Baslow and Bubnell (Derbyshire) 1881 Census
Surname Index

P.R.O. Reference # RG11/3446

PARISH: Bakewell, TOWNSHIP: Baslow with Bubnell

Compiled from a set of transcriptions of Baslow-with-Bubnell Census very kindly provided by David Dalrymple-Smith.
For further information about abbreviations and codings &c. see The Baslow Census Coding.

Individuals are listed below in alphabetical order of Surname and Forename, and in descending order of Age. STREET is a coded reference to the address of the Household containing that member (as defined in the above Baslow Census Coding). UNIQUE is “Census + NUM” of first entry, intended for use to cross-reference people from Census to Census.

A listing by Household of Baslow and Bubnell is available on a separate webpage. Or click on a name below to take you to the Household containing that family member.

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ALCOFT, Alice 3 F P E429
ALCOFT, Charles W 6 M P E427
ALCOFT, Frederick 1 M P E430
ALCOFT, Henry 5 M P E428
ALCOFT, Sarah 28 F P  
ALCOFT, William 29 M P  
ALLCOCK, Robert 22 M H  
ALLSOP, Adelaide 28 F D  
ALLSOP, Arthur 34 M D  
ALLSOP, Arthur J 0 M D E734
ALLSOP, George 64 M W  
ALLSOP, Harriet 64 F W  
ALLSOP, Henry 34 M W  
ALLSOP, Thomas 2 M D E733
ANDREWS, Eliza 46 F H  
ARMITAGE, John 40 M G  
ARMSTRONG, Elizabeth 54 F H  
ARMSTRONG, John 51 M H  
ASHTON, Elizabeth 68 F H  
ASHTON, Hannah 66 F H  
ASKEY, Emma 35 F U  
ASKEY, George 34 M U  
ASQUITH, Hnnah 63 F E  
ASQUITH, Jabez 64 M E  


BACON, Alexander 44 M H  
BACON, Charles 9 M H E303
BACON, Elizabeth J 13 F F  
BACON, Ellen 15 F F  
BACON, Emely 17 F H  
BACON, Henry 13 M H  
BACON, Jane 48 F F  
BACON, Mary 14 F H  
BACON, Sarah 50 F H  
BACON, William H 17 M F  
BAGSHAW, Agnes H 5 F B E780
BAGSHAW, Joseph 46 M B  
BAMPTON, Laura 24 F H  
BAMPTON, Martha 16 F P  
BAMPTON, William 56 M P  
BANNERMAN, Annie 4 F C E008
BANNERMAN, Dorothy 0 F C E010
BANNERMAN, Edith 9 F C E006
BANNERMAN, George 42 M C  
BANNERMAN, George 6 M C E007
BANNERMAN, Isabella 13 F C  
BANNERMAN, Jessie 11 F C  
BANNERMAN, Rosea 2 F C E009
BANNERMAN, Sarah 36 F C  
BARBER, Emma 36 F P  
BARBER, Frederick 38 M P  
BARBER, William H 10 M P  
BARKER, Albert 71 M B  
BARKER, Charles E 18 M D  
BARKER, Eliza 61 F B  
BARKER, Elizabeth 55 F D  
BARKER, William 69 M D  
BARTON, Joseph 47 M P  
BARTON, Maria 67 F U  
BATH, Beatrice 14 F M  
BATHALL, Annie 24 F H  
BEARD, Joseph 16 M P  
BENNETT, Blanche 27 F H  
BENNETT, John 27 M H  
BENNETT, Marion B 0 F H  
BESTWICK, Edith 7 F B E790
BESWICK, Agnes 3 F U E104
BESWICK, Alfred 3 M U E103
BESWICK, Elizabeth 38 F U D012
BESWICK, Jarvis 10 M U D014
BESWICK, John 44 M U A727
BESWICK, Kate 5 F U E102
BESWICK, Lucy A 8 F U E101
BESWICK, Maria E 13 F U D013
BETTANY, Amander 17 F H  
BETTANY, Ann 65 F H  
BETTANY, Joseph 66 M H  
BEVAN, Joseph 42 M H  
BLACKBURN, Benjamin 54 M P  
BLACKWELL, Isaac 11 M P  
BLANKBY, Sarah S 48 F H  
BODEN, Martha 76 F G  
BODEN, Samuel 69 M G  
BRADBURY, Fanny 15 F H  
BRADBURY, Frances 52 F H  
BRADBURY, Lydia 23 F H  
BRANSON, Elizabeth 63 F D  
BRANSON, Ferguson 71 M D  
BRIGHTMORE, Albert 38 M G B379
BRIGHTMORE, Alice 26 F P C466
BRIGHTMORE, Annie 15 F P D026
BRIGHTMORE, Hannah 68 F G C543
BRIGHTMORE, Herbert 13 M P D026
BRIGHTMORE, John 70 M G A571
BRIGHTMORE, Jonathon 51 M G A575
BRIGHTMORE, Mary 78 F G A573
BRIGHTMORE, Mary 53 F P C464
BRIGHTMORE, Susanna 69 F G E370
BRIGHTMORE, Thomas 20 M P C469
BRIGHTMORE, Walter 24 M P C467
BRIGHTMORE, William 53 M P A574
BRIGHTMORE, William 22 M P C468
BRISTOL, Agnes 24 F D  
BRISTOL, Alfred F 11 M D  
BRISTOL, Bernard 35 M D  
BRISTOL, Elizabeth 66 F D  
BRISTOL, Elizabeth T 31 F P  
BROOK, Amy 16 F B  
BROOK, Julia 18 F B  
BROWN, William 35 M D  
BROWN, William A 11 M H  
BURDEKIN, Benjamin 21 M D  
BUXTON, Mary 29 F D  


