Baslow and Bubnell (Derbyshire) 1861 Census
Surname Index

P.R.O. Reference # RG9/2538

PARISH: Bakewell, TOWNSHIP: Baslow with Bubnell

Compiled from a set of transcriptions of Baslow-with-Bubnell Census very kindly provided by David Dalrymple-Smith.
For further information about abbreviations and codings &c. see The Baslow Census Coding.

Individuals are listed below in alphabetical order of Surname and Forename, and in descending order of Age. STREET is a coded reference to the address of the Household containing that member (as defined in the above Baslow Census Coding). UNIQUE is “Census + NUM” of first entry, intended for use to cross-reference people from Census to Census.

A listing by Household of Baslow and Bubnell is available on a separate webpage. Or click on a name below to take you to the Household containing that family member.

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ADDY, Charles 27 M H  
ADDY, Enoch 3 M H C758
ADDY, Hannah 57 F H  
ADDY, Sarah 31 F H  
ALLSOP, George 44 M D  
ALLSOP, Harriet 43 F D  
ALLSOP, John 9 M D C121
ASHTON, Elizabeth 43 F D  
ASHTON, Hannah 41 F D  
ASHTON, Millicent 39 F D  
ASKEY, George 14 M B  
ASKEY, James 23 M B  
ASKEY, Joanna 54 F B  
ASKEY, John jun 18 M B  
ASKEY, John sen 66 M B  


BACK, Elizabeth 18 F D  
BACON, Alexander 24 M H  
BACON, Sarah 30 F H  
BACON, William 1 M H C631
BADDSLEY, Eliza H 36 F B  
BAGSHAW, Joseph 22 M P  
BAMPTON, Esther 8 F H C702
BAMPTON, Jane 10 F H  
BAMPTON, Mary 38 F H  
BAMPTON, Sarah 4 F H C703
BARKER, Albert 51 M B  
BARKER, Emma 12 F B  
BARKER, George D 8 M B C051
BARKER, John 21 M P  
BARKER, Mary 17 F B  
BARKER, Sarah 72 F B  
BARKER, William 49 M B  
BARKER, William 22 M H  
BARTON, Alice 48 F P  
BARTON, Joseph 40 M F  
BARTON, Maria 47 F F  
BARTON, Theophilus 28 M P  
BARTON, Thomas 63 M P  
BENTLEY, Thomas 15 M P  
BERESFORD, Lavinia 21 F H  
BESWICK, Charles 22 M H A728
BESWICK, Charlotte 26 F H A726
BESWICK, Emily 20 F B C040
BESWICK, Jarvis 51 M H A724
BESWICK, John 24 M H A727
BESWICK, Ruth 13 F H B816
BESWICK, Walter 1 M H C856
BETNEY, Anne 46 F H  
BETNEY, Charlotte 5 F P C474
BETNEY, Edmund 58 M P  
BETNEY, Ellen 17 F H  
BETNEY, Emily 4 F H C656
BETNEY, Emma 32 F P  
BETNEY, George 19 M H  
BETNEY, Jane 8 F H C654
BETNEY, Joseph 47 M H  
BETNEY, Joseph 13 M H  
BETNEY, Mary 61 F P  
BETNEY, Mary 23 F P  
BETNEY, Mary 6 F H C655
BETNEY, Sarah 0 F P  
BETNEY, Thomas 33 M P  
BETNEY, Thomas 18 M H  
BETNEY, Thomas 5 M P C475
BINGHAM, Charles 16 M M  
BINGHAM, Job 13 M M  
BLACKLAND, Anne 27 F D  
BLACKSHAW, Mary 16 F H  
BLAGDEN, Abraham 44 M F  
BLAGDEN, Alfred 34 M P  
BLAGDEN, Elizabeth 27 F P  
BLAGDEN, Martha 13 F P  
BLAGDEN, William 10 M P  
BOALER, Elizabeth An 10 F P  
BOALER, John 34 M P  
BOALER, Joseph 20 M H  
BOALER, Mary 9 F P C482
BODDINGTON, Sarah A 17 F D  
BODEN, Martha 56 F P  
BODEN, Samuel 49 M P  
BONNER, Elizabeth 27 F F  
BOTTOM, Matilda 19 F H  
BRANSON, Elizabeth 43 F D  
BRANSON, Ferguson 51 M D  
BRIDDON, George 47 M D  
BRIDDON, Horatio 42 M D  
BRIDDON, John 6 M D C266
BRIDDON, Rebecca 37 F D  
BRIDDON, Ruth 12 F D  
BRIDGE, Dorothy 36 F P  
BRIGHTLAND, Hannah 42 F P  
BRIGHTLAND, Henry 13 M P  
BRIGHTMORE, Albert 17 M P B379
BRIGHTMORE, Alice 6 F P C466
BRIGHTMORE, Barbara 58 F P C617
BRIGHTMORE, Elizabeth 56 F P A579
BRIGHTMORE, Hannah 48 F P C543
BRIGHTMORE, John 62 M P A578
BRIGHTMORE, John 56 M P A571
BRIGHTMORE, Jonathon 31 M P A575
BRIGHTMORE, Mary 58 F P A573
BRIGHTMORE, Mary 32 F P C464
BRIGHTMORE, Thomas 0 M P C469
BRIGHTMORE, Walter 4 M P C467
BRIGHTMORE, William 33 M P A574
BRIGHTMORE, William 2 M P C468
BRISTOL, Agnes 5 F D C246
BRISTOL, Bernard 15 M D  
BRISTOL, Clement 9 M D C243
BRISTOL, Elizabeth 44 F D  
BRISTOL, Elizabeth 11 F D  
BRISTOL, Joseph 74 M D  
BRISTOL, Louisa 6 F D C244
BRISTOL, Mary 13 F D  
BROOKES, Charlotte 67 F H  
BROOKES, Ellen 22 F P  
BROOKES, Mary 34 F H  
BROOKES, Selina 5 F H C641
BROOMHEAD, Anne 33 F H  
BROOMHEAD, Catherine 30 F H  
BROOMHEAD, John 55 M H  
BROOMHEAD, Mary 60 F H  
BROOMHEAD, Nicholas B 30 M H  
BROOMHEAD, Sarah E 14 F D  
BROOMHEAD, William 38 M H  
BROWM, Isaac 18 M B  
BROWN, Hannah 17 F R  
BROWN, Thomas 22 M R  
BROWN, William 62 M R  
BROWN, William B 0 M P C534
BROWNE, Jane 71 F P  
BROWNE, John 61 M P  
BUCKLEY, Elizabeth 53 F B  
BUCKLEY, John 17 M B  
BUCKLEY, Sarah 12 F B  
BUFTON, John 70 M P A364
BUFTON, Samuel 68 M D A882
BUFTON, Sarah 61 F P A365
BUFTON, William 17 M P B325


