mr. Robert Outram, of Grindleford. Deceased had for some time resided at Buxton with her daughter, Mrs. Summers, where death took place at the age of 86 years. The chief mourners were Mr. and Mrs. Summers, Mr. and Mrs. R. Outram, Mrs. Fletcher, Mr. A. Outram, Mrs. Reaves, Misses Reaves, Mrs. Buxton, Mr Tom Morton, Mrs. Salt, Miss Summers, Miss Hampshire, Mrs. Hudson (Lead Mills), Mr. Stanley Outram and Mrs. J. S. Walker. The bearers were Messrs. J. Outram, H. Hawksworth; J. Sutton, J. Mosely and W. and J. Hudson. Floral tributes were from “Winnie”, “Florrie and Sammy”, “Ada”, Miss Hampshire, Mrs. and Miss Simpson, Mr. and Mrs. Moseley and family, “Ivy”, Mr. and Mrs. Bukin, Mr. and Mrs. Marshall, Lizzie Pryce, “Arthur, Lily and children”, “Ada's children”. The Rector, the Rev. H. Saunders Williams, officiated.
[Contributed by Rosemary Lockie]

The Derbyshire Times, Saturday, June 28th, 1930, p.14, c2

A Native of Eyam : Death of Mr H. Ridgeway

Herbert Ridgeway - aged 65. Director of Messrs Ridgeway & Sons. Founded by 2 elder brothers John & Henry 45 years ago (c.1885) Herbert and Isaac became partners in firm about 17 years ago.
[Contributed by Brian Austin]

The Derbyshire Times, Thursday, June 6th, June 1966. [1996?]

Mr P. Ridgeway, Eyam

Mr Peter William Ridgeway, of Beaconsfield Cottage, Eyam, has died at home, aged 68.

Mr. Ridgeway was born at Eyam and had lived there all his life.

A retired plant manager, he had worked for Laporte Industries, Cavendish Plant, Stoney Middleton, for over 40 years.

Mr Ridgeway was a sidesman and deputy church warden at Eyam Church and local organiser for British Legion poppy collections. His interests also included being a supporter of Derby County FC and being a keen gardener.

He leaves a widow, Mary, a son, a daughter and four grandchildren.

A service at St Lawrence's Church, Eyam, was followed by interment in the churchyard.
[Contributed by Brian Austin]

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