CAINES, Anna M 36 F B  
CAINES, Frances S 29 F B  
CAINES, Gertrude 26 F B  
CAPPER, Elizabeth 55 F D  
CAPPER, Emily 18 F D  
CAPPER, Frances 14 F D  
CAPPER, George 12 M D  
CAPPER, Maud E 0 F D E689
CAREY, Ann 72 F P  
CHADWICK, Charles R 19 M H  
CHESTER, William 46 M P  
CHESTERMAN, Daisy E 0 F P E493
CHESTERMAN, Ezekiel J 31 M P  
CHESTERMAN, Herbert G 2 M P E492
CHESTERMAN, Lilly E 8 F P E490
CLARK, Alice J 5 F P E448
CLARK, Angeline H 14 F P  
CLARK, Dorothy 42 F P  
CLARK, Frances 9 F P E446
CLARK, Henry 20 M P  
CLARK, Jessie M 0 F P E450
CLARK, John 49 M P  
CLARK, John S 3 M P E449
CLARK, Julia S 7 F P E447
COATES, Arthur J W 6 M D E605
COATES, George H 54 M D D094
COATES, Mary 45 F D E604
COCKER, George 16 M B  
COLLINS, Martin 24 M H  
COLLIS, Mary 13 F R  
CONLAN, John 60 M B  
COOPER, Ann 76 F P  
CORRIE, David 19 M P  
COTTERIL, John 38 M H  
CROOKES, Ann 55 F P  
CUTLIN, Julia 10 F D  


DARVILL, Mary A 16 F H  
DENNIS, Harry 44 M P  
DENNIS, Mary E 44 F P  
DEWHURST, John 39 M P  
DOORLEY, Denis 34 M K  
DOYLE, John 64 M U  


EADES, Amy 49 F H D110
EADES, Joseph 48 M H D109
EADES, Mary 16 F H D113
EIKIN, Joseph 30 M E  
ELLIOTT, James E 40 M H  
ELLIOTT, Jane 38 F H  
ELLIOTT, Jane 10 F H  
ELLIOTT, Mary P 20 F P  
ELLIOTT, Sarah E 24 F P  
EVANS, Mary 19 F B  


FEARN, Alexander 54 M W  
FEARN, Edmund 26 M F  
FEARN, George 62 M F  
FEARN, Mary A 64 F W A679
FEARN, Mary A 54 F F F029
FEARN, Mary A 25 F F  
FENCOTTE, John T 13 M B  
FLETCHER, Hannah 70 F W  
FLINT, Job 12 M P  
FLINT, Joseph 10 M P  
FLOOD, Joseph 51 M C  
FOSTER, Anne 27 F H C130
FOSTER, Francis W 29 M H  
FOSTER, Robert A R 3 M H E183
FROGGATT, Alexander W 6 M N E416
FROGGATT, Arnold J 1 M N E420
FROGGATT, Charlotte 0 F B E807
FROGGATT, Edgar J 2 M N E419
FROGGATT, Edna E 5 F N E417
FROGGATT, Elizabeth 34 F R E039
FROGGATT, Elizabeth 6 F R E040
FROGGATT, Hezekiah 34 M R B779
FROGGATT, John 37 M N A617
FROGGATT, Joseph 37 M B B920
FROGGATT, Mary 31 F N E415
FROGGATT, Mary A 4 F N E418
FROGGATT, Mary E 35 F B E805
FROGGATT, William J 2 M B E806
FROST, Samuel 30 M D  


