Whittington (Derbyshire) - Parish Newsletter, June 1998

This information was collected by Jayne Smith (formerly McHugh), during her “One Place Study” of Whittington. It was previously part of her North West Derbyshire website.

From a Parish Newsletter, June, 1998.
Saint Bartholomew's Church, Old Whittington.

Funerals which took place in April and May, 1998 - May they rest in peace.

Funeral in Whittingon Church prior to burial in the Churchyard.

12th April - George Albert NUNN, 78 Years, Whittington N.H. formerly 28 Ashcroft Drive, Old Whittington.
24th April - Thomas LIMB, 83 years, 14 Roecar Close, Old Whittington.
30th April - William Robert MUIR, 59 years, 14 Newby Road, Newbold.
21st May - Ethel TOWNS, 86 years, Whittington N.H. Formerly 12 Glossop Croft.

Funeral in Whittington Church prior to cremation at Brimington

26th April - Edith Alam MOORE, 73 years, 5 Mount Pleasant, Old Whittington.

Cremation at Brimington

7th April - Florence BOND, 68 Years, 16 Hilltop Road, Old Whittington.
16th April - Gary Arthur LEWIS, 54 years, 6 Pynot Road, Old Whittington.
29th April - Ethel BARLOW, 82 Years, Whttington Nursing Home.
11th May - Raymond COOPER, 76 years, 15 Victoria Street North, Old Whittington.
12th May - David Peat BOOTH, 85 Years, Whittington N.H. formerly 163 Holland Road.
14th May - Jenney FINNEY, 48 Years, 49 Ashcroft Drive, Old Whittington.
18th May - Daphne MAY, 70 Years, 1 Green Street, Old Whittington.

Information collected and transcribed by Jayne McHugh. Reproduced with kind permission.

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