CAINES, Catherine 40 F D  
CAINES, Gertrude 6 F D C248
CAMPBELL, John 20 M H  
CAWTON, Charles 58 M D  
CAWTON, Mary 53 F D  
CHESTER, William 27 M D  
CLARKE, Joseph 21 M H  
CLAYTON, Anne 17 F H  
COATES, Alfred 32 M D B165
COATES, Caroline 30 F D B167
COATES, Elizabeth 19 F H C697
COCKER, Anne 67 F D  
COCKER, Elizabeth 72 F P  
COCKER, Mary 69 F P  
COCKER, William 57 M P  
COLLEY, Francis R 2 M P C432
COLLEY, Sarah C 30 F P  
COLLEY, Sarah G 1 F P C433
CONDELL, Julia 38 F H  
CONDELL, William 53 M H  
COOPER, Anne 56 F D  
COOPER, Anne 11 F D  
COOPER, Fanny 15 F D  
COOPER, Georgiana 19 F H  
COOPER, Harriet 24 F D  
COOPER, Peter 63 M D  
COOPER, William 28 M D  
CRAIZER, Louise 34 F B  


DANIEL, Eliza 30 F H  
DANIEL, Elizabeth 45 F H  
DANIEL, Elizabeth 1 F H C661
DANIEL, Priscilla 4 F H C660
DANIEL, William 25 M H  
DAVIDSON, Anne 60 F D B699
DAVIDSON, Mary 15 F D B700
DAVIDSON, Robert 62 M D AA67
DERBYSHIRE, Charles 15 M D  
DERBYSHIRE, Jonathon 13 M D  


EATON, Mary 15 F H  
EDGE, George Henry 4 M P C523
EDWARDS, John 25 M D  
ELLIOTT, Hannah E 7 F D C332
ELLIOTT, Mary Anne 13 F D  
ELLIS, Robert 54 M P  
EVANS, Sarah H 15 F D  
EYRE, Eliza 24 F B  
EYRE, Joseph 28 M B  
EYRE, Joshua J 25 M D  
EYRE, Joshua jun 69 M D  
EYRE, Sarah 69 F D  


FARROW, Eliza 51 F B  
FARROW, Sarah 24 F B  
FARROW, William 86 M B  
FEARNE, Alexander 35 M D  
FEARNE, Edmund 6 M H C848
FEARNE, George 43 M H  
FEARNE, Mary 64 F D  
FEARNE, Maryanne 34 F H  
FEARNE, Maryanne 4 F H C849
FOULDES, Mary 48 F P  
FOY, Anne 25 F P  
FOY, Elizabeth 3 F P C382
FOY, John 8 M P C380
FOY, William 34 M P  
FOY, William 6 M P C381
FROGGATT, Alexander 59 M N A610
FROGGATT, Benjamin 57 M R A031
FROGGATT, Benjamin 12 M R B780
FROGGATT, Charlotte 50 F B AA19
FROGGATT, Charlotte 9 F B C061
FROGGATT, Fanny D 9 F R C863
FROGGATT, Frances 48 F R B778
FROGGATT, Hannah 21 F B AA21
FROGGATT, James 13 M N B825
FROGGATT, John 15 M N A617
FROGGATT, John 11 M R B781
FROGGATT, Joseph 17 M B B920
FROGGATT, Martha 15 F B B921
FROGGATT, Mary 50 F N B818
FROGGATT, Richard 11 M N B826
FROST, Joanna 74 F P  