GARDENER, Ann 57 F P  
GARDENER, Catherine 36 F P  
GARDENER, George 69 M P  
GARDENER, George 29 M P  
GARDENER, Jane 12 F P  
GARDENER, Mary 26 F P  
GARDENER, Zelinda 16 F P  
GARDOM, Agnes 29 F F B661
GARDOM, Elenor M 31 F F B660
GARDOM, Elizabeth A 33 F F B659
GARDOM, Mary 67 F F B657
GARDOM, Thomas W 70 M F A735
GARDOM, Thomas W 27 M F C817
GARRISON, Abraham 20 M D  
GAVAN, Mary 20 F D  
GEESON, Arthur 28 M P C340
GEESON, Elizabeth 61 F P B199
GEESON, Jane 29 F P E538
GEESON, Mabel 3 F P E540
GEESON, William 6 M P E539
GILBERT, Ann 76 F W  
GILBERT, Elizabeth 46 F W  
GILBERT, John 74 M W  
GILBERT, John 36 M W  
GOODLAND, Edwin 19 M D  
GRAHAM, Rachel 60 F B  
GRANT, Ethel 2 F H E208
GRANT, George 7 M H E206
GRANT, John 31 M H  
GRANT, John 0 M H E209
GRANT, Martha 28 F H  
GRANT, Thomas 5 M H E207
GRAVES, Alice 0 F D E612
GRAVES, Edward 31 M D  
GRAVES, John E 3 M D E611
GRAVES, Mary A 34 F D  
GRAVES, Polley 5 F D E610
GRAY, Annie T 3 F H E297
GRAY, James W S 4 M H E296
GRAY, Keturah 1 F H E298
GRAY, Mary 31 F H  
GRAY, Thomas H 0 M H E299
GRAY, William 27 M H  
GREEN, Elizabeth 61 F B  
GREEN, Ellen 14 F M  
GREEN, John 26 M P  
GREEN, Martha 24 F H  
GREEN, Matthew 60 M B  
GREGORY, Annie 50 F E  
GREGORY, Emely 17 F E  
GREGORY, George H 14 M E  


