Whittington (selected entries) (Derbyshire) 1901 Census

Transcription from film/fiche of original Census returns held by The National Archives.
Reference RG13/3250-3252

This information was collected by Jayne Smith (formerly McHugh) from various sources during her “One Place Study” of Whittington. Contributions from other submitters are also gratefully acknowledged.
Selected entries only. TNA References RG13/3250 & RG13/3252

SURNAME Forenames ADDRESS Relation STATUS/ AGE Occupation EMPLOYMENT Where Born
BAKERErnest34 Sheffield Rd.VisitorS25Waiter Inn Whittington, DBY
BARNESEmily38 Sheffield Rd.WifeM28  Louth, LIN
BARNESJames38 Sheffield Rd.HeadM32Drapers AssistantWorkerHeckington, LIN
BRADFIELDAgusta M.297 Sheffield Rd.DaurS14School pupil Cinderford, GLS
BRADFIELDBenjamin297 Sheffield Rd.HeadM44Electric Fire MakerWorkerElton, GLS
BRADFIELDDorothy M.297 Sheffield Rd.DaurS8  Cinderford, GLS
BRADFIELDElizabeth C.297 Sheffield Rd.WifeM40  GLS
BRADFIELDMary B.297 Sheffield Rd.DaurS4  Cinderford, GLS
BRADFIELDMatilda E.297 Sheffield Rd.DaurS10  Cinderford, GLS
BRADFIELDWilliam Ben297 Sheffield Rd.SonS17Iron Worker Cinderford, GLS
BUCKBeaty39 Sheffield Rd.DaurS7  Whittington, DBY
BUCKClara39 Sheffield Rd.DaurS18  Whittington, DBY
BUCKEmily39 Sheffield Rd.DaurS11  Whittington, DBY
BUCKHilda39 Sheffield Rd.DaurS9  Whittington, DBY
BUCKJohn J.39 Sheffield Rd.SonS22ButcherOwn accountWhittington, DBY
BUCKMary A.39 Sheffield Rd.WifeM45  Beeston, NTT
BUCKThomas39 Sheffield Rd.HeadM54PublicanOwn accountDeeping, NTH
CANTRELLLinda35 Sheffield Rd.ServS26Servant domestic Brimington, DBY
ELLISMary B.299 Sheffield RdWifeM31  Bingley, YKS
ELLISSquire299 Sheffield RdHeadM41Carpenter & JoinerEmployerMasbro., YKS
FLINDERSClara296 Sheffield Rd.DaurS13Sweet FactoryWorkerBrimington, DBY
FLINDERSDorothy296 Sheffield Rd.DaurS2  New Whittington, DBY
FLINDERSElizabeth A.296 Sheffield Rd.DaurS12  Brimington, DBY
FLINDERSElsie40 Sheffield RdServS18Servant domesticWorkerWhittington, DBY
FLINDERSEmily296 Sheffield Rd.WifeM39  Handsworth Woodhouse, YKS
FLINDERSEmily296 Sheffield Rd.DaurS10  New Whittington, DBY
FLINDERSFlora296 Sheffield Rd.DaurS4mo  New Whittington, DBY
FLINDERSJohn296 Sheffield Rd.SonS5  New Whittington, DBY
FLINDERSLlewellyn296 Sheffield Rd.SonS8  New Whittington, DBY
FLINDERSTom296 Sheffield Rd.HeadM38Assurance AgentWorkerNew Whittington, DBY
GARRODAnnie36 Sheffied Rd.WifeM61  Oakley, SFK
GARRODJohn36 Sheffied Rd.SonS29Pte. Soldier InfantryOn furloughBurnham, NFK
GARRODWilliam H.36 Sheffied Rd.Gran SonS12  Hellifield, YKS
GARRODZachariah36 Sheffied Rd.HeadM62Grocer+ ConfectionerOwn account at HomeDiss, NFK
HUSONHannah37 Sheffield Rd.WifeM25  Stonegravels, DBY
HUSONJohn37 Sheffield Rd.HeadM29Potter EarthenwareWorkerBrampton, DBY
KEAREArthur40 Sheffield RdHeadM30Drug Store KeeperOwn accountLeamington, WAR
KEAREArthur E.40 Sheffield RdSonS6mo  Whittington, DBY
KEAREEmily E.40 Sheffield RdWifeM34  Whittington, DBY
LOACHAlbert35 Sheffield Rd.SonS19Artist in managementWorker at HomeWhittington, DBY
MACHINAlice34 Sheffield Rd.WifeM25  Whittington, DBY
MACHINCharlotte34 Sheffield Rd.DaurS8  Whittington, DBY
MACHINThomas34 Sheffield Rd.HeadM36PublicanWorker at HomeWhittington, DBY
MOSLEYAnnie298 Sheffield Rd.WifeM29  Peterborough, LEI
MOSLEYJames G.298 Sheffield Rd.SonS9  Whittington, DBY
MOSLEYJoseph298 Sheffield Rd.SonS5  Newbold, DBY
MOSLEYJoseph298 Sheffield Rd.HeadM39Coal Miner HewerWorkerWhittington, DBY
MOSLEYMaggie298 Sheffield Rd.DaurS1  Newbold, DBY
MOSLEYWilliam G.298 Sheffield Rd.SonS7  Newbold, DBY
PEPPERJohn T.298 Sheffield Rd.LodgerS45Coal Miner HewerWorkerLEI
PILCHERArthur W.300 Sheffield Rd.HeadM39Carpenter & JoinerEmployerBilston, STS
PILCHEREdgar300 Sheffield Rd.SonS10  Manningham, YKS
PILCHERFlorence B.300 Sheffield Rd.DaurS13  Pilsley, DBY
PILCHERGeorge W.300 Sheffield Rd.SonS9  Manningham, YKS
PILCHERSabrina300 Sheffield Rd.WifeM44  Locker Lane, DBY
RAWSONWilliam35 Sheffield Rd.BoarderS Pianist/MusicWorker at HomeBarnsley, YKS
RAYBOULDFrederick35 Sheffield Rd.ServS13Errand boyWorkerNewbold, DBY
RAYBOULDWilliam39 Sheffield Rd.BoarderS22Bus DriverWorkerWhittington, DBY
SWAINMartha Ann298 Sheffield Rd.Mother in LawWid60  BKS
WORTLEYAda35 Sheffield Rd.ServS21Servant domesticWorkerSheffield, YKS

[Collated and transcribed by Jayne Smith (formerly McHugh). Reproduced with kind permission]

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