GARDNER, Anne 38 F P  
GARDNER, Catherine 16 F P  
GARDNER, Elizbeth 14 F B  
GARDNER, George 48 M P  
GARDNER, George 9 M P C372
GARDNER, Mary 6 F P C373
GARDNER, Rebecca 11 F P  
GARDOM, Agnes 10 F F B661
GARDOM, Benjamin T 13 M B C020
GARDOM, Edward J 10 M B C021
GARDOM, Eleanor M 12 F F B660
GARDOM, Elizabeth An 14 F F B659
GARDOM, George F 14 M B C019
GARDOM, John William 16 M B B669
GARDOM, Margaret 53 F B C017
GARDOM, Mary 47 F F B657
GARDOM, Mary F 15 F F B658
GARDOM, Thomas W 50 M F A735
GARDOM, Thomas W 8 M F C817
GARNER, George J 0 M D C165
GARNER, Hannah 31 F D  
GARNER, James 32 M D  
GARNER, John J 2 M D C164
GARNER, Louisa 6 F D C162
GARNER, Robert J 4 M D C163
GASKIN, Thomas 22 M D  
GEESON, Arthur 8 M D C340
GEESON, Elizabeth 41 F D B199
GEESON, George 12 M D B202
GEESON, Lydia 9 F P C366
GEESON, Ralph 32 M P A279
GEESON, Thomas Wall 10 M P A279
GEORGE, Sarah 61 F D  
GILBERT, Anne 54 F D  
GILBERT, Elizabeth 30 F D  
GILBERT, John 52 M D  
GILBERT, John 17 M B  
GLOSSOP, Harriet 23 F D  
GOODWIN, Esther 74 F D  
GREATOREX, Elizabeth 15 F P  
GREEN, Catherine 68 F B  
GREEN, Elizabeth 41 F H  
GREEN, Emma 3 F H C637
GREEN, Henry 66 M B  
GREEN, John H 1 M H C638
GREEN, Mary C 8 F H C635
GREEN, Matthew 40 M H  
GREEN, Sarah 6 F H C636
GREENHAUGH, Sarah 59 F B  
GREGORY, Anne 41 F D  
GREGORY, Anne 30 F P  
GREGORY, Anne 0 F P C571
GREGORY, Annie 7 F D C257
GREGORY, Charles 14 M D  
GREGORY, Elizabeth 18 F D  
GREGORY, Emma 8 F D C321
GREGORY, Frederic 11 M D  
GREGORY, George 31 M P  
GREGORY, George 19 M D  
GREGORY, Hannah 46 F B  
GREGORY, Harriet 49 F D  
GREGORY, John 49 M D  
GREGORY, John 47 M B  
GREGORY, John 21 M D  
GREGORY, Joseph 39 M D  
GREGORY, Joseph 6 M D C258
GREGORY, Louisa 9 F D C256
GREGORY, Smith 17 M B  
GREGORY, Thomas 11 M B  
GREGORY, Thomas 2 M D C259
GREGORY, William 16 M D  
GREGORY, William 12 M D  
GRIFFITHS, Jane 69 F D  
GRIMSHAW, Thomas J 5 M H C713