HALL, Annie E 16 F D  
HALL, Mary 68 F P  
HALL, William 32 M H  
HALLAM, John 31 M B  
HALLIWELL, Elizabeth 79 F B D755
HALLIWELL, Emma 39 F B D757
HALLIWELL, Grace 56 F B E770
HAMER, John 21 M G  
HAMLET, Ann 33 F H  
HANDCOCK, Hency 13 F D  
HARRISON, Dorothy 5 F B E840
HARRISON, Emma 25 F P  
HATTERSLEY, Annie 6 F F E094
HATTERSLEY, Elizabeth 46 F F E092
HATTERSLEY, George 47 M F A747
HATTERSLEY, George 4 M F E095
HATTERSLEY, Mary 51 F B A745
HATTERSLEY, Sarah 53 F B B649
HATTERSLEY, William 56 M B A744
HATTERSLEY, William 12 M F D217
HAWKINS, Ann 36 F D  
HAWKINS, Hannah 77 F D  
HAWKSWORTH, George 13 M K  
HAWKSWORTH, Harry 7 M G E386
HAWKSWORTH, Rebecca 19 F D  
HAWKSWORTH, Sarah 45 F K  
HAWKSWORTH, Sarah 31 F D  
HAWKSWORTH, William 8 M K E526
HAWLEY, Annie 21 F C D177
HAWLEY, Annie E 7 F C E014
HAWLEY, Elizabeth 56 F C A630
HAWLEY, Fanny 0 F C E017
HAWLEY, James 55 M C B412
HAWLEY, James 8 M C E013
HAWLEY, James H 18 M C D178
HAWLEY, Joseph 3 M C E016
HAWLEY, Mary F 32 F C E012
HAWLEY, William M 31 M C B415
HAWLEY, William M 5 M C E015
HEAKIN, George 20 M B  
HEARNSHAW, Elizabeth 28 F H E240
HEARNSHAW, George H 4 M H E242
HEARNSHAW, Hannah 28 F E C586
HEARNSHAW, James 69 M H A642
HEARNSHAW, Mary 66 F E E457
HEARNSHAW, Thomas 37 M E B418
HEARNSHAW, William 76 M E A641
HEARNSHAW, William 30 M H B135
HEARNSHAW, William H 6 M H E241
HEATHCOTE, Annie 19 F H  
HEATHCOTE, Emma 44 F G  
HEMMINGWAY, Alice 30 F B  
HEREMAN, Jane A 62 F U  
HERRINGTON, Benjamin 18 M P E472
HERRINGTON, Frank 13 M P D206
HERRINGTON, Frederick 14 M P D205
HERRINGTON, George 59 M M A009
HERRINGTON, George 18 M M D211
HERRINGTON, Hannah 51 F M C865
HERRINGTON, Hannah 15 F P D212
HERRINGTON, Lucy 10 F P D207
HERRINGTON, Thomas 45 M P A756
HERRINGTON, Thomas 16 M P D204
HERRINGTON, William 19 M P D203
HEYWORTH, Richard 60 M W A678
HIBBERT, Catherine 27 F H E202
HIBBERT, Constantine 16 M P D188
HIBBERT, Ellen 48 F P D685
HIBBERT, George 29 M H C619
HIBBERT, George 2 M H E203
HIBBERT, James 55 M P A484
HIBBERT, James 19 M P D187
HIBBERT, John 51 M P A050
HIBBERT, John 27 M D C620
HIBBERT, Martha 50 F K C390
HIBBERT, Mary 52 F P C618
HIBBERT, Mary 50 F P A481
HIBBERT, Mary 22 F D C622
HIBBERT, Mary 0 F D E589
HIBBERT, Mary A 53 F D D141
HIBBERT, Rebecca 22 F D D143
HIBBERT, Richard 20 M D D241
HIBBERT, Samuel 58 M D A047
HIBBERT, Samuel 16 M D D145
HIBBERT, Thomas 22 M P C622
HIBBERT, William 48 M D A051
HINDS, Catherine E 14 F H  
HINDS, Charlotte S 43 F H A234
HINDS, Charlotte W 20 F H  
HODGKINSON, Edmund 31 M D  
HODGKINSON, Elizabeth 77 F D  
HODGKINSON, Elizabeth 33 F P  
HODGKINSON, Elizabeth 28 F D  
HODGKINSON, Joseph 3 M D E707
HODGKINSON, Wigley G 0 M D E708
HOLDING, Arthur 7 M - E090
HOLDING, Elizabeth 30 F - B854
HOLDING, Emely 12 F - E089
HOLDING, George 26 M - C029
HOLDING, John 66 M - B849
HOLDING, Sarah 64 F - B850
HOLGATE, John 24 M P  
HOLMES, Ann 47 F D A675
HOLMES, Arthur 12 M P D283
HOLMES, Charles 51 M P A394
HOLMES, Emma 77 F P B487
HOLMES, Henry 14 M P D282
HOLMES, James 10 M P D284
HOLMES, Jane 49 F P C420
HOLMES, Mary J 18 F H D280
HOLMES, Robert 25 M P C422
HOLMES, Sarah A 48 F P C670
HOLMES, William 21 M B C424
HOWARD, Adelaide 11 F N  
HOWARD, Anne E 9 F N E401
HOWARD, Arrowbella 5 F N E403
HOWARD, Edith 3 F E E321
HOWARD, Elizabeth 45 F N  
HOWARD, Ethel 1 F N E404
HOWARD, Evelyn 8 F N E402
HOWARD, George 40 M E  
HOWARD, John 11 M E  
HOWARD, Kate 12 F N  
HOWARD, Louis 14 F E  
HOWARD, Sarah A 39 F E  
HOWARD, Thomas 40 M N  
HUDSON, Frances 14 F D  
HUDSON, John 8 M G E374
HUDSON, Mary 43 F G  
HUDSON, Sarab A 16 F G  
HUDSON, William 52 M G  
HULLEY, Aaron 39 M N B346
HULLEY, Abraham 25 M G C343
HULLEY, Agnes 26 F H E219
HULLEY, Agnes 24 F G E379
HULLEY, Alfred 15 M P E441
HULLEY, Arthur 17 M F D289
HULLEY, Betty 74 F N B343
HULLEY, Elizabeth 50 F H C554
HULLEY, Elizabeth 43 F N A388?
HULLEY, Fanny B 13 F P D198
HULLEY, Frederick 15 M D D666
HULLEY, George 47 M F A387
HULLEY, George H 9 M F E084
HULLEY, Hannah 21 F H C707
HULLEY, Harriet 50 F P C342
HULLEY, Henry 32 M N B348
HULLEY, Henry 8 M P E510
HULLEY, James 50 M P C341
HULLEY, John 20 M P C345
HULLEY, Joseph 72 M D A673
HULLEY, Joseph 50 M H A386
HULLEY, Joseph 18 M H E223
HULLEY, Kate 14 F F D290
HULLEY, Maria 66 F H C707
HULLEY, Millicent 11 F H D246
HULLEY, Samuel 34 M N B347
HULLEY, Sarah 49 F F D287
HULLEY, Sarah 41 F P B236
HULLEY, Sarah A 5 F P E511
HULLEY, Sarah E 15 F H D245
HULLEY, Thomas 24 M H C706
HULLEY, Wilfred 5 M H E237
HULLEY, William 42 M P A389
HUNT, Sarah A 20 F P  
HURST, Morris T 20 M H  


