Eyam & Highlow, a List of Voters, 1832

Transcribed by Janet Kirk, © Copyright 2004

This list of Voters is extracted from microfiche of Bakewell Polling District available at the Derbyshire Record Office.

Electors' NamesPlace of ResidenceNature of QualificationWhere situate, and in
whose occupation
Edward Benjamin BAGSHAWEyam RectoryFreehold landsEyam
William BRIGHTMOREMorton nr Gainsbro'Freehold malthousesEyam
Thomas BOOTHEdensorFreehold landsEyam
John BAGSHAWEyamFreehold house & landEyam
Matthew BARTONChesterfieldFreehold house & landEyam
John BRIGHTMOREHighlow HallFreehold house & landEyam
Thomas BENSONEyamFreehold house & landEyam
Isaac BLACKWELLEyamFreehold landEyam
William BRAMWELLEyamFreehold house & landEyam
William BAILEYEyamFreehold house & landEyam
Robert BROOMHEADEyamFreehold houseEyam
John BOOTHEyamFreehold house & landEyam
Samuel BLACKWELLEyamFreehold house & landEyam
Godfrey BAILEYEyamFreehold house & landEyam
Francis COCKER JnrEyam£50 rental house & landEyam
John CUNDYStoney MiddletonFreehold landEyam
William CANTRELLWirksworthFreehold landEyam
James COOPEREccleshall nr SheffieldFreehold houses & landEyam
John COOPERHigh St SheffieldFreehold landEyam
Francis COCKER SnrEyamFreehold house & landEyam
John DENMAN14 Newington Place,
Kennington, Surrey
Freehold houses & landEyam
Micah EYREHighlowFreehold housesEyam
Samuel FURNISSEyamFreehold landEyam
Peter FURNISS JnrEyamFreehold houses & landEyam, occupied by bro
Thos & Peter Furniss
Thomas FURNISSEyamFreehold landEyam
William FROGGATTEyamFreehold house & buildingsEyam
Thomas FENTOMEyamFreehold houses & landEyam
James FURNISSMiddleton Bank TopFreehold house & landEyam
Peter FURNISS SnrEyamFreehold landEyam
Richard FURNISSDoreFreehold houses & landEyam & Cocks Bridge
Francis FRITHEyamFreehold houseEyam
George HAWKSWORTHEyamFreehold houseEyam
William LOWEMill Gate, BakewellFreehold house & landEyam
James MOWEREyamFreehold houses & landEyam
William MOSELEYStoney MiddletonFreehold house & buildingsJohn Lankly & other tenants
Roger MORTONWest Handley, StaveleyFreehold landEyam
John MORTONBrettonFreehold landEyam
Henry OLLERENSHAWEyamFreehold landEyam
George PURSEGLOVEEyamFreehold landEyam
John PALFREYMANEyamFreehold houseEyam
Abraham SLINNEyamFreehold house & landEyam
Verdan SIDDALLEyamFreehold house & landEyam
Henry TOWNSENDEyamFreehold landEyam
John UNWIN JnrEyamFreehold houseEyam
Edward UNWINEyamFreehold house & landEyam
Peter WRIGHTEyamFreehold houses & landEyam
John William WRIGHTEyamFreehold houses & landEyam
Daniel WILLIS JnrEyamFreehold house & gardenEyam
Daniel WILLIS SnrEyamFreehold house & gardenEyam
William WYATTEyam£50 rentalEyam

Transcribed by Janet Kirk in November 2004 from microfiche of Bakewell Polling District.

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