HADDOCK, Jane 17 F F  
HAGE, Dorothy 32 F F  
HAGE, Dorothy 28 F F  
HAGE, Samuel 36 M F  
HALL, Peter 30 M P  
HALL, Robert 9 M D C122
HALLATT, Thomas 81 M F  
HANCOCK, Hannah 20 F H  
HARRISON, William 20 M B  
HATTERSLEY, Anne 18 F F B881
HATTERSLEY, Elizabeth 28 F F A746
HATTERSLEY, George 27 M F A747
HATTERSLEY, Mary 32 F B A745
HATTERSLEY, Rebecca 2 F F C807
HATTERSLEY, Sarah 34 F B B649
HATTERSLEY, William 37 M B A744
HATTESWELL, Eliza 23 F B  
HATTESWELL, Elizabeth 60 F B  
HATTESWELL, Elizabeth 0 F B C016
HATTESWELL, Grace 36 F B  
HAWKINS, Hannah 56 F B  
HAWKINS, Sarah A 16 F D  
HAWKINS, Thomas 45 M B  
HAWLEY, Annie 1 F D C310
HAWLEY, Arthur V 4 M D C309
HAWLEY, Elizabeth 36 F D A630
HAWLEY, Hannah 73 F P C602
HAWLEY, James 35 M D B412
HAWLEY, Jasper 18 M D C311
HAWLEY, William John 11 M D B415
HEARNSHAW, Hannah 8 F P C586
HEARNSHAW, James 2 M P C587
HEARNSHAW, Mary 44 F P E457
HEARNSHAW, Sarah 15 F P B458
HEARNSHAW, Thomas 44 M P C588
HEARNSHAW, Thomas 16 M P B418
HEARNSHAW, William 54 M P A641
HEARNSHAW, William 11 M P B459
HEATHCOTE, Anne 40 F H  
HEATHCOTE, George 34 M H  
HEATHCOTE, Jonathon H 2 M H C730
HEATHCOTE, Joseph 0 M H C731
HEATHCOTE, Lydia 58 F P  
HEATHCOTE, Mary Anne 38 F H  
HERMAN, Hannah 23 F F  
HERNSHAW, Elizabeth 16 F D B133
HERNSHAW, James 46 M D A642
HERNSHAW, Jane 4 F D C305
HERNSHAW, Martha 42 F D B132
HERNSHAW, Mary Anne 14 F D B134
HERNSHAW, William 10 M D B135
HERRINGTON, Anne 65 F F B638
HERRINGTON, George 39 M R A009
HERRINGTON, Hannah 31 F R C865
HERRINGTON, Harriet 10 F R C866
HERRINGTON, Robert 4 M R C869
HERRINGTON, Sarah 8 F R C867
HETHERINGTON, William 9 M P C418
HIBBERD, Anne 60 F P A478
HIBBERD, Anne 36 F D B142
HIBBERD, Anne 20 F P B312
HIBBERD, Eliza 5 F P C621
HIBBERD, George 68 M D A044
HIBBERD, George 9 M P C619
HIBBERD, Hannah 72 F D A045
HIBBERD, John 7 M P C620
HIBBERD, Martha 30 F P C390
HIBBERD, Mary 32 F P C618
HIBBERD, Mary 30 F P A481
HIBBERD, Peter 42 M P A048
HIBBERD, Samuel 38 M D A047
HIBBERD, Thomas 2 M P C622
HIBBERD, William 28 M D A051
HICKS, Laura 26 F H  
HINDS, Annie 2 F H C721
HINDS, Charlotte S 23 F H A234
HINDS, Charlotte W 0 F H C722
HINDS, Henry 26 M H  
HINDS, Mary E 4 F H C720
HOBSON, Fanny 42 F D  
HODGETTS, Sarah 22 F D  
HODGKINSON, Catherine 9 F D C181
HODGKINSON, Edmund 11 M D  
HODGKINSON, Elizabeth 56 F D  
HODGKINSON, Joseph 50 M D  
HODGKINSON, Sarah 41 F D  
HOLDING, Elizabeth 10 F B B854
HOLDING, George 9 M B C029
HOLDING, Hannah 12 F B B853
HOLDING, John 47 M B B849
HOLDING, John 18 M B B851
HOLDING, Joseph 14 M B B852
HOLDING, Sarah 45 F B B850
HOLMES, Charles 31 M P A394
HOLMES, David 14 M P C425
HOLMES, Edwin 24 M H B488
HOLMES, Emma 57 F H B487
HOLMES, George 7 M P C421
HOLMES, Hannah 46 F B C068
HOLMES, Harriet 13 F H B491
HOLMES, Henry 25 M B C004
HOLMES, Jane 29 F P C420
HOLMES, John 57 M H A415
HOLMES, John 3 M P C423
HOLMES, Mary Emma 7 F H C673
HOLMES, Robert 5 M P C422
HOLMES, Sarah Anne 30 F H C670
HOLMES, William 1 M P C424
HOWARD, Alfred 16 M P  
HOWARD, Anne 31 F P  
HOWARD, Daniel A 0 M P C600
HOWARD, Elizabeth 14 F F  
HOWARD, Fanny 1 F P C513
HOWARD, George 22 M P  
HOWARD, Herbert 3 M P C512
HOWARD, John 52 M P  
HOWARD, John 40 M H  
HOWARD, Joseph 5 M P C511
HOWARD, Margaret 29 F P  
HOWARD, Mary 51 F P  
HOWARD, Mary 9 F P C520
HOWARD, Maryanne 9 F P C510
HOWARD, Richard 30 M P  
HOWARD, Samuel 18 M P  
HOWARD, Thomas 20 M P  
HOWARD, William 28 M P  
HUDSON, Elizabeth 64 F P  
HUDSON, John 25 M H  
HUDSON, Mary 23 F D  
HUDSON, Mary E 14 F F  
HUDSON, Mary E 0 F D C135
HUDSON, Sarah Anne 20 F P  
HUDSON, William 74 M P  
HUDSON, William 32 M D  
HULLEY, Aaron 18 M P B346
HULLEY, Abraham 5 M D C343
HULLEY, Anne 27 F P A675
HULLEY, Anne 6 F P C555
HULLEY, Elizabeth 54 F P B343
HULLEY, Elizabeth 30 F P C554
HULLEY, Elizabeth 25 F P A388
HULLEY, Elizabeth 20 F P A676
HULLEY, George 54 M P A383
HULLEY, Hannah 1 F H C707
HULLEY, Harriet 30 F D C342
HULLEY, Henry 11 M P B348
HULLEY, James 30 M D C341
HULLEY, John 0 M D C345
HULLEY, Joseph 32 M P A386
HULLEY, Jospeh sen 52 M P A673
HULLEY, Maria 38 F H C707
HULLEY, Mary 52 F P A674
HULLEY, Mary 4 F P C556
HULLEY, Mary 3 F D C344
HULLEY, Samuel 13 M P B347
HULLEY, Thomas 4 M H C706
HULLEY, William 54 M H B452
HULLEY, William 23 M P A389
HUTCHINSON, Robert 67 M H  