IBBOTSON, Archibald 12 M H  
IBBOTSON, Edith 20 F H  
IBBOTSON, Ellen 55 F H  
IBBOTSON, Herbert 45 M H  
IRESON, George 22 M H  


JACKSON, Brian 11 M U  
JACKSON, Elizabeth 19 F U  
JEPSON, Clara 29 F P  
JEPSON, Mary Ann 0 F P  
JEPSON, Thomas 76 M E  
JEPSON, Thomas 6 M P E562
JEPSON, William G 3 M P E563
JEPSON, Witham 31 M P  
JONES, Gertrude 15 F B  
JONES, Margaret M 13 F B  


KAY, Ann 52 F R C352
KAY, Charles 50 M R A017
KAY, George 60 M R A816
KAY, John 34 M R B794
KAY, John 18 M R E058
KAY, Keturah 25 F R C886
KAY, Rebecca 22 F R C353
KAY, Sarah 61 F R B793
KELLY, John 60 M U  
KESTEVEN, Catherine 63 F D  
KITCHEN, Emma 53 F B C080
KITCHEN, Fanny J 32 F B B865
KITCHEN, John 27 M B C082
KITCHEN, Sarah A 24 F B C084
KNIFETON, Frank 33 M E  
KNIFETON, Sarah 32 F E  


LEECH, Edward 49 M K  
LEECH, Elizabeth 39 F D  
LEECH, Esther 12 F D  
LEECH, Eunice 45 F K  
LEECH, John 52 M K  
LEECH, Sarah 10 F D  
LEECH, Thomas 9 M D E593
LOWE, Thomas 25 M H  


MARDSEN, Elizabeth 65 F G  
MARDSEN, John 65 M G  
MARPLES, Edward W 0 M D E586
MARPLES, Eliza 56 F D B674
MARPLES, Eliza 17 F D D410
MARPLES, Elizabeth 24 F D D400
MARPLES, Elizabeth 20 F D E585
MARPLES, George 22 M F C902
MARPLES, Harriet 0 F F E037
MARPLES, James 34 M D B043
MARPLES, John 76 M H B752
MARPLES, John 52 M D A276
MARPLES, John 23 M D C325
MARPLES, John E 2 M H E213
MARPLES, John H 20 M F C903
MARPLES, Joseph 46 M H A269
MARPLES, Joseph 25 M D C233
MARPLES, Mary 81 F D E744
MARPLES, Mary 28 F D C232
MARPLES, Mary J 26 F D F687
MARPLES, Robert 49 M F A277
MARPLES, Sarah 30 F D D484
MARPLES, Selina 20 F F E035
MARPLES, Sythe 85 F E D652
MARPLES, Thomas 37 M D B684
MARPLES, Thomas 26 M D C201
MARPLES, William 48 M H C632
MARSDEN, Amelia 49 F P D364
MARSDEN, Ann 83 F K A462
MARSDEN, Anna M 18 F B D783
MARSDEN, Charles 59 M E E346
MARSDEN, Eliza 0 F E E337
MARSDEN, Frances 29 F E E336
MARSDEN, George 71 M E E347
MARSDEN, James 15 M P D366
MARSDEN, John 57 M B B923
MARSDEN, Joseph 69 M E A659
MARSDEN, Joseph 23 M E C593
MARSDEN, Mary A 21 F E E328
MARSDEN, Mary E 16 F P D365
MARSDEN, Sarah 52 F B C050
MARSDEN, Sarah 13 F P D367
MARSDEN, Thomas 44 M E A661
MARSDEN, Walter 23 M E C594
MARSHALL, Charles E 20 M H  
MATHER, Alice 29 F P  
MATTHEWMAN, Albert E 1 M D E581
MATTHEWMAN, Martha P 20 F D  
MAW, Beatrice 3 F H E152
MAW, Gastreal 30 M H  
MAW, Gastreal 1 M H E153
MAW, Jane Ann 8 F H E151
MAW, Lendonia 29 F H  
MCCONISKY, James 50 M B  
MCCONISKY, Peter 45 M B  
MCDAVID, Sarah A V 45 F H  
MCLINDON, Hugh 24 M E  
MELLOR, John 38 M C  
MERRILL, George 78 M D  
MERRILL, John 53 M D  
METTAM, Hannah 18 F D  
MIDDLETON, Mary 21 F D  
MONOGHAW, Patrick 55 M U  
MONOGHAW, Thomas 26 M U  
MORREL, Henry 26 M E  
MORTEN, John 44 M C  
MORTEN, William 17 M H  
MOSLEY, Hannah 17 F B  


