Eyam - Licensed Victuallers 1753-1764

D.R.O. Reference: Q/RA 1/1  1753-1764
Collected and transcribed by Janet Kirk © 2004

Note: 1753-1757 were all single line entries, with the parishes in no particular order within the High Peak Hundred. It appears as though 1757 wasn't fully completed and 1758/9 not done at all. There are a few blank pages in the book before the resumption with 1760. 1760-1764 are entered in separate parishes.

High Peak Hundred (All paid the sum of ten pounds)

LicenseeSuretorSuretor's AbodeOccupation of Suretor
Thos HallamJohn MortonEyam 
Abel Topley (sic)John MortonEyam 
Geoffrey TaylorThos BarberDale Head 
John Wean (sic)John GregoryEyam 
Francis RedfearnJohn GregoryEyam 
Thos HarrisonEyam 
Jos (sic) Needham
Of Eyam Edge
Ellis Marlon(sic)
James BrightmanGodfrey BrightmanEyam 
Wm TalbotJohn MiddletonEyam 
Wm Fryth (sic)Joseph DrabbleEyam 
Joseph DrabbleWm FrithEyam 
1754 (Sept 3)
John WainJoseph BennettGoatcliffe 
Wm FrithJos DrabbleEyam 
Jos DrabbleAbel ToplissEyam 
Richard TalbotMatthew FurniceStoney Middleton 
Thos FroggattStoney Middleton 
Tho MortonThos WinterbottomPeak Forest 
Geoffrey TaylorJohn GregoryEyam 
Abel ToplissJohn BrightmoreGrindleford Bridge 
James BrightmoreJohn GregoryEyam 
Geoffrey TaylorEyam 
Tho HallamMatt FurniceStoney Middleton 
1755 (Sept 2)
Francis RedfearnJoseph SellersEyamConstable
Thomas HaltonPhilip SheldonEyamYeoman
Joseph SellersEyamFarmer
James BrightJames Siddale (sic)EyamMiner
John WeanEyamMiner
John WayneJoseph SellersEyamFarmer
Abel Totley (sic)Joseph SellersEyamFarmer
James SiddallEyamMiner
Wm Frith"own bail"  
Richard Talbot"own bail"  
Geoffrey Taylor"own bail"  
Geo Balme (sic)John WainEyamVict
James BrightAbel ToplissEyamMiner
Wm FrithJames BrightmoreGrindleford BridgeFarmer
Hanna (sic) Hallam
Philip SheldonEyamYeoman
John WainEyamVict
Richd TalbotWalter FroggattCalver 
Geoffrey TaylorJames BrightEyamMiner
Abel ToplissWm SwiftEdaleFarmer
James BrightmoreGeorge Talbot  
Francis BywaterThos Froggatt  
Wm FrithGeo Balm  
John Cooper  
(no forename) HaysJessey Taylor  
(No records kept)
(No records kept)
James BrightmoreGeorge Goodward  
Wm FrithRobert Lees  
Richard Harrison  
Hannah BywaterWalter Froggatt  
Philip Sheldon  
Wm TalbotWalter Froggatt  
John WainJosiah Alsop  
Widow Bru--ett?Peter Furnace  
James Brightmore  
Wm TalbotThomas Lomas  
Mary BroomheadRobt Frith  
Edwd Winterbotham  
Rbt FrithWm Mottram  
Geoffrey TaylorWm Talbot  
John Slack  
Joseph WilsonJohn Thornhill  
James BrightmoreThos Froggatt  
John WeanWm Chetham (sic)  
Wm FrithJohn Mosley  
Wm TalbotJohn Allen  
Wm SmithJohn Gregory  
James BrightmoreJoseph Willson  
Rbt FrithJohn Froggatt  
Joseph WillsonGeorge Bowue?  
Joseph WilsonJoseph Chapman  
Wm FrithJohn Froggatt  
Rbt Frith  
Rbt FrithJohn Froggatt  
James BrightmoreJoseph Glave  
Thomas MarsdenJohn Allen  
Joseph GlaveJames Brightmore  
Joseph WilsonJohn Bradbury  
Joseph HoweWm Frith  
Wm FrithGeorge Howe  
Matthew Faw.?  
Rbt FrithMatthew Frost  
Wm GregoryMatthew Furnis  
Thos MarsdenHenry Merryll  
David Crossland  
James BrightmoreJames Shaw  

Collected and transcribed by Janet Kirk in February 2004.

A List of the above (1753-1764) by Name
An asterisk (*) in the column below the year against a name indicates that individual's name was recorded as a licensee that year.

  1753 1754 1755 1756 1757 1760 1761 1762 1763 1764
Geo Balme (sic)   *      
James Brightmore**********
Mary Broomhead      *   
Widow Bru--ett?     *    
Hannah Bywater     *    
Francis Bywater    *     
Joseph Drabble**        
Robert Frith      ****
William Frith******* **
Joseph Glave        * 
Wm Gregory         *
Tho Hallam**        
Hanna (sic) Hallam   *      
Thomas Halton  *       
(no forename) Hays    *     
Joseph Howe         *
Thomas Marsden        **
Tho Morton *        
Jos (sic) Needham*         
Francis Redfearn* *       
Wm Smith       *  
Wm Talbot*    ***  
Richard Talbot ***      
Geoffrey Taylor****  *   
Abel Topliss** *      
Abel Totley (sic)  *       
John Wain***  **   
Joseph Wilson      ****

Note: As it states above, the entries for 1757 were incomplete, and there were no entries at all for 1758/9.

Tabulated by Rosemary Lockie in February 2004.

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