INGLEBY, Ninian 60 M H A777
INGLEBY, Richard 22 M H A779


JACKSON, David 23 M F  
JACKSON, Elizabeth 67 F D  
JACKSON, John 72 M D  
JENNINGS, John 20 M H  
JEPSON, Charles 24 M P  
JEPSON, Mary 54 F P  
JEPSON, Mary Anne 22 F P  
JEPSON, Thomas 56 M P  
JEPSON, Wythem 12 M P  
JONES, Elizabeth 52 F D  
JOPERS, Sarah Anne 23 F H  


KAY, Anne 32 F D C352
KAY, Charles 30 M D A017
KAY, Charlotte 77 F R A012
KAY, George 40 M M A816
KAY, Henry 0 M D C354
KAY, John 81 M R A011
KAY, John 14 M M B794
KAY, Ketura 6 F M C886
KAY, Maryanne 11 F M B795
KAY, Rebecca 2 F D C353
KAY, Sarah 39 F M B793
KAY, Thomas 42 M R A014
KEITH, Mary R 15 F H  
KELSEY, Phoebe 54 F D  
KERR, William 60 M P  
KEYWORTH, George 49 M P  
KEYWORTH, Mary Anne 42 F P  
KEYWORTH, Richard 39 M P  
KITCHIN, Anne 4 F B C084
KITCHIN, Emily 10 F B C081
KITCHIN, Emma 34 F B C080
KITCHIN, Fanny 13 F B B865
KITCHIN, John 8 M B C082
KITCHIN, Joseph 36 M B A966
KITCHIN, Joseph 0 M B C086
KITCHIN, Polly 12 F B C080
KITCHIN, Thomas 2 M B C085
KITCHIN, William 6 M B C083


LAMBE, William 39 M P  
LANGLEY, Joseph 25 M D  
LAYTHAM, Harriet 32 F D  
LAYTHAM, William 28 M D  
LAYTHAM, William H 2 M D C157
LEE, Emily 7 F P C483
LEECH, Edward 30 M D  
LEECH, Esther 63 F D  
LEECH, Eunice 25 F D  
LEECH, Henry 27 M D  
LEECH, John 32 M D  
LOMAS, Henry 17 M D  
LORD, Elizabeth 30 F D  