NEVIN, John 70 M U B803
NEVIN, Mary 60 F U  
NOTON, Annie E 8 F B E795
NOTON, Emma 10 F B  
NOTON, George H 5 M B E796
NOTON, Hannah 30 F B  
NOTON, Isaac 39 M B  
NOTON, Samuel 46 M H  
NOTON, Samuel A 0 M B E798
NOTON, Thomas W 3 M B E797


OLDFIELD, Mary E 3 F P E480
OLIVANT, Annie 14 F R  
OLIVANT, Charles 43 M R  
OLIVANT, Elizabeth 19 F R  
OLIVANT, Frances 4 F R E054
OLIVANT, George 8 M R E053
OLIVANT, Hannah 43 F R  
OLIVANT, Joseph 17 M R  
ORBELL, Emma 24 F H  


PAGDEN, Ann E 31 F H  
PAGDEN, Frederick T 30 M H  
PAGDEN, Mary E 3 F H E186
PAGDEN, William T 1 M H E187
PALFREYMAN, Robert 20 M D  
PALMER, Alfred 26 M D  
PASSANT, Amelia 8 F D E626
PASSANT, Elizabeth 35 F D  
PASSANT, Fanny 2 F D E630
PASSANT, Florence E 6 F D E627
PASSANT, Frank 3 M D E629
PASSANT, George 39 M D  
PASSANT, John E 10 M D  
PASSANT, Kate 5 F D E628
PASSANT, Sarah E 11 F D  
PASSANT, William 42 M D  
PASSANT, William 13 M D  
PENISTONE, Robert 49 M P  
PINDER, Mary 48 F M C893
PINDER, Robert 7 M M E046
PINDER, Thomas 58 M M C892
PINDER, Tom 4 M M E047
PONSONBY, Hannah 66 F D  
PONSONBY, James 65 M D  
PRIME, Elizabeth 24 F N  
PRIME, Esther 66 F N  
PRINCE, Annie 10 F P  
PRING, John W 24 M H  


RANDALL, Ann 53 F H B005
RANDALL, Ellen 30 F H B006
RANDALL, Israel 56 M H A287
RATHERAM, Alfred 18 M H  
RAWSON, Samuel 33 M P  
RECKLESS, Teurnip 3 M H E291
REDFEARN, Mary 62 F D  
RENY, William 35 M P  
RICHARDSON, Hannah 60 F W  
RICHARDSON, Joseph 56 M W  
RICHARDSON, Thomas 23 M H  
RIDEOUT, Elizabeth 25 F H  
RIDEOUT, George 23 M H  
RIDEOUT, George 2 M H E196
RIGGOTT, Arthur 24 M D  
RIGGOTT, Mary 19 F D  
RILEY, Charlotte 65 F H A510
RILEY, Elizabeth 56 F K A362
RILEY, Hannah 28 F B C745
RILEY, Jabez 52 M K A363
RILEY, John 58 M K A361
RILEY, Rhoda 3 F H E177
RILEY, Samuel 22 M H C747
RILEY, Sarah 26 F H C746
RINGHAM, Eleanor 0 F H E173
RINGHAM, George T 26 M H  
RINGHAM, Mary C 26 F H C840
ROBERTSON, Birkett 9 M D E739
ROBERTSON, Emma 10 F D  
ROBERTSON, John T 7 M D E740
ROBERTSON, Joseph 3 M D E741
ROBERTSON, Keneth 37 M D  
ROBERTSON, Mary 39 F D  
ROBINSON, Jane 16 F D  
ROBINSON, John 25 M P  
RODGER, Fanny 22 F G  
RODGER, Frederick 28 M G  
RODGER, William 0 M G E385
RODGERS, Henry 23 M H  
ROSLING, William 22 M H  
ROWLAND, Emma 15 F H  
ROWLAND, Fanny 11 F H  
ROWLAND, Hannah 40 F H  
ROWLAND, Hannah 1 F H E257
ROWLAND, Harry 13 M H  
ROWLAND, James W 3 M H E256
ROWLAND, Kate 7 F H E254
ROWLAND, Margaret A 16 F H  
ROWLAND, Robert 43 M H  
ROWLAND, Robert 4 M H E255
ROWLAND, Sarah 9 F H E253


