Whittington - Roll of Seatholders, circa 1686/7

This information was collected by Jayne Smith (formerly McHugh), during her “One Place Study” of Brampton. It was previously part of her North West Derbyshire website.
Transcription is by Stephen Kimberley, © Copyright 2003

St Bartholmew's Church, Whittington
[Recorded on March 23, 1867]

Note: the list as supplied was dated 23rd March 1867, but it is believed this relates to an evaluation of the Roll, as evidence from other documents suggests the Roll itself relates to a much earlier period, around 1686/7. Specifically, the Churchwardens named towards the end of the list - Henry LOWE and John WEBSTER - were recorded in a list of Parish Officials for 1686,. but these two names do not appear together as Churchwardens again until 1731. And John AKRODE (an unusual surname) who is cited as having written the old roll, is mentioned as recently deceased (‘late Mr ACRODE’) in a Roll of the Seats in Brampton Church for the years 1637 & 1707. [Ed: He was buried at Old Brampton on 3rd November 1705]

South Side

I. Richard Banks.

II. Geo. Gilberthorpe.

III. Henry Lowe,
  Godfrey Stubbing.

IV. John Froggatt.

V. The Christening seat, & when no christening, Martin Wolstenholme and Edward Nadin

VI. Thos. Gillot
  Richard Stubbing
  Nicholas Edge
  Godfrey Hounsfield
  Thomas Gervas
  John Webster

VII.  William Sprentall
  Geo. Clayton

VIII. Thos. Renshaw
  Thos Gillot

IX. John Webster & George Plumtree, tenant to Josuah Webster
  Mr Sanderson
  Saml. Thorpe.

X. John Rogers and James Nailor
  Samson Candlin
  Geo. Holmes. Junr.

XI. Wm Sprentall
  Henry Lowe
  Thos. Gillot
  Wm. Sprentall, Junr.

XII. John Froggatt
  Widow Gilberthorpe
  Robt. Reynold
  Thos. Renshaw

XIII. Godfrey Stubbing
  Henry Lowe, (Solomon's Lowe)
  Wm. Norledge
  Geo. Plumtree, tenant to Josuah Webster

XIV. Widow Gilberthorpe
  James Hewit
  Saml. Thorpe
  Alice Edge

XV. Saml. Thorpe
  Alice Edge
  John Renshaw
  John Hall

North Side

XVI. Wm. Sprentall
  Geo. Wright
  James Belfield
  Robert Reynold

XVII. Symon Glossop
  John Cosen
  Geo. Wood
  Mary Holmes
  John Belfield

XVIII. Geo. Gilberthorpe
  James Nailor
  James Worstenholme
  Geo. Pearson
  Wm. Nailor

XIX. Wm. Sprentall, Senr.
  Wm. Sprentall, Junr.
  Geo. Edge
  Antony Banks
  John Turner

XX. John Bower
  Alice Edge
  John Sykes, Senr.
  Widow Gilberthorpe
  James Belfield

XXI. Godfrey Hounsfield
  Wm. Nailor
  James Thorpe
  Wm. Banks
  Thos Gillot

XXII. John Froggatt
  Sampson Candlin
  Wm. Pearson
  Godfrey Webster

XXIII. Robt. Reynold
  Wm. Norledge
  Peter Webster
  James Hewit

XXIV. Godfrey Stubbing
  John Hall
  Wm. Banks
  Mrs Poles
  Henry Lowe

XXV. Wm. Sykes
  Widow Lowe
  Thos Millard
  Geo. Wright

XXVI. John Hind
  Wm. Sykes.
  Robert Hewit
  Wm. Banks
  Thos. Millard

XXVII. John Hall
  Godfrey Webster
  Peter Webster.
  Geo. Wright

XXVIII. Nicholas Sanderson
  John Webster
  Wm. Pearson.
  John Sykes

The Ministers Seat or Reading Desk, The Clerk & Schoolmasters. These not mentioned in the Roll.

XXIX. Henry Lowe

The old Roll was wrote by Mr John Akrode, who lived sometime in Brampton Parish and was signed by the following persons, viz:-

Rector, John Froggatt

Churchwardens. Henry Lowe, John Webster

Sidesmen. Robt. Hewit

Parish Clerk. Godfrey Stubbing

Schoolmaster. John Hall

Thos. Callice, John Hinde, Geo. Wright, John Sykes, Robt. Reynold, Thos. Gillot, James Thorpe, John Key, Nicholas Sanderson, James Hewit, John Bower, Wm Sprentall, Senr., Wm. Sprentall, Junr., Godfrey Hounsfield

Extracted and transcribed by Stephen Kimberley. Reproduced by courtesy of Jayne McHugh.

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