MAKIN, Elizabeth 83 F D  
MAKIN, Sarah 40 F D  
MANDER, Frances Anne 60 F D  
MARDSEN, Charles 36 M B  
MARPLES, Adelaide 8 F D C293
MARPLES, Calton 63 M D C284
MARPLES, Caroline 28 F D C323
MARPLES, Eliza 37 F D B674
MARPLES, Eliza 15 F H C699
MARPLES, Elizabeth 65 F D A266
MARPLES, Elizabeth 34 F D A274
MARPLES, Elizabeth 5 F D C324
MARPLES, Elizabeth 2 F D C203
MARPLES, Emily 23 F D C288
MARPLES, Fanny 4 F D C202
MARPLES, George 3 M F C902
MARPLES, Hannah 50 F D A348
MARPLES, Harriet 33 F F C901
MARPLES, Jacob 72 M D C206
MARPLES, James 13 M D B043
MARPLES, John 66 M D A272
MARPLES, John 57 M H B752
MARPLES, John 16 M D B042
MARPLES, John Henry 0 M F C903
MARPLES, John James 3 M D C325
MARPLES, John jun 32 M D A276
MARPLES, Joseph 5 M D C233
MARPLES, Mary 61 F D A149
MARPLES, Mary 57 F D B059
MARPLES, Mary 39 F D B041
MARPLES, Mary 28 F B C105
MARPLES, Mary 8 F D C232
MARPLES, Mary Anne 5 F B C107
MARPLES, Mary F 12 F D B044
MARPLES, Matthew 63 M D A065
MARPLES, Robert 30 M F A277
MARPLES, Samuel 39 M B C104
MARPLES, Samuel j 1 M B C106
MARPLES, Sarah 10 F D B045
MARPLES, Sarah 10 F D B675
MARPLES, Thomas 45 M D B673
MARPLES, Thomas 44 M D B673
MARPLES, Thomas 17 M D B684
MARPLES, Thomas 6 M D C201
MARPLES, Thomas 3 M D C234
MARPLES, William 62 M D A148
MARPLES, William 28 M H C632
MARPLES, William 27 M D A154
MARSDEN, Agnes 4 F P C563
MARSDEN, Anne 63 F P A462
MARSDEN, Anne 57 F H A798
MARSDEN, Clementina 25 F P D573
MARSDEN, Dorah 12 F P C560
MARSDEN, Edmund 73 M H A702
MARSDEN, Edmund 19 M P C559
MARSDEN, Elizabeth 49 F P A660
MARSDEN, Elizabeth 45 F P A548
MARSDEN, Elizabeth 15 F D C239
MARSDEN, Grace 66 F F A451
MARSDEN, James 45 M P A429
MARSDEN, John 45 M P A547
MARSDEN, John 37 M B B923
MARSDEN, John 10 M P C561
MARSDEN, Joseph 49 M P A659
MARSDEN, Joseph 47 M H A797
MARSDEN, Joseph 3 M P C593
MARSDEN, Martha 71 F P A629
MARSDEN, Martha 58 F H A463
MARSDEN, Martin 31 M B AA24
MARSDEN, Mary 47 F H A235
MARSDEN, Mary 18 F P B437
MARSDEN, Mary 4 F B C052
MARSDEN, Mary Anne 16 F H C769
MARSDEN, Robert 58 M P A461
MARSDEN, Samuel 16 M H B603
MARSDEN, Samuel H 3 M P C574
MARSDEN, Sarah 32 F B C050
MARSDEN, Shem 2 M P C564
MARSDEN, Susanna E 0 F P C575
MARSDEN, Walter 22 M P A662
MARSDEN, Walter 3 M P C594
MARSDEN, William 6 M P C562
MARSDEN, William jun 34 M P A631
MARSDEN, William sen 61 M P A628
MATHER, Sarah 32 F H  
MERRELL, Elizabeth 20 F H  
MERRELL, Thomas 50 M H  
MERRILL, Anne 7 F D C191
MERRILL, George 58 M D  
MERRILL, John 33 M D  
MILLER, William 14 M B  


NAVIN, Esther 55 F U B804
NAVIN, John 50 M U B803
NEWTON, John G 29 M P  
NOLAN, Anne 22 F B  
NOON, Mary 13 F B  
NORRIS, Henry 24 M H  
NOTON, Annie 8 F H C644
NOTON, Esther 56 F B  
NOTON, Esther 17 F H  
NOTON, Isaac 19 M B  
NOTON, John 1 M H C647
NOTON, Mary 43 F H  
NOTON, Mary 8 F B C057
NOTON, Samuel 40 M H  
NOTON, Samuel 25 M D  
NOTON, Samuel 5 M H C645
NOTON, Thomas 30 M B  
NOTON, William 4 M H C646


O'NEIL, Hugh 36 M B  
O'NEIL, Terence 36 M B  
ODDY, Harriet 55 F D AA61
OLDFIELD, Ellen 27 F P  
OLDFIELD, George 28 M P  
OLDFIELD, Sarah 29 F P  
OLDFIELD, Thomas 26 M P  
OLLIVANT, Anne 45 F R  
OLLIVANT, Charles 23 M R  
OLLIVANT, Hannah 60 F R  
OLLIVANT, Thomas 3 M R C878
ORIEGE, William 25 M D  


PASHLEY, Catherine 62 F H  
PENISTONE, Robert 29 M P  
PENISTONE, Sarah 66 F P  
PENNISTON, Anne 29 F F  
PENNISTON, Annie E 2 F F C824
PENNISTON, Ralph 34 M F  
PERRIS, Ellen 22 F D  
PERRIS, Henry W 21 M D  
PINDAR, Mary 28 F M C893
PINDAR, Maryanne 15 F M C894
PINDAR, Thomas 36 M M C892
PLATTS, Anne 33 F H  
PLATTS, Josiah 32 M H  
PONSONBY, George 7 M D C262
PONSONBY, Hannah 46 F D  
PONSONBY, James 45 M D  
POWELL, Mary S 21 F D  
PRIME, Mary 17 F B  