SABEY, Elizabeth 27 F H  
SABEY, George 30 M H  
SCOTT, Charles 61 M H  
SENETHURST, Thomas 36 M N  
SHAW, Hannah 71 F G  
SHAW, Mary 74 F K  
SHAY, Kate 40 F D  
SHELDON, Charlotte 13 F H D512
SHELDON, David 51 M G A558
SHELDON, David 16 M G D511
SHELDON, Elizabeth 45 F G C549
SHELDON, Frank 11 M G D513
SHELDON, George 23 M G C551
SHELDON, George 10 M H D492
SHELDON, Harriet 17 F G D510
SHELDON, Henry 6 M G E361
SHELDON, James 14 M H D490
SHELDON, John 6 M H E146
SHELDON, Maria 8 F H E145
SHELDON, Matilda 38 F H D487
SHELDON, Reuben 2 M H E147
SHELDON, Sarah 9 F G E360
SHELDON, Thomas 74 M W C138
SHELDON, William A 4 M G E362
SIDDALL, Ann 67 F N  
SIDDALL, Ann 39 F N  
SIDDALL, Daniel 44 M D A489
SIDDALL, George E 2 M N E408
SIDDALL, Henry 70 M N  
SIDDALL, Henry 41 M B  
SIDDALL, John 8 M B E830
SIDDALL, Louisa 46 F D  
SIDDALL, Mary A 12 F D  
SIDDALL, William H 10 M B  
SIMPSON, George 22 M H  
SINGLETON, Henry 59 M H  
SINGLETON, Mary 56 F H  
SINGLETON, William 16 M H  
SMITH, Eliza 28 F H  
SMITH, Hannah 18 F H  
SMITH, William 24 M M  
SPARKE, Fanny 5 F P E547
SPARLING, Emma J 17 F B  
STAFFORD, Margaret 91 F H  
STALEY, Ann 55 F H  
STALEY, Annie 3 F H E139
STALEY, Eliza 8 F H E286
STALEY, Elizabeth 39 F H  
STALEY, Francis 6 M H E287
STALEY, James E 3 M H E288
STALEY, John 54 M H  
STALEY, John 16 M H  
STALEY, Joseph Arthur 13 M H  
STALEY, Mary 15 F D  
STALEY, Samuel 29 M H  
STALEY, Sarah S 11 F H  
STALEY, Stephen 41 M H  
STALEY, Stephen 18 M H  
STEVENSON, Annie 1 F D E720
STEVENSON, Elizabeth 8 F D E717
STEVENSON, George 3 M D E719
STEVENSON, James 6 M D E718
STEVENSON, Mary A 37 F D  
STEVENSON, Simon 48 M D  
STITTON, Hannah 65 F N  
STOCKDALE, Elizabeth 51 F D  
STOCKDALE, Emely J 22 F D  
STOCKDALE, Jeremiah 51 M D  
STOTT, Thomas 27 M E  
STRAW, Catherine A 14 F B  
STROYAN, Alfred G 23 M D C216
STROYAN, Esther 50 F D C214
STROYAN, Fanny 24 F D E662
STROYAN, Florence E 10 F D D526
STROYAN, John 64 M D A060
STROYAN, Lewes S 20 M D C218
STROYAN, William H 21 M D C217
STRUTT, Charles 25 M H  
STRUTT, Charles 23 M H  
STRUTT, Elizabeth 50 F H B801
STRUTT, Elizabeth 16 F H D500
STRUTT, John 56 M H  
STUCKLEY, Charles J 20 M H  
STUCKLEY, Lucy Mary 16 F H  
STUCKLEY, Maria 54 F H  