RANDLE, Anne 33 F D B005
RANDLE, Annie 7 F D C130
RANDLE, Ellen 10 F D B006
RANDLE, Israel 36 M D A287
RANDLE, Matilda 4 F D C131
RANDLE, Samuel 47 M D A437
REDFEARNE, Abraham 55 M B  
REDFEARNE, Harriet 58 F B  
RILEY, Anne 70 F P B256
RILEY, Charlotte 45 F H A510
RILEY, Elizabeth 36 F P A362
RILEY, Hannah 8 F H C745
RILEY, Jabez 32 M D A363
RILEY, John 74 M P A360
RILEY, John 38 M D A361
RILEY, John 15 M H B013
RILEY, Joseph 45 M H A509
RILEY, Joseph 19 M H B011
RILEY, Mary 12 F H B014
RILEY, Ruth 10 F H B015
RILEY, Samuel 2 M H C747
RILEY, Sarah 6 F H C746
RILEY, Thomas 17 M H B012
ROBERTS, Anne 30 F H  
ROBERTS, Frederic 2 M D C188
ROBERTSON, Dora 55 F H  
ROBERTSON, Emma 45 F D  
ROBERTSON, Kenneth 17 M D  
ROBINSON, Sarah 55 F D  
ROOSE, Job 33 M F  
ROOSE, Morris 1 M F C798
ROOSE, Rebecca 29 F F  
ROOSE, Tom 2 M F C797
ROOSE, William 6 M F C796


SAVAGE, Thomas 72 M R  
SCOTT, Charles 41 M H  
SHAKER, John 56 M P  
SHARMAN, Anne 64 F B  
SHARMAN, Rebecca 25 F B  
SHAW, Bartholemew 57 M H  
SHAW, Elizabeth 60 F H  
SHAW, Hannah 51 F P  
SHAW, James 8 M P C533
SHAW, Mary 28 F H  
SHAW, Robert 17 M H  
SHAW, Sarah 24 F H  
SHELDON, Clara 7 F D C140
SHELDON, David 31 M P A558
SHELDON, Elizabeth 24 F P C549
SHELDON, Elizabeth 5 F P C550
SHELDON, Emily 44 F D C139
SHELDON, Frederic 4 M D C141
SHELDON, George 3 M P C551
SHELDON, James 24 M P A561
SHELDON, Thomas 55 M D C138
SHELDON, William 0 M P C552
SHILLITO, Anne 56 F D  
SHILLITO, Charles 13 M D  
SIDDALL, Anne 47 F P  
SIDDALL, Anne 19 F P  
SIDDALL, Daniel 23 M P A489
SIDDALL, George 8 M P C494
SIDDALL, Henry 50 M P  
SIDDALL, Henry 20 M B  
SIDDALL, Mary Jane 13 F P  
SIDDALL, Sarah 11 F P  
SINGLETON, Elizabeth 48 F P  
SINGLETON, Mary 80 F P  
SINGLETON, Samuel 43 M P  
SINGLETON, Samuel 10 M P  
SMITH, Georgiana 15 F P  
SMITH, Hannah 22 F D  
SMITH, Thomas 2 M B C056
SOMERSET, Elizabeth 53 F P  
SOMERSET, George jun 11 M P  
SOMERSET, George sen 78 M P  
SOMERSET, Hannah 23 F P  
SOMERSET, John 14 M P  
SOMERSET, Sarah 17 F P  
SOMERSET, William 62 M P  
STAFFORD, Margaret 71 F H  
STALEY, Anne 35 F H  
STALEY, Elizabeth 6 F H C627
STALEY, Jane 4 F H C628
STALEY, John 35 M H  
STALEY, Joseph 14 M H  
STALEY, Mary 12 F H  
STALEY, Samuel 9 M H C626
STALEY, Sarah 50 F H  
STALEY, Stephen 20 M H  
STALEY, Susanna 12 F H  
STANIFORTH, Elizabeth 24 F D  
STEELE, Emma 38 F P  
STEWART, Joseph 14 M H  
STEWART, Sarah 36 F H  
STOCKDALE, Elizabeth 40 F D  
STOCKDALE, Emily J 3 F D C225
STOCKDALE, Jeremiah A 32 M D  
STONES, George 45 M D  
STONES, Hannah 39 F D  
STROYAN, Alfred G 3 M D C216
STROYAN, Esther 30 F D C214
STROYAN, John 44 M D A060
STROYAN, John C 5 M D C215
STROYAN, Lewis S 0 M D C218
STROYAN, William A 1 M D C217
STRUTT, Anne M 10 F H  
STRUTT, Catherine 35 F P  
STRUTT, Charles 3 M P C446
STRUTT, Charles 3 M H C783
STRUTT, Elizabeth 30 F H B801
STRUTT, Francis 7 M P C444
STRUTT, Henry jun 42 M P  
STRUTT, Henry sen 65 M P  
STRUTT, John 36 M H  
STRUTT, Joseph 1 M P C447
STRUTT, William 5 M P C445
SWINDELL, James 32 M P  
SWINDELL, Mary Anne 1 F P C547
SWINDELL, Sarah 22 F P  
SYSTON, Martha 50 F P  
SYSTON, Martha E 26 F P  