TAGG, Charlotte 19 F H  
TAYLOR, Dorah 41 F P D009
TAYLOR, Eliza A 9 F N E393
TAYLOR, Ellen 33 F D E668
TAYLOR, George 41 M N B360
TAYLOR, George 41 M D A476
TAYLOR, Harry 19 M P D010
TAYLOR, John E 12 M N D553
TAYLOR, John H 10 M D D384
TAYLOR, Joseph 39 M P B318
TAYLOR, Lillian 0 F D E673
TAYLOR, Mary A 30 F N D552
TAYLOR, Mary E 5 F D E670
TAYLOR, Mary E 0 F N E395
TAYLOR, Samuel 22 M B E766
TAYLOR, Sarah E 3 F D E671
TAYLOR, William 7 M N E394
TAYLOR, William G 1 M D E672
TEOR, Joseph 61 M B  
THOMPSON, Albert 21 M H  
THORN, Edgar 22 M H  
THORPE, George 45 M E  
THORPE, Mary 36 F E  
TINTELLIER, Elizabeth 59 F D  
TINTELLIER, Gabriel 69 M D  
TINTELLIER, Joseph 17 M D  
TOMLINSON, Alfred 9 M D E694
TOMLINSON, Elizabeth 27 F B C003
TOMLINSON, George 20 M M E069
TOMLINSON, Louisa 3 F D E696
TOMLINSON, Mary H 7 F D E695
TOMLINSON, Mary W 15 F W D559
TOMLINSON, Richard 19 M D D628
TOMLINSON, Ruth 42 F D D627
TOMLINSON, Sarah M 50 F W C143
TOMLINSON, William 76 M B AA76
TOMLINSON, William 42 M D D626
TOMLINSON, William 23 M B C144
TOMLINSON, William 11 M D D631
TOWNDROW, Joseph 61 M M C887
TOWNDROW, Mary A 51 F M C888
TURNER, Ruth 22 F H  
TURTON, Clara 18 F P  


UNSWORTH, Elizabeth 32 F B  
UNSWORTH, Hannah 8 F B E803
UNSWORTH, Robert 25 M B  


VERNON, Thomas 56 M B  
VIKERS, Arthur 15 M M  


WALKER, George 21 M D  
WALL, George 24 M F  
WALLACE, Susan J 38 F H  
WALTON, Frederick 17 M R  
WARD, Hannah 13 F H  
WARDEN, Susan 65 F K  
WARWICK, Charles 59 M D  
WARWICK, Sarah 39 F D  
WATSON, Agnes Rebecca 18 F H D570
WATSON, Ann 47 F H C839
WATSON, Charles 53 M H A938
WATSON, Charles 11 M H D572
WATSON, Eliza 24 F H C841
WATSON, Louisa 14 F H D571
WATSON, William H 21 M H E154
WHEELDON, James 28 M M  
WHITE, Abigail 3 F P E551
WHITE, Alice 23 F D E647
WHITE, Ann 54 F B E774
WHITE, Anne 13 F B E775
WHITE, Charles 41 M P A339
WHITE, Charlotte 5 F B E815
WHITE, Elizabeth 49 F B C112
WHITE, Emma 28 F P C377
WHITE, Fanny 75 F P A336
WHITE, George 54 M D A038
WHITE, George H 19 M D D576
WHITE, Hannah 41 F B E814
WHITE, Henrietta 14 F B E839
WHITE, John 60 M B AA02
WHITE, John H 21 M B C114
WHITE, Joseph W 22 M D C237
WHITE, Mary A 75 F B B876
WHITE, Matilda 34 F D E697
WHITE, Robert 4 M B E816
WHITE, Sarah 47 F D C236
WHITE, Sarah 24 F B C457
WHITE, Stephen 43 M B A338
WHITE, Thomas 2 M B E817
WIGHT, Jane 47 F H  
WIGLEY, Robert 40 M H  
WILCOCKSON, George 21 M D  
WILD, John 49 M K  
WILD, Mary 40 F K  
WILD, Rebecca 57 F E  
WILD, Thomas 24 M E  
WILDGOOSE, James 15 M B  
WILLIAMS, Thomas 39 M D  
WILSON, Ann 56 F H  
WILSON, Elizabeth 66 F D  
WILSON, Gertrude 22 F H  
WILSON, Mary 67 F D  
WILSON, Thomas 64 M H  
WINDLE, Joseph 5 M P E463
WINDLE, Josiah 65 M P  
WINDLE, Mary 40 F P  
WINDLE, William 1 M P E464
WINDLE, Zelinda 16 F F  
WOODIWISS, Annie M 30 F H  
WOODIWISS, William 29 M H  
WOODIWISS, William 0 M H E246
WOODRUFF, Ann 55 F D  
WOODRUFF, James 60 M D  
WOODS, Algernon S 31 M D  
WOODWARD, William 51 M F  
WOOLEY, Arthur 23 M P  
WRAGG, Ada 22 F H  
WRENCH, Anne E 49 F H  
WRENCH, Edward Mason 47 M H  
WRIGHT, Henry 24 M E  
WRIGHT, Joseph 21 M P  
WRIGHT, Mary 30 F D  
WRIGHT, Walter 20 M D  


YOUNG, Ada 22 F P  
YOUNG, John 56 M P  
YOUNG, Mary 56 F P  
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