TASKER, Henry 54 M P  
TAYLOR, Alice 8 F B C038
TAYLOR, Anne 61 F P B359
TAYLOR, Emma 6 F B C039
TAYLOR, George 20 M H B360
TAYLOR, Hannah 16 F P B319
TAYLOR, John 51 M P B358
TAYLOR, Joseph 19 M P B318
TAYLOR, William 56 M P A474
TAYLOR, William 14 M P B320
THOMPSON, Annie 29 F P  
THOMPSON, Susan M 1 F P C385
THOMPSON, Tabitha 64 F P  
THOMPSON, William 26 M P  
TODD, William 22 M H  
TOMLINSON, Charles 1 M D C145
TOMLINSON, Elizabeth 7 F B C003
TOMLINSON, Emily M 18 F F C826
TOMLINSON, Frances 50 F B C007
TOMLINSON, Martha 31 F P A420
TOMLINSON, Sarah 30 F D C143
TOMLINSON, William S 3 M D C144
TOMLINSON, William j 30 M D AA77
TOMLINSON, William s 56 M B AA76
TOWNDROW, Debbie 3 F M C889
TOWNDROW, Joseph 41 M M C887
TOWNDROW, Mary Anne 31 F M C888
TREEVES, Fanny 31 F D  
TURNER, Elizabeth 0 F H C837
TURNER, Emma 35 F H  
TURNER, George 37 M H  
TURNER, George 7 M H C835
TURNER, Henry 34 M H  
TURNER, Henry 8 M H C677
TURNER, Herbert 5 M H C679
TURNER, Mary 12 F H  
TURNER, Samuel 10 M H  
TURNER, Sarah 3 F H C836
TURNER, Susanna 39 F H  
TURNER, William 6 M H C678


WALL, Thomas 20 M B  
WALLACE, Jane 53 F D  
WALLACE, John 23 M D  
WALLACE, Mary Anne 55 F P  
WALLACE, William 43 M P  
WALSH, William 23 M H  
WAMMINGTON, Sarah 74 F B  
WATES, Philip 10 M P  
WATSON, Anne 27 F H C839
WATSON, Catherine 58 F H A937
WATSON, Charles 33 M H A938
WATSON, David 57 M H A936
WATSON, David 27 M H A941
WATSON, Eliza 4 F H C841
WATSON, Frederic 21 M H A942
WATSON, Henry 2 M H C842
WATSON, Jane 23 F H A940
WATSON, Mary C 6 F H C840
WESTON, Daniel 57 M H  
WHITE, Anne 26 F P C456
WHITE, Annie 7 F P C377
WHITE, Charles 20 M P A339
WHITE, Charlotte 13 F B C118
WHITE, Elizabeth 56 F H A233
WHITE, Elizabeth 29 F B C112
WHITE, Elizabeth 17 F P C538
WHITE, Elizabeth 14 F B C113
WHITE, Elizabeth 1 F P C458
WHITE, Fanny 53 F P A336
WHITE, George 35 M D A038
WHITE, Hannah 15 F B B882
WHITE, Hannah 11 F D C250
WHITE, Henry 63 M B AA01
WHITE, Henry 36 M P AA04
WHITE, John 59 M H A232
WHITE, John 40 M B AA02
WHITE, John H 1 M B C114
WHITE, Joseph 52 M P A335
WHITE, Joseph W 2 M D C237
WHITE, Mary 52 F B B876
WHITE, Mary 15 F P C462
WHITE, Millicent 9 F D C249
WHITE, Sarah 28 F D C236
WHITE, Sarah 17 F P B236
WHITE, Sarah 4 F P C457
WHITE, William 31 M B AA06
WILDE, Catherine 11 F P  
WILDE, Rebecca 37 F P  
WILDE, Thomas 4 M P C580
WILDE, William 57 M P  
WILDE, William 13 M P  
WILDGOOSE, Elizabeth 14 F H  
WILEY, George 55 M D  
WILLIAMS, Anne 15 F B  
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth 12 F B  
WILLOWPHY, Mary 6 F P C471
WINDLE, Benjamin 10 M P  
WINDLE, Josiah 43 M P  
WINDLE, Mary 38 F P  
WINDLE, Sarah Anne 6 F P C453
WOOLEY, Eliza S 24 F F  
WOOLEY, Emma 16 F F  
WRAGG, Elizabeth 15 F D  
WRAGG, John 82 M H  
WYATT, Anne 26 F H  


YOUNG, Ada 2 F H C754
YOUNG, Blanche 7 F H C752
YOUNG, Elizabeth 11 F H  
YOUNG, Henry 40 M P  
YOUNG, John 36 M H  
YOUNG, Kate 4 F H C753
YOUNG, Mary 36 F H  
YOUNG, Ralph 76 M P A464
YOUNG, Sarah 9 F H C751
YOUNG, Thomas 